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Damsgårdsfjellet/Olsokfjellet, May 12 2005

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An easy evening walk for Troll who had recent surgery. I took the opportunity to document one more trail to the Gravdalsfjellet/Olsokfjellet web page and to get some panoramas towards Bergen. We started out 19:15PM from Herman Grans Vei and reached the top of Olsokfjellet 20:00PM. On the way down, we followed the Damsgårdsfjellet north ridge to its end, and were back at the car 20:35PM.

Pictures from the May 12 2005 hike

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1. The trailhead (235KB) 2. Trail towards the ridge (232KB) 3. Downtown Bergen zoomed in from Damsgaardsfjellet (937KB) 4. Point 317m on Damsgaardsfjellet (129KB) 5. Puddefjordsbroen (208KB) 6. Bergen seen from Damsgaardsfjellet (531KB) 7. East view from Damsgaardsfjellet (703KB) 8. Fyllingsdalen seen from Damsgaardsfjellet (236KB) 9. Olsokfjellet summit marker (174KB) 10. View from Olsokfjellet (584KB) 11. Ulriken zoomed in from Olsokfjellet (220KB) 12. Rundemanen zoomed in from Olsokfjellet (458KB) 13. Where I came down (136KB)

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