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Nihusen on skis, Mar 19 2008

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Awkward, but fun terrain

Awkward, but fun terrain (Click for larger image)

This afternoon's trip ..

went to Nihusen in Skodje. This is my good friend Torill's home mountain, and she had already been to the top earlier in the day. However, she hadn't been on a ski-trip this year, so when I called her and a suggested a ski-trip to Nihusen, I quickly got myself a skiing mate.   

We followed..

the regular forest road upwards. There was a quite a lot of snow on the road, but kids on power boards had left good tracks for us to follow. In a normal world, Torill had probably pictured a convential ski-trip up and down the mountain, but with me around, it's never a normal world.

The summit ascent was done in the steep forest, and to my delight, my vax-free skis (once again) exceeded my expectations. We reached the top 15:15PM, but the mainland fog didn't allow for much views. After a brief stop at the summit, we headed back down the same way.

It's not easy practicing Telemark in the bush. But when you manage, you're good. We're not quite there yet, but had a fun forest descent nonetheless. To effectively put my signature on this trip, I convinced Torill that we should run down a rugged hillside that was much more fun the first time we did it (after dark). There was a lot more bush this time, and the descent turned out to be a consecutive series of ouch, ouch, ouch from bush, whipping our faces.

But we made it back down just as wholesome as we were upon departure. Back in Ålesund, it was was time to walk the dog, and I decided to go to Sukkertoppen to see if I could capture anymore of that deep red sunset...

Pictures from the Mar 19 2008 ski-trip

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To Nihusen 

1. Torill on the way to Nihusen 2. Arnt on the way to Nihusen 3. Checking for mail 4. Across a cornice 5. Soon on the top 6. Torill is up here for the 2nd today 7. Limited views


8. 3 seconds of skiing until forest 9. Better get the foggy glasses off 10. Torill practicing the Skodje style 11. Making it down, safe and sound

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