Mission Peak, 767m (2517 ft)
Mt. Allison, 810m (2658 ft)
Monument Peak, 791m (2594 ft)

Mountain area: Diablo Range, Sunol/Ohlone Wilderness, California USA

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Mission Peak seen from
Mt. Allison

Take US680 north from Milpitas/San Jose and exit on Calaveras Road as you are entering Sunol. Follow Calaveras Road until you reach a sign to the Sunol/Ohlone State Park. Exit left on this road and drive until you reach the park center. Park nearby the buildings.

The trail:
Walk 2 minutes until you see a horse farm. Next to this farm is a gate. Go through the gate and follow the road. After 15-20 minutes, you cross Calaveras Road through two gates. Then the trail goes through the forest until you reach open space. You will then reach another gate (with a sign-in panel). There could be plenty with cows up here. From this gate, you clearly see the Mission Peak summit. At the foothills of the summit, take left on the trail and save this summit for the return. The trail takes you to the foothills of Mt. Allison which has a paved road up to the transmission center. This area is restricted, so it is up to you if you want to do the 10-15 min. walk up to the buildings.

Next, continue the trail you were on, and you will soon pass a bunker with more transmission equipment. The Monument Peak summit is just up the road. On your way back, at the Mt. Allison trail junction, take the Mission Peak trail. From Mission Peak, continue down the other side, and you will rendevouz with the trail you were on, at the foothills of the mountain.

A parking fee (currently $4) is required. In addition, you must pay a $2 fee for a license to walk in the open space. This permit is valid for a year, and is obtained at the park center. I don't know the opening hours, so it could be a wise thing to apply for the permit in advance. The round-trip took me 5 hours. A little strenuous to my alredy sore feet, but it's pure walking. Nice view towards Mt. Diablo, the highest mountain in the area.

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Mission Peak summit with the looking pole (89KB) Monument Peak is just behind this ridge. (66KB) Someone told me this was red-nose vultures. Well, they might be. (147KB) Anyway, this summit wasn't big enough for the 5 of us (118KB)

Mt. Allison, 810m (72KB) Mt. Diablo rises in the horizon (81KB) Fremont and the eastern Silicon Valley (123KB) The Maguire Peaks on the Ohlone side (135KB)

Mission Peak from the sign-in panel (78KB) Ohlone Wilderness (502KB) Ohlone Wilderness (160KB)

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