Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Above-the-fog day (Melshornet, Grøthornet, Leinehornet),  Apr 4 2009

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Melshornet (668m)

Kongsvollen/Blåtind seen from Melshornet

Kongsvollen/Blåtind seen from Melshornet
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When I looked out my window on this Saturday morning, I didn't see much. But I instantly recognized the fog type, and knew that the world above it was a much better place. Unfortunately, I was on standby duty, so I couldn't just take off on a wonderful ski-trip in the higher mountains. But there are nice mountains in my local neighbourhood too, and I chose to visit Melshornet.

I drove to the Ulset trailhead and headed up the fine trail in thick fog. 3 other hikers left the trailhead at the same time. Rising above the fog at 380m elevation was just as nice as I had imagined it would be. IMHO, this type of fog makes the Sunnmøre mountains even more wonderful. I kept a good pace up the mountains and reached the summit 11:09am, 53 minutes after leaving the trailhead (3,6km, 560m vertical gain).

It was fun to see the viewfinder on the top - made by Henry Skeide and views identified by Gunnar Heltne. I was in contact with Gunnar during the making of it, but I hadn never seen it until now. I took a load of pictures, then headed back down and had a nice chat with the other hikers. I was back at the trailhead 11:55am, and set course for Åsefjellet (to be documented on a separate page) - a small forest top southwest of Melshornet.

Grøthornet (569m)

After having visited Åsefjellet, I drove to Brandal and hiked Grøthornet. I had been to all of the surrounding mountains (Signalhornet, Skolma and Sneldelida), but never to Grøthornet. The time was 2:06pm when I reached the summit, and it had taken me 45 minutes to get there (2,4km, 460m vertical gain). I noticed that the fog layer was considerably lower than earlier in the day. It was also warmer, and I put the sweater in the backpack early on. Man, it was such a great, great day...

View from Grøthornet

View from Grøthornet
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Leinehornet (366m)

Still being in rabbit mode, I headed towards Leinøya (roof down, of course..) and Leinehornet's west ridge. I recently "discovered" this ridge, and the nice path leading upwards. The 1,1km, 350 vertical meters hike took only 22 minutes, and I kept going in and out of the fog along the way. But there was no fog on the summit, and I could enjoy a wonderful panorama before calling it a day. I had ascended 1500 vertical meters during the day, and was both hungry and thirsty. But full of good memories...

Nerlandsøya seen from Leinehornet

Nerlandsøya seen from Leinehornet
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Most pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 450D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6


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To Melshornet

1. Melshornet trailhead 2. On the forest trail 3. Web 4. Hmmm.. 5. Rising above the fog 6. Rising above the fog 7. Melshornet summit 8. The summit cairn 9. The viewfinder 10. Viewfinder info 11. The viewfinder

Wide-angle view from Melshornet

12. Wide-angle view from Melshornet

Zoom views from Melshornet

13. Zoom view from Melshornet 14. Zoom view from Melshornet 15. Zoom view from Melshornet 16. Zoom view from Melshornet

Other pics from Melshornet

17. Jønshornet (Ramoen) 18. Ørskogfjellet tops 19. Sandvikhornet 20. Sulafjellet 21. Åvasstinden massif 22. Romedalstinden and Kolåstinden 23. Vassdalstinden 24. Saudehornet 25. Kongsvollen - Blåtind massif

Views from Grøthornet

26. Me on Grøthornet 27. Godøya seen from Grøthornet 28. Wide-angle view from Grøthornet 29. Zoom view from Grøthornet 30. Zoom view from Grøthornet 31.


32. The west ridge 33. View down the ridge 34. View up the ridge 35. Nerlandsøya 36. Fog 37. The moon and a rock 38. Leinehornet summit 39. The bridge to Bergsøya 40. Leinehornet panorama

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