Lysehornet, 405m

Mountain area : Fana, Bergen
Fylke/Kommune : Hordaland/Os
Maps : 1115-II Austevoll (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary factor : 327m
Closest villages : Osøyro
Hiked : Aug 99, Jan 2002, Mar 2004
See also : Møsnuken
See also : Ulvenfjellet
See also : Fanafjell
Lysehornet seen from Fanafjell

Lysehornet seen from Fanafjell

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When it comes to forest hills, Lysehornet is the pride and joy of the Fana region (not including Livarden here). The hike to to Lysehornet is a "must" for everyone living in the Bergen region. A good trail will take you safely to the summit, even in fog. From the summit, you have excellent views towards Tysnes, Uskedalen and Møsnuken by Os. You also get good views towards Gullfjellet mountains and the Bergen city mountains, although some high trees ruin the perfect panorama.

While you are heading there for a hike, also visit Lysekloster, a Cistercian abbey from 1146.

Primary Factor:

Lysehornet (M711: 405m, Ø.K: 404,62m, N60 14.434 E5 24.407) has a primary factor of 327m towards the higher Solbakkafjellet (457m). The saddle is found at Bahus, near Ørnhaugen, SW of Blåurdskampen. Ref. Økonomisk Kartverk (5m contours), you cross the 80m contours on the high route, but not 75m. The saddle height has been interpolated to 78m.

Trail descriptions:

Note: Class ratings are in reference to YDS (Yosemite Decimal System).

Note: The trail described below is not necessarily the easiest trail to this mountain.

Lysekloster - Lysehornet (all seasons)

Difficulty : Class 1
Exposure : None
Comments : Family hike
Distance : Approx. 2,2Km to summit
Time : Approx. 45min-1hour to summit
Starting Elev.: Approx. 50m
Vertical Gain : Approx. 355m

Map of the area
Map of the area
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From Bergen, follow highway E39 southbound towards Stavanger. At Søfteland, approx. 10,9Km from the Nesttun roundabout, exit right towards "Lysekloster". Follow this narrow and interesting paved road for approx. 2,5Km before you turn right onto the crossing road. Drive 700m and park by the Lysekloster ruins.

The route

Walk along the ruins and pass a gate. Cross a bridge and follow the gravel road to the first junction. Turn left. 70m later, turn right and follow this gravel road towards the forest. Just before a red barn, the road forks. Go right and follow a forest trail that runs to the left of the barn. The trail will switchback up the forest, first 200m to the northwest, then steady northeast all the way up the forest. Just follow signs towards "Lyshorn". The trail will cross a forest road twice before it continues into the forest. Parts of the forest trail is bound to be boggy and wet after rain. Rocks here and there should however bring you fairly dry up the forest.

At 340m, the trail turns to the west and climbs up to Lysehornet summit. The upper part of the trail is amusing. The bushes on top may give you a "tropical feeling". The summit is marked by a trig. point and a mailbox with the summit register.

Trip Report March 29 2004

In shame, I admit that nearly all my hikes in the Fana region have been done in rain and fog. Besides, I had my worst hike ever back in '99 on this mountain, and I wanted to shake the "bad impression" off for good. It was high time to pay tribute to this nice hill with some fine photos. Troll and I spent a couple of hours of the afternoon by driving down to Lysekloster and hike up to Lysehornet.

Pictures from the Mar 29 2003 hike:

1. Lysekloster ruins (354KB) 2. Lysekloster ruins (612KB) 3. The forest road from Lysekloster (193KB) 4. Spring is in the air (378KB) 5. The forest hill (135KB) 6. The forest trail (253KB) 7. I did not know dogs did this (239KB) 8. Lyderhorn and Loevstakken seen from Lysehornet (230KB) 9. Moesnuken and Tysnes seen from Lysehornet (243KB) 10. Tysnes (close-up) seen from Lysehornet (122KB) 11. Troll falling asleep on Lysehornet (121KB) 12. Gullfjellet mountains seen from Lysehornet (148KB) 13. Ulriken seen from Lysehornet (169KB) 14. Sydpolen and Sveningen seen from Lysehornet (172kB) 15. Returning to the trailhead (187KB) 16. Troll dreaming about the sofa (184KB)

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The unforgettable Aug 1999 hike:

On the map, it looked like Bahus just south of lake Kalandseidvatnet would be a good starting place. I parked the car nearby some houses and headed up a farm road. I had been given trail instructions by a local farmer. Everything was looking good. I expected the hike up only to take 30 minutes. Cocky, I had left the cellular back home. Along with the backpack and all the gear I normally carry.

Before I was able to stretch my smile to the widest, it started to pour down. And just before an immense wet-land, I lost the trail. Although the direction was obvious, I was getting soaked both from above and below. At Vardahaugane I really got lost, and had to downclimb, carrying the dog. I jumped the last bit, only to find myself standing in water up to my knees.

I was so annoyed that only not getting the mountain would be worse. After an hour and half I got to the base of the summit, all dense forest. I looked around the mountain and found the trail to the top. I enjoyed the summit (which was now totally fogged in) for 10 nano-seconds before I headed down. This time I would stick to the trail.

At first, the trail made sense. So I stuck to it. The fog was now reaching ground level. But then I got the notion that something is very wrong. "It shouldn't descend this long" I was thinking. But now I only wanted to get back to civilization. I ended up at the Lysekloster ruins, which at the time I had no clue about. Not even heard about. But there was a paved road! The remaining fraction of sense of direction sent me the right way. I noticed another paved road going up to the left of me, but I ignored it. By now it started to get dark, and the road looked like it headed up into the forest. 15 min. later I met some kids on bike, who explained how I could get back to the highway.

So, back to the dark road heading into the forest. After close to 4 kilometres from Lysekloster I walked into Søfteland. By now, it was dead dark. And I walked the remaining 2,6 kilometres back to Bahus, on the side of the road, as I didn't have any items that would reflect from carlights. Carrying the dog. He stopped walking a long time ago. I was singing when I arrived Bahus and found the car.

The story should have ended there. I picked up the car alarm key from my pocket, pressed it and opened the door. The car alarm went off, and there was no way the alarm key would switch it off. I noticed people in the windows. I realized the alarm key was dead. No phone. What a wizard! Even better - no money. I rang the doorbell on the nearest house. Noone opened even if there was people inside. I can't blame them. Someone rings the bell while a car alarm is making the whole neighbourhood jumpy. It could be one of two possibilities... I started to shout, explaining my misery. "Would you please call a cab, explain that I have no money, but will pay when home. Oh - and add that both me and the dog is soaking wet. Please bring some seat protection." Someone waved at the window. I chose to take it as "message received". Since I couldn't risk that the taxi missed the exit, I chose to stand in the rain down by the highway. 30 minutes went by. So did 45. I decided to wait 15 more minutes before I would resume shouting to the people in the house. Then, after an hour, sent from heaven, came a taxi. He thought all this was a joke, but decided to take the trip just to satisfy his curiosity.

The taxi ride home, the following day taxi to the alarm key maker, the new alarm key and the taxi ride back to my car amounted to USD 150. What an excellent hike!

Pictures from other hikes:

1. South view from Ulriken (229KB) 2. View from the southern Hausdalshorga viewpoint (367KB) 3. View from above Turnerhytten (1668KB) 4. Rødsfjellet summit views  (587KB) 5. Bergen seen from Løvstakken (659KB) 6. Fanafjellet (288KB) 7. Lysehornet in Fana (212KB)

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