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Løkeberget, May 26 2006

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Yet another fine evening on Hareidlandet island. After work (Ulsteinvik), I decided to pay Løkeberget a visit this afternoon. The trailhead was the same as for Kongsvollen and Gardnestua, so I knew exactly where the trailhead was. My dog "Troll" and I left the trailhead 16:00PM.

Troll was for certain not in walking mood, and had to be carried in the backpack. The forst path was, overwhelmingly, well marked. A mix of old and new red ribbons and red paint. Troll finally agreed to walk once we were out of the forest. The path led us up to Langheia, where we stumbled across a grouse that was keeping her eggs warm. I hope she returned after we passed. How clever is it to build the nest along the path?

The marked path ended at Langheia, but there was still a visible trail to the top of Løkeberget, which we arrived 16:45PM. It was indeed a fine day, with "deep" afternoon colors. Løkeberget was a very different mountain than its higher, and a bit more rugged neighbours. Løkeberget was more in the category "large hill", and made me think of Scotland. Nothing wrong said about Scottish hills. I've been to the nine highest.

Avoiding to scare the grouse again, I decided to take a shortcut down the mountain. We followed the south ridge, (if Løkeberget can claim to have a ridge) directly into the birch forest, in the direction of the trailhead. The upper part of the forest was dense, yet easy to travel. In the lower part, I had to carry the dog. 17:30PM, I stumbled out of the forest, 200m away from the car.

Pictures from the May 26 2006 trip

To Løkeberget

1. Løkeberget trailhead (377KB) 2. On the trail (477KB) 3. Gardnestua (199KB) 4. A rounded shape (139KB) 5. Melshornet seen from Løkeberget (186KB) 6. Eggs on the path (524KB) 7. Melshornet seen from Løkeberget (434KB) 8. The summit plateau (350KB)

360 deg. wide-angle panorama

9. 360 deg. wide-angle panorama from Løkeberget (1030KB)

50mm panoramas, 3 parts

10. 50mm panorama from Løkeberget (784KB) 11. 50mm panorama from Løkeberget (1324KB) 12. 50mm panorama from Løkeberget (495KB)


13. Kongsvollen seen from Løkeberget (226KB) 14. Gardnestua seen from Løkeberget (205KB) 15. Off-trail in the forest (549KB) 16. The hike is over (347KB) 17. Hanging out to dry (361KB) 18. Løkeberget seen on the way to Hareid (202KB)

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