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Løvstakken from Fredlundsvingen trailhead

This is most likely the most direct and shortest route to Løvstakken from the east. The east side of Løvstakken does not have many characteristic features except a long and very distinct ridge that runs from Fredlundsvingen. This route follows this ridge (or in the forest, beneath the ridge) before the route turns west/southwest up the forest.

Trail descriptions:

Notes: Class ratings are in reference to YDS. Click here for more information.

The trails described below are not necessarily the *easiest* trails to this mountain.

Fredlundsvingen - Løvstakken (all seasons)

Difficulty : Class 1
Exposure : No
Comments : Trail (unmarked) all the way
Distance : Approx. 4,5-4,7Km to the top
Time : Approx. 45-60 minutes (w/o pause)
Starting Elev.: Approx. 120m
Vertical Gain : Approx. 350m

Detailed map
Detailed map
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From the centre of Bergen, locate the Løbergsveien road, west of, and parallel to Fjøsangerveien road (towards Flesland). Exit onto Mindeveien road in order to get to S. Skogveien road. This road turns into Ø. Fredlundsveien road. Follow this until road end and notice a road going up to the right, marked "Fredlundssvingen 11-31". Don't drive up there, but find parking on the road you're on. Watch out for signs of private parking ("Privat parkering")

The trail

Follow the Fredlundssvingen road upwards. The road curves to the right and then forks (left and straight forward). Go left. Between two garages, you will see the trail.

The trail heads up northbound towards a ridge that offers great views towards Bergen. You can either climb early on the ridge, or follow the forest on the left hand side, in case the ridge is slippery.

You will cross under a power line before the trail turns slightly north-west. Shortly after, the trail climbs south-west for a long stretch until it turns north towards the summit area. Just south of the summit, the trail runs into the trail from Gullsteinen. Note the cairn up to your left, in case you descend the same route.

The trail is quite visible and well traveled, but you may run into boggy ground along the way. In winter, the route might be difficult to follow, if covered by snow.

Trip notes Feb 14 2004

We had a few brilliant winter days in Bergen, and this Tuesday was the last one. I took an evening trip up to Løvstakken for some pictures, looking very much forward to the walk, as I only had walked from Fredlundsvingen in fog or darkness. I reached the top 16:55PM and took the pictures. As I was about to head down, I wondered if I would be able to reach Ulriken tower within the hour.

The time was now 17:00PM. It would be fun to try. I was back at the car 15 minutes later, and by 17:30PM, I was at the Øvre Sollien trailhead. The trails were quite icy, so it was difficult to maintain the summer pace (walking, not running), but by 17:55PM, I reached the Ulriken restaurant. I left Ulriken 18:00PM, and was back at the car 18:12PM (sliding on snow/ice). When I arrived home, it was exactly two hours since I left. A good evening workout. Two mountains and 800 vertical meters.

Pictures from the Feb 14 2004 hike:

1. Ulriken seen on the way to Loevstakken (419KB) 2. Ulriken seen on the way to Loevstakken (814KB) 3. Southeast view from Loevstakken (333KB) 4. Approaching Loevstakken summit (74KB) 5. North view from Loevstakken (524KB) 6. North view (zoom) from Loevstakken (399KB) 7. Gullsteinen seen from Loevstakken (222KB) 8. Loevstakken seen from Ulriken, 1 hour later (121KB)

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Trip report Dec 28 2004

Ever since I moved to Bergen, I have been under the assumption that this mountain is 477m above sea level. When I looked at the Økonomisk Kartverk (5m contours) map on Norgesglasset, I noticed the 480m contour on top. Having purchased a brand new (and hopefully quite reliable) GPS, I decided to get up there and check for myself.

This was not a working day, and the weather was awful. It was either snowing or raining, or a combination of the two. My plans for the day was only to visit the Ulriken massif for the 150th time this year, but the desire to discover the true height of Løvstakken was greater. Besides, I hadn't been on this mountain in 2004. A shame, really. It was still time to mend this before the new year came upon us.

I brought along the dog, but on Fjørangerveien, I turned back around and left the dog back home. The weather was not good. Due to the amount of snow, it would probably be a backpack ride for him, all the way up and all the way down. But when I finally got going up the mountain side, it was clearing up. At least everywhere around me. There was still fog on the higher parts of Løvstakken. It is *not* very often that Ulriken is fog-free while Løvstakken is not. This was however the situation now.

As it was a bit late in the afternoon, I decided to go for the quickest route that I knew - from Fredlundsvingen. I had hiked up here once before, back in March 2003. It was foggy and raining back then also, and I did not take any pictures on that trip. This is why I had brought along the camera on this trip, even if I didn't expect a great outcome. The lower part of the trail was easy to follow. I remembered this part. When I reached the forest, I ran into tracks. While I had followed the ridge up from Fredlundsvingen, someone else had followed the forest below. I could then follow the tracks all the way up to the summit, which I reached 14:50PM. It had taken me 40 minutes to the top, but this included some time for taking pictures.

I was very curious about the GPS altitude reading. I walked around in the dense fog on the summit, looking for the highest rock. The combination of snow and rain was whipping in my face, and I had to turn my back to the wind. The GPS read 476m. Given the likely error margin, I concluded that 477m was not such a bad height after all. The 480m contour on the 5m contour map was most likely a bogus one.

Pictures from the Dec 28 2004 hike:

1. Ulriken seen on the way to Loevstakken (294KB) 2. On the forest trail (125KB) 3. Bergen seen on the way to Loevstakken (457KB) 4. Can you see the mast? (95KB) 5. The summit cairn (85KB)

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