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A touch of spring, autumn and winter...
Laupsnipa & Hovdenakken, Oct 10 2009

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Out biking

Out biking
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Breaking news I: No rain today, and breaking news II: it was a sunny day. We've had one long and crappy autumn and now the snow is suddenly here. As I was on duty, I had to stay in the neighbourhood, and so this was the perfect day to go for a ride on my brand new bike. And why not combine it with a hike? I decided to bike to Voldnes (10km), hike Laupsnipa (558m) on Gurskøya island and then bike back home - altogether 25,4km.

It's about 10 years since I last rode a bicycle (on a regular basis), and the only part of the body that has forgotten about biking - is my behind. The new trend seems to be that I have started doing things that my body doesn't really appreciate (soccer, running, biking). How easy all these activities were 15-20 years ago...

But pain and suffering had the lowest attention on this gorgeous day. I looked forward to get to up to the snow at 400m, and the contrasts between autumn and winter. But because of the sunshine and the temperature, it actually felt like spring. Either way, Laupsnipa never disappoints. I've been up here 12 times in 2009, and every single hike has been a memorable one.


On Laupsnipa

On Laupsnipa
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Some hours after returning home, I took an evening trip to Hovdenakken on Hareidlandet. The snow began at 300m, and the normal route to Hovdenakken is probably the most boggy trail in all of Norway. But all in all, it was a super day, and almost 30km of "movement" wasn't too bad either...


Heading home - the right way!

Heading home - the right way!
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The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 450D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

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To Laupsnipa

0A. Trip tracks 0B. GPS Profile 1. The new bike 2. Out biking 3. Passing Djupvikvatnet 4. Passing Djupvik 5. Passing Sletta 4. Måløyna 7. Laupsnipa ahead 8. Up the forest 9. Blåtind 10. Birds in flight 11. Upper part of Laupsnipa 12. Jøsok 13. Skoratinden 14. Reaching the snow 15. Laupsnipa summit ahead 16. Laups-keipen 17. On Laupsnipa 18. Saudehornet & Liadalsnipa

Zoom views from Laupsnipa

19. Zoom view from Laupsnipa 20. Zoom view from Laupsnipa 21. Zoom view from Laupsnipa


22. Sunset beyond Hasundhornet 23. Towards Hovdenakken 24. Valley view 25. Hareiddalen 26. Ørsta peaks seen from Hovdenakken 27. Ulsteinvik 28. Heading home

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