Europen Mountains, Montenegro
Maja Kolata, Prokletije

Rodi e Kolates, 2556m (Maja e Koljats)
Zla Kolata, 2535m (Evil Kolata, Kolata e Keq)
Dobre Kolata, 2526m (Good Kolata, Kolata e Mire)


County/Municipality: -
Maps: Huber
Primary factor: Rodi e Kolates/Maja e Koljats: 522m
Zla Kolata: 105m (Possibly < 90m)
Dobre Kolata: 106m
Hiked: July 2012
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Prokletije peaks

Prokletije peaks
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The Prokletije (Albanian: Bjeshkt e Nemuna) mountain range is part of the Dinaric Alps and is by many considered to be the most unexplored of all mountain ranges in Europe. Prokletije spans the northern part of Albania, the western part of Kosovo and the eastern part of Montenegro. Maja Jezerce (2694m, in Albania) is the highest peak in this range. Prokletije also includes 3 national parks and more parks may be established in the future. 

Zla Kolata (2535m) and Dobre Kolata (2528m) and Maja Rosit (2524m) are generally  considered to be the highest peaks in Montenegro - all found on the Montenegro - Albania border. However, Montenegro seems officially to be in denial of this, and is stating that Bobotov Kuk (2523m) as the country high point.

The process of identifying the Montenegro high point has however been a difficult task. Internet searches have resulted wrong and confusing information. Below you will find our conclusions and the reason behind them. The conclusions may however be wrong and we appreciate any feedback we can get.

Conclusion: The Kolata massif (below picture) is found on the Montenegro - Albania border and has 3 main peaks. The leftmost (west) peak is Zla Kolata (2535m), the peak in the center is Dobre Kolata (2528m) and the peak to the right is Rodi e Kolates (Maja e Koljats) (2556m).


The Kolata peaks

The Kolata peaks
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Summary of research:

Mountain Location AKA Huber map Wiki-pedia Dragobija
map 1:50,000
Geokarta 1:75,000 GPS
Zla Kolata N42.48499 E19.89631
N42 29 05.9 E19 53 46.7
Evil Kolata,
Kolata e Keq
(Maja e Keq)
2534m 2528m 2512m 2512m 2516m 2528m
Dobre Kolata N42.48893 E19.89996
N42 29 20.1 E19 53 59.9
Good Kolata,
Kolata e Mire
2526m 2528m - - - 2526m 2518m
Ravna Kolata N42.49218 E19.89884
N42 29 31.9 E19 53 55.8
- 2482m   2411m - 2418m - -
Rodi e Kolates N42.48325 E19.90922
N42 28 59.7 E19 54 33.2
- - - !!! 2556m
(Maja e Koljats)
2553,3m 2556
(Maja e Kolats)
2556m 2551m
Maja Rosit - - - 2524m - - 2525m - -
Cafa e Preslopit
N42.48971 E19.88913
N42 29 22.9 E19 53 20.9
- 2039m - 2034m 2039m 2039m 2027m -


  • The heights used on this page refers to the shaded columns in the above table.
  • The primary factors are computed based on map information and relative elevations from our GPS unit.
  • Co-ordinate for Ravna Kolata is taken from GPS map, not GPS unit. Hence, unreliable.
  • There is confusion regarding Ravna Kolata. According to one of our sources (who refers to the Huber map) - Ravna Kolata is "further along the border ridge", relative to Dobre Kolata. Another source tells us that the Ravna Kolata is the Kolata high point (Rodi e Kolates in the above table).
  • Zla = Evil in Serbian and e Keq = Evil in Albanian.
  • Dobre = Good in Serbian and e Mire = Good in Albanian
  • GPS Wpt (1) are our personal GPS waypoints, and it shows that Zla Kolata is lower than Dobre Kolata (!). We have chosen not draw any conclusions based on GPS readings.
  • GPS Wpt (2) are personal GPS waypoints from one of our sources. Here, Zla Kolata is higher than Dobre Kolata, but raises the question if Dobre Kolata really is higher than Bobotv Kuk.
  • Some sources state that Dobre Kolata is also called Maja Kolata and is 2528m. This information is also painted on a rock at the Preslopit pass.
  • The Wikipedia page "List of mountains in Albania" lists Dobre and Zla Kolata but not the 2556m peak Rodi e Kolates. This is very confusing!
  • There is a pass called Dvojni Prevoj (Double Pass) which internet sources say is 2430m. We have not established if this is the pass between Zla Kolata and Dobre Kolata or if it is the pass between Zla Kolata and Rodi e Kolates.



Dobre and Zla Kolata

Dobre and Zla Kolata
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The Kolata peaks can be reached from Montenegro and Albania. This page will describe the route to Zla Kolata from Vusanje in Montenegro. This is a fairly long hike (9,1km) with some minor scrambling above snow fields in the valley below Zla Kolata.


Zla Kolata and the route up from Preslopit

Zla Kolata and the route up from Preslopit
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Primary factor:

Rodi e Kolates (Dragobija 1:25,000: 2556m, N42.48325 E19.90922) has a primary factor of 522m towards the higher parent mountain Maja Jezerce. The defining saddle (approx. N42.48971 E19.88913) is found in the Cafa e Preslopit pass below Zla Kolata. Ref. the Dragobija map, the pass is 2034m.

Zla Kolata (Huber: 2535m, N42.48499 E19.89631) has a primary factor of 105m towards the higher parent Rodi e Kolates. The defining saddle (approx. N42.48401 E19.89826) is found in the pass between these two tops. Based on GPS readings, this pass is approx. 2430m.

Dobre Kolata (Huber: 2526m, N42.48499 E19.89631) has a primary factor of 106m towards the higher parent Zla Kolata. The defining saddle (approx. N42.48507 E19.89887) is found in the pass between these two tops. Based on GPS readings, this pass is approx. 2420m.


Zla and Dobre Kolata

Zla and Dobre Kolata
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Google map

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Trail descriptions

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This route description is valid per July 2012


Route 1: Vusinje - Zla Kolata

Difficulty : YDS Class 2 on marked route
Comments : Minor scrambling above snow fields. Crampons/axe may be necessary.
Distance : Approx. 9km to Zla Kolata
Time : Approx. 6-7 hours to Zla Kolata
Starting Elev.: Approx. 1045m
Vertical Gain : Approx. 1600m (total)
Map of the area
Map of the area
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Detailed map
Detailed map
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  • Starting point; Tivat airport
  • Drive E65/E80 southeast to Budva (approx. 29km)
  • Continue on E65/E80 southeast to the M2.4/E65/E80 junction west of Sutomore (approx. 27km)
  • Drive E65/E80 northeast to Podgorica (approx. 43km)
  • Continue north on E65/E80 to Kolašin (approx. 70km)
  • Follow M9 southwest (approx. 80km) to Gusinje, passing Andrijevica and Plav along the way.
  • Continue on the road to Vusanje in Ropojana Valley (signposted Alipasina) for 5,4km and locate the road (N42.52594 E19.84497) that is the start of the route.
  • Find parking just down the road - by the former Police Control post at the army barracks (N42.52507 E19.84441).


The route:


The route, as seen in Google Earth

The route, as seen in Google Earth
(Click for larger image)


Km   Description   Co-ordinate
0   Follow the forest road -> tractor road   N42.52581 E19.84485
1,1   Tractor road ends, mountain path begins   N42.52267 E19.85598
1,8   You pass a shepherd's hut   N42.52013 E19.86291
2   Important fork; go left!   N42.51910 E19.86553
4   You pass another shepherd's hut   N42.51311 E19.88647
4,5   Water source   N42.51137 E19.89189
4,6   Important fork; go right! The route straight ahead takes you up to pass on the Albanian border.   N42.51074 E19.89248
5,1   You pass old ruins (Caf Borit - approx. 1760m). Aim towards the distinct pass to the south   N42.50740 E19.89451
6,8   You're on top of the first pass   N42.49630 E19.89160
7,6   Cafa e Preslopit pass (approx. 2034m)   N42.48971 E19.88913
8,8   Dobre - Zla Kolata pass (approx. 2420m)   N42.48534 E19.89866
9,1   Zla Kolata summit (2535m)   N42.48499 E19.89631


The route, as seen in Google Earth

The route, as seen in Google Earth
(Click for larger image)



  • The valley ascent from 7,6 to 8,8km involves crossing snow fields. An ice axe and/or crampons may be necessary. You can follow the marked route (circles with red and white paint) or stay in the center of the valley (on the snow fields) and turn left at 2300m when it's getting steeper. After 60-70 meters to the left, you can again aim for the pass above you.

  • From Zla Kolata, you can hike Rodi e Kolates (N42.48325 E19.90922). This is a 1,3km walk towards the southwest, along a very easy route (YDS class 1). From the pass (N42.48401 E19.89826 - approx. 2430m), the vertical gain is approx. 130 meters. The summit is marked by a few rocks. You will be crossing the Albanian border, and by law, this is most likely prohibited. However...

  • Upon your return, you can also hike Dobre Kolata (N42.48893 E19.89996). This is a 0,5km YDS class 2 hike from the pass between Zla and Dobre Kolata. Follow a distinct ledge on the east side of the ridge until you find it natural to ascend up to the summit ridge. The vertical gain is approx. 100m. The summit is marked by a few rocks.

  • Between the first pass and the Preslopit pass (closer to the first), check out an amazing snow cave (Ledena Pecina). It's freezing cold at the cave entrance - quite something!

The route, as seen in Google Earth

The route, as seen in Google Earth
(Click for larger image)


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