Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

A nice day, Oct 28 2006

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Work kept me citybound this Saturday, and a short stroll up the local viewpoint was all that I had time for. A bit later, I picked up Anthony Dyer (see Nonstinden hike, a week earlier) who returned from touring .. somewhere. His plan was to cross the Rånahalvøya peninsula, but due to the v e r y bad weather this week, I was confindent that he hadn't.

He hadn't, and was now returning directly from the top of Sulafjellet. He stayed at my place and headed back to Scotland the next morning. His Norway report will shortly appear on his web-site.

Views from Høgenakken

1. Wide-angle view from Høgenakken, part 1/2 (564KB) 2. Wide-angle view from Høgenakken, part 1/2 (619KB) 3. Ålesund view from Høgenakken (543KB) 4. 75mm view from Høgenakken (747KB) 5. Sykkylven mountains seen from Høgenakken (196KB) 6. Ellingsøyfjorden islands (1245KB) 7. Troll looking towards Sukkertoppen (206KB) 8. Mighty Trolltinden seen from Høgenakken (161KB) 9. Blåskjerdingen seen from Høgenakken (173KB) 10. Tverrbotshornet and contrasts (260KB)

Pics from later in the day

11. Autumn colors (330KB) 12. Sprovstinden, seen from a new angle (245KB) 13. A magpie inspecting its feathers (89KB) 14. The quickest bath I have seen (186KB) 15. Anthony arriving on boat from Langevågen (238KB)

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