Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Hjørungneshornet, Feb 20 2007

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Hjørungneshornet was sort of a milestone-top. It was the only top on my Ulstein and Hareid lists that I still hadn't been to. It was a very fine afternoon, I was working in Ulsteinvik, and I wanted to reach the top before the sun set too low.

I found what I assumed was the trailhead, although I didn't see any path. The time was 15:35PM, and the dog and I strolled up a gravel road that led to a farm, in addition to the ridge. I stepped across a fence and found an overgrown path.

The dog could only walk sections of this path, and I lifted him up and down a NUMBER of times along the way. After a fairly short walk, we reached the top 16:10PM. The views were just about as expected (compared to my other visits in this area, Melshornet included), but I had never seen Masdalshornet quite as mighty as from this point. This 1000m high wall, rising up from the fjord, was an impressive sight.

The wind was quite cold, and instead of walking back the same route, I put the dog in the backpack and descended a steep juniper jungle down to the road below. We were back at the car 16:40PM and celebrated the completion of Ulstein and Hareid kommuner with svele (traditional Møre & Romsdal food) on the ferry. The dog (Troll) had also earned his share, as he too has been on all of the tops. At least I think he has.

Pictures from the Feb 20 2007 trip

To Hornet

1. Hornet seen from Hjørungavåg (233KB) 2. At the trailhead (305KB) 3. On the way upwards (302KB) 4. Masdalshornet - a splendid mountain (161KB) 5. Saudehornet and Levandehornet (135KB) 6. My buddy Troll (182kB) 7. On Hjørungneshornet (236KB)

Views from Hornet

8. Wide-angle view from Hjørungneshornet (688KB) 9. Blåskjerdingen seen from Hjørungneshornet (125KB) 10. Sandvikshornet and Høgsvora (134KB) 11. Festøykollen seen from Hjørungneshornet (138KB) 12. Bergehornet and Liahornet (157KB) 13. Kongsvollen and Ulsettua (105KB) 14. Hjørungavåg (806KB) 15. Sula seen from Hjørungneshornet (502KB)


16. A short-cut down to the road (210KB) 17. View back to Hornet (203KB) 18. Back to the trailhead (201KB)

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