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Havsteinen, Sep 24 2008

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On the way to Havsteinen (right)

On the way to Havsteinen (right)
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Ever since I saw Havsteinen for the first time (the date was Dec 27 2005, and it was my first visit on Godøya), I decided that I wanted to visit this cool, slightly pointy rock. The only question was; "how do I get there?".

In the spring of 2008, I began to make inquires. I talked with several Godøy boat owners over the phone, but they just didn't feel they had the right boat for the task. Things seemed a bit difficult. I considered purchasing an inflatable boat, but I wasn't sure it would fit in my car. It humored me to reckon that, when inflated, the boat and the Tiger might be equally large..


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But in troubled times, who rises up to the occasion? My most excellent neighbour Pål, of course. He is, bar none, the most giving person I know, and it's only been a few months since he took me island hopping in Ellingsøyfjorden. Pål offered to take me to Havsteinen. And this wasn't a 5-minute boat ride, either. Havsteinen was a good 12km boat ride away.  

On Sep. 24 2008, all conditions were met. Pål had the time, I had the time, the weather was good and the sea was calm. The timing was double-perfect for me, suffering from YAAI (yet another annoying inflammation) in my foot. We drove directly from Gåseidnes to Havsteinen, where we circled around the island, looking for a place to anchor up. Even if the sea was fairly calm, Pål decided that he would wait for me in the boat.

I moved quickly up the ridge, passed the lighthouse and reached on the high point 6:18pm. The walk up took 6 minutes. The local sheep (they have to be wild ones, surely??) acted as if they saw humans for the first time, and vanished before I got the camera up. After a few pictures, I headed back down, and Pål proposed that we returned via Hessafjorden.

So we drove up Hessafjorden (between Sukkertoppen and Sula), and I got slightly worried when I noticed a really big vessel coming our way. I'm not terribly scared of the sea, but I'm a big wimp in small boats. A very ugly Oslofjord crossing a few years back, gave me this scare. But Pål was calm as a duck, which helped. And yes, it slammed, but now I was just enjoying the trip.

We then crossed the sound between Hessa and Aspøya, before heading into Ålesundet (the sound between Aspøya and Nørvøya). This was very cool. I had never seen Ålesund this way before. Once in Borgundfjorden, we returned to Gåseidnes via the Brosundet sound. This was a very nice 2 hour, 34km trip. Once again; many, many thanks to Pål.

Ålesund and Hjørundfjord peaks

Ålesund and Hjørundfjord peaks
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The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 300D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

Notes: On a few pics, "Valderøyfjorden" has been used when "Valderhaugfjorden" is the correct name.
Most pics have had their contrasts changed, because of lack of daylight.

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Early morning

1. Ellingsøyfjorden, early morning 2. Ellingsøyfjorden, early morning 3. Høgenakken, early morning

To Havsteinen

0. Trip tracks 4. Rødlandstua 5. Vasstrandegga and Spjelkavikfjellet 6. Godøya in the distant 7. Runde in the distant 8. Ålesund and Hjørundfjord peaks 9. Godøya 10. Havsteinen 11. Havsteinen

On the island

12. On top of Havsteinen 13. Wide-angle view from Havsteinen 14. Giske seen from Havsteinen 15. View down from Havsteinen 16. The lighthouse 17. The lighthouse 18. The ridge I followed 19. The rocky pier

To Ålesund

20. Ålesund 21. Godøy 22. Magic glow 23. Skipper Pål 24. Sukkertoppen 25. Sukkertoppen 26. Sukkertoppen 27. Sukkertoppen 28. Vessels meet

Through Ålesund

29. Approaching Ålesund 30. Through Ålesundet 31. Through Ålesundet 32. Through Ålesundet 33. Through Ålesundet 34. Through Ålesundet 35. Through Ålesundet 36. Through Ålesundet 37. Through Ålesundet 38. Through Ålesundet 39. Through Ålesundet 40. Through Ålesundet 41. Through Ålesundet 42. Through Ålesundet 43. Through Ålesundet 44. Through Ålesundet 45. Leaving Ålesund

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