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Hausdalshorga and Austefjellet. Jan 23 2005

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Map of the area
Map of the area
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Detailed map
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Trip report

The below trip started from Lake Osavatn, went up to Redningshytten, then up to Hausdalshorga before we headed up to Austefjellet (Austlirinden/Austrerinden) before we skied down to lake Osavatn. See the Hausdalshorga and Austefjellet pages for maps and more info. These pages are currently being rewritten into one page, which also includes Slettegga and Livarden.

I had good exercise the day before, having been both to Brøknipa and Ulriken later in the evening. This Sunday, I didn't know where to go. It had been snowing, and the driving conditions were difficult. Then Petter emailed me and suggested a ski-trip to Gullfjellet later in the day. This sounded like a good plan. The roads would have been plowed, and someone had probably made some fine tracks up the mountain.

We left Osavatn 12:40PM. It was a bit chilly, and the higher Gullfjellet mountains were covered in fog. This didn't prevent a lot of other people from going skiing. My guess was that the majority would only head for Redningshytten. A few would reach Korketrekkeren, while only a few brave souls would reach to the very summit. As much as I love Gullfjellet, I had been wanting to visit Hausdalshorga in deep snow conditions. On my very first hike to Gullfjellet, I had learned that one should stay away from Hausdalshorga because of the sharp cornices that are building up on the north ridge. And since I never listen to good advice, I managed to talk Petter and Pål Jørgen (PJ - Petter's son) to come along.

From Redningshytten, we followed the cairn trail towards Austefjellet for a while, but then broke off towards the south. It was a nice ski-trip. Powder snow blew with great speed on the surface, and the wind picked up as we approached Hausdalshorga. Down on the saddle, the wind resembled an inferno. We measured the wind speed to be 22 m/s, which meant we became slightly unstable, but along with the wind came frozen snow, and it was incredibly painful to face the wind. I had brought slalom glasses, and got some cherished protection. Even Petter, the toughest nut I know, mentioned that this had to be "stronger than a breeze". I measured the saddle elevation. The GPS said 668m, which is the same height that I had found on Økonomisk Kartverk, interpolating between 5m contours.

It was impossible to ski the ridge, and we could see that the ridge became quite narrow higher up. We left the skis behind and headed up the ridge. Both sides of the top ridge were dangerous. It was possible to walk below the ridge, on the west side. Should one fall, the icy surface would have made self-arrest with poles very difficult. While PJ and myself took the somewhat safer route below the top ridge, Petter walked the top ridge with his right foot in Dyrdalen and his left foot in Hausdalen. Another airy spot followed higher up, but the cornice was more level, and posed no concerns or problems.

We reached Hausdalshorga high point 14:55PM. I measured the elevation to be 779m (both on ascent and upon descent). This is 5m lower than the M711 map height. Ø.K. shows that the highest contour is 775m, which seems to be more correct. We strolled down to the Hausdalshorga cairn on the south side, which was approx. 9m lower. After a round of pictures, we headed back down the ridge, picked up the skis and headed towards Austefjellet.

The wind was not as fierce as on the way up, and the fog had left Austefjellet. It was a nice ski-trip up the summit cairn, which we reached 16:00PM. Sunset was in progress, and some beautiful evening colors lit up the mountains. We could now look forward to the "bonus" - the long downhill to lake Osavatnet. The light was a bit flat, and I did not feel for taking big chances. Half an hour later, we were back at the car. The trip had been 12,5Km and lasted just over 4 hours.

1. Towards Redningshytten (109KB) 2. Redningshytten (279KB) 3. Redningshytten (63KB) 4. On the way to Hausdalshorga (96KB) 5. Gullfjellet in clouds (222KB) 6. Hausdalshorga in view (206KB) 7. The Hausdalshorga north ridge (133KB) 8. A sharp ridge ahead (166KB) 9. In a windy saddle below Hausdalshorga (96KB) 10. Balance is key here (138KB) 11. PJ and me below the most airy spot (87KB) 12. Above the airy spots. Hausdalshorga summit is near (141KB) 13. Austefjellet seen from Hausdalshorga (308KB) 14. On the way to the Hausdalshorga cairn (125KB) 15. South view from Hausdalshorga (268KB) 16. PJ at the cairn (164KB) 17. PJ and Petter at the cairn (130KB) 18. Heading down the ridge (68KB) 19. Back in the saddle (138KB) 20. Leaving Hausdalshorga behind (101KB) 21. Austefjellet ahead (268KB) 22. PJ arriving Austefjellet (148KB) 23. Austefjellet summit cairn (87KB)

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