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Hausdalshorga from Øvstebø. Sep 15 2005

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Map of the area
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Trip report, Sep 15 2005

It was evident that it would start raining later this afternoon, but there would be sufficient time for a nice evening hike. I chose to visit Hausdalshorga, one of my favorite Bergen mountains. The plan was to ascend my descent route from Mar 1 2003, but due to the massive rainfall the recent days, I suspected that crossing the river from Dyrdalsvatnet could be difficult.

Across Smøråsfjellet, I witnessed the results of the landslide that had such a tragic outcome for a number of people, and fatal for two of them. During the evening of the 13th Sep. and until the next morning, the storm "Kristin" brought 156,5mm of rain down on Bergen. This was the highest amount of rain registered in Bergen during 24 hours - ever. The record from 1917 had been beaten by 24,5mm.

The erosion was very much visible on my way towards Dyrdalen. Large parts of the trail had simply been washed away. As I had anticipated, there was no way I could cross the river from Dyrdalsvatnet, and had to walk around the lake. My small dachshund "Troll" was enjoying the nice valley from the back-pack, which he entered already at the trailhead. I headed towards Austebotn, as I had always wondered if it was possible to directly ascend the Austefjellet - Hausdalshorga saddle from there. I saw a couple of good routes and concluded that the ascent wasn't as steep as I had thought it was. I made a mental note to give this route a try in winter.

I proceeded up the slopes towards Hausdalshorga, and arrived the top 18:20PM, 1h:25m after I left the trailhead. The evening colors were beautiful, and I enjoyed every minute on top until I surrendered to a cold wind. I gave Troll the serious look and told him that he would be walking all the way down. He seemed to get the message and did a phenomenal job in the high grass down the mountain. Most of the sheep in Dyrdalen kept an observing eye on the two strange figures that was walking on their turf.

We arrived the trailhead 19:40PM and just as I left Øvstebø, it started to rain.

To the mountain

1. On the way to Hausdalshorga (203KB) 2. Ovstebo trailhead (255KB) 3. The forest road from Ovstebo (318KB) 4. Trail erosion (287KB) 5. Trail erosion (356KB) 6. Small landslide (296KB) 7. View down towards Bontveit (229KB) 8. Below Hausdalshorga (352KB) 9. The stream is now a river (283KB) 10. Hausdalshorga (271KB) 11. Austefjellet (756KB) 12. Sletteggen and Dyrdalsvatnet (276KB) 13. Horgjehalsen (233KB)

Views from the top

14. 25mm lens panorama from Hausdalshorga (692KB) 15. 25mm lens panorama from Hausdalshorga (618KB) 16. 50mm lens panorama from Hausdalshorga (975KB) 17. 50mm lens panorama from Hausdalshorga (789KB) 18. View from the southern Hausdalshorga viewpoint (367KB) 19. Samdal seen from Hausdalshorgi (228KB) 20. Troll on Hausdalshorga (203KB)


21. Dyrdalsvatnet (285KB) 22. Horgjehalsen in a fine light (285KB) 23. Troll and high grass (183KB) 24. Back in Dyrdalen (316KB) 25. Hausdalshorga (410KB) 26. Cabins in Dyrdalen (240KB) 27. Cabins in Dyrdalen (168KB) 28. The landslide in Fana (245KB) 29. The landslide in Fana (227KB)

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