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Evening hike to Krånipa, Apr 1 2005

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Trip notes, Apr 1 2005 hike:

I had been up to Hananipa the the day before, and wanted to walk up to Krånipa, which looked very fine with snow. I called my friend Ketil, and he was happy to come along. We left one car at Kråni and then drove up to Skulstad. We walked up Krånipa's north ridge and ice axes were handy as the snow was turning harder by the minute. It took us about one hour to the top. It had been a fantastic week in terms of weather, but the weather was changing this evening. The winds were much stronger and the clouds were moving in.

We visited a viewpoint on the south side of the top, and then took a direct course towards Kråni. We were able to slide some pitches on foot, which was "great fun for kids". When we ran out of snowfields, the descent to Kråni got a bit more cumbersome, but without any problems. We reached the car at Kråni 45 minutes after reaching the top of Krånipa.

How to get to Kråni:

From the Trengereid junction (roundabout), drive down towards the fjord (don't follow highway RV7 or E16) for 600m. Turn right towards Skulstad. Continue 650-700m and turn right on Trengereidlia. Continue 200m and turn right onto an unsigned road. Continue 1,4Km to Kråni and find a place to park before reaching the Kråni farms.

Pictures from the Apr 1 2005 hike:

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1. Map of the route (175KB) 2. On the way to Kranipa (259KB) 3. My hiking mate Ketil (259KB) 4. Approaching Kraanipa (216KB) 5. Ketils first visit to Kraanipa (227KB) 6. Ketil on the way up the steepest part (293KB) 7. Arnt on Kraanipa summit (195KB) 8. Ketil on Kraanipa summit (299KB) 9. Summit view from Kraanipa summit (713KB) 10. Raudnipa seen from Kraanipa (315KB) 11. Rindebrotet seen from Kraanipa (150KB) 12. Weather change above Kraanipa (96KB) 13. Kraani and Skulstad (241KB) 14. Ketil sliding down Kraanipa (89KB) 15. View from Kraani (158KB)

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