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Evening hike to Hananipa, Mar 31 2005

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Trip notes, Mar 31 2005 hike:

Another beautiful evening at the end of March. I chose Hananipa for the occasion, as I wanted to document the great views from this top. My dog Troll came along, and we walked from Skulstad up the normal route on the southwest ridge, which had little snow. Whatever was left was hard this late in the evening.

Pictures from the Mar 31 2005 hike:

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1. View towards Kraanipa (151KB) 2. Kraanipa seen from Lake Skulstadvatnet (272KB) 3. West view on the way to Hananipa (125KB) 4. Broknipa comes into view (162KB) 5. The final ridge (126KB) 6. Close-up of Broknipa (307KB) 7. North view from Hananipa (420KB) 8. North view from Hananipa (405KB) 9. North view from Hananipa (576KB) 10. East view from Hananipa (802KB) 11. East view from Hananipa (887KB) 12. Southeast view from Hananipa (1121KB) 13. Kvamskogen mountains seen from Hananipa (270KB) 14. Gullfjellet seen from Hananipa (226KB) 15. Osteroy mountains seen from Hananipa (451KB) 16. Olsnesoyni seen from Hananipa (108KB)

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