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Gullfjellstoppen via Glamragjelet, Mar 30 2005

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Trip notes, Mar 30 2005 hike:

After the clock was set one hour forward, it was now possible to do an after-work hike to Gullfjellstoppen before sunset. I headed up to Lake Osavatn (without the dog), aiming to hike up and down via Glamragjelet and take a look at Pilatusgjelet couloir while passing by. There was no need to bring skis. I didn't have to put gaiters on before I reached the far end of Lake Svartavatnet, and the snow carried well anyhow.

As I headed into Glamragjelet, I met a young man who came skiing down from Ronamanen (not the steepest section). He and a couple friends had climbed up Pilatusgjelet, using ropes as they had to bypass a huge cornice about to go, and then skied down Ronamanen. Very cool. I still haven't climbed Pilatusgjelet, but one day I will.

I continued up Glamragjelet and got a good look up Pilatusgjelet. It looked steeper and more unfriendly than ever. A fall from the upper section could result in a very serious injury, as the lower sections had started to melt. A huge cornice had already left the mountain and lay dismantled at the bottom of the couloir. The snow was hard as ice, and I did not feel any need to climb up there on my own.

I continued up Glamragjelet, which I don't consider very steep. I raised the bar by taking a steep shortcut which led (almost) directly up to the summit. I had to use crampons and ice axe for this pitch. It took me 1 hour and 45 minutes, which included several stops for chatting and pictures. The time was 19:30PM, and I turned around after a short round of pictures.

Pictures from the Mar 30 2005 hike:

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1. On the way to Glamragjelet (174KB) 2. Passing Pilatusgjelet (144KB) 3. Pilatusgjelet (full size, 662KB) 4. Heading up Glamragjelet (124KB) 5. View down Glamragjelet (135KB) 6. View down Glamragjelet (212KB) 7. View towards Svartavatn and Osavatn (197KB) 8. Final steps to the summit (161KB) 9. Upper part of Pilatusgjelet (185KB) 10. Summit view from Gullfjellstoppen (703KB) 11. Tysse seen from Gullfjellstoppen (347KB) 12. The broken summit cairn (140KB) 13. Summit view from Gullfjellstoppen (446KB) 14. Summit view from Gullfjellstoppen (251KB) 15. Summit view from Gullfjellstoppen (365KB) 16. Quick descent down Glamragjelet (164KB)

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