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Gravtinden, 412m

Fylke/Kommune : Nordland/Brønnøy,Grane
Maps : 1825-IV Velfjord
(Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary factor : 294m
Hiked : Aug 2005
See also : Kvernhatten
See also : Trælneshatten
See also : Hardangsfjellet

Gravtinden seen on the way to Hongset

Gravtinden seen on the way to Hongset

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Gravtinden ("Grave Peak" - a depressing name, if this is the correct translation) is located in Brønnøy kommune, Nordland fylke (county), approx. 9,5 south-southwest of the place Hommelstø and approx. 20,5Km southeast of Brønnøysund.

The normal route runs from Hongset, and the mountain is every now and then part of "Fjelltrimmen", a list of 10 mountains that hikers are encouraged to visit during the year. As such, the trail to the mountain is well marked in addition to be very accessible and easy to hike.

Nordland fylke (county) is generous with the suffix "tind" which normally is used for sharper peaks, and Gravtinden appears as a rounded mountain when seen from the north and the east. However, the mountain drops steep 400m down to Ursfjorden and is probably a sight when seen from the southwest.

Primary factor:

Gravtinden (1825-IV: 412m, Ø.K: 411,89m) has a primary factor of 294m towards the higher Sausfjellet (500m). The saddle is found at Sausheia, between Sausfjellet and Storhaugen. Ref. Økonomisk Kartverk (5m contour maps), you cross the 120m contours on the high route, but not 115m. The saddle height has been interpolated to 118m.

My GPS reported never reported a higher altitude than 407m on point 33 W 382567 7247312.

Trail descriptions:

Notes: Class ratings are in reference to YDS. Click here for more information.

The trails described below are not necessarily the *easiest* trails to this mountain.

Hongset - Gravtinden (summer/autumn)

Difficulty : Class 1 (YDS)
Exposure : No
Comments : Short and popular hike
Distance : Approx. 3,5Km to the top
Time : Approx. 1,5 hours to the top
Starting Elev.: Approx. 30m
Vertical Gain : Approx. 400m

Map of the area
Map of the area
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Detailed map
Detailed map
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From Skillvika junction outside Brønnøysund, follow highway RV76 23,1Km (approx. 1Km southeast of Hommelstø) and turn right towards "Hongset". Follow the Hongset road approx. 8Km and find parking near a community hall on the right-hand side of the road.

The route

From the parking, follow the Hongset road approx. 450m until you reach a 3-way junction. Follow the middle road (straight ahead) which is a forest road (gravel). Follow the forest road to road end (approx. 1,5Km per 2005). The elevation is 120m.

Turn right onto a marked (red paint) trail that will take you all the way to Gravtinden. Note that the cairn is located just north (and a little lower) of the high point. I recommend you descend a bit to the west to get Gravbukta bay in view. It's a steep drop, and they bay is nice to look at. Descend your ascent route.

Trip report Aug 5 2005

I was on vacation in northern Norway and had hiked Kvernhatten earlier in the day, before doing some honest work on my mom's garage. When the job was done, there was still time for a quick evening hike and I decided to visit Gravtinden.

This was a mountain that I had never noticed, even if I know the district quite well. I hadn't been to Hongset since I was a little boy, but that was no excuse. As I passed the Nevernes exit, Gravtinden was impossible not to see, now that I knew what to look for. I parked the car and left 18:40PM. It was a nice evening. The families on Hongset were enjoying their dinner on their terraces and probably had something to talk about when they noticed this stranger on the way to Gravtinden, late evening.

I followed the forest road approx. 900m and discovered some red paint in the forest. I left the road and followed the path, which led me up Åsfjellet - Gravtinden's east ridge. The terrain was easy and I reached the top 19:35PM, 55 minutes after I left the trailhead. I wondered why Gravtinden had earned "tind" in the name, but when I noticed the 400m drop down to Ursfjorden, it was obvious that this mountain look spectactular from the west.

Despite the modest height of the mountain, I was impressed with the views. Even Breidvasstinden - the highest mountain in Brønnøy was easy to identify. It was a very enjoyable hike with good views. After a round of pictures, I headed back down and was back at the car 20:25PM. On the way down I ended up at the end of the forest road and concluded that the trail I had followed upwards was probably an older trail.

Pictures from the Aug 2 2005 hike

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To the summit

1. On the way to Gravtinden (372KB) 2. Gravtinden seen from the parking (184KB) 3. Evening mood (226KB) 4. Panorama from Gravtinden (1628KB) 5. Hardangsfjellet seen from Gravtinden (217KB) 6. Ursfjorden seen from Gravtinden (217KB) 7. Breidvasstinden seen from Gravtinden (246KB) 8. Heilhornet seen from Gravtinden (246KB) 9. Gravbukta (252KB)

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Pictures from other hikes:

1. Zoom view from Hardangsfjellet 2. Zoom view from Kjøsvikfjellet

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