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"Storamyrsteinen" in Kanadaskogen, Oct 18 2005

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"Deep inside" Kanadaskogen - a forest area southwest of Gravdalsfjellet outside Bergen - you will find a couple of big rocks. One of them - "Eikelisteinen" is described here. The other I have named "Storamyrsteinen", simply because a) I couldn't find a name and b) the only named point nearby is a bog named Storamyra. Between my hiking mate David C. Pugh and myself, the rock now goes under the name "Tobrik" - The Other Big Rock In Kanadaskogen.

"Tobrik" is a large rock that has split into two parts. For ultimate precision, I am referring to the two parts as "Stora-Tobrik" and "Vetla-Tobrik", based on size and proper dialect. Ascent of "Vetla-Tobrik" is done by a single, slightly exposed YDS class 4 move. "Slightly exposed" means that you can risk falling a few meters down and get hurt. Once on the rock, you are in position to try on "Stora-Tobrik". Anything but hiking boots will do on the rock's surface. It is fairly slippery. The ascent technique is not easily reversed when going down. The best way to get off the rock is to jump it.

In addition to skilled rock climbers, tall people with strong arms have the best chance of ascending "Stora-Tobrik". The method will probably be to haul yourself up, as there are not many holds for hands or feet. Should you be able to get on top of this rock, you have to lower yourself down in the same manner, or jump down to "Vetla-Tobrik". You have also earned my deepest respect. The only way I can get up is via a ladder or someone's shoulders. Still, thanks to David for showing me this fun forest feature.


From Fyllingsdalen, follow signs to Spelhaugen (NAF) and drive to road end. There is good space for parking. Follow the main trail into Kanadaskogen. Stay left in the first two major trail junctions. When you pass a manhole cover (to your left) just south of Lake Tennebekktjørna, turn left onto a forest path. This path leads you to a bog (on your left). You also have a forest ridge up to your right. Continue to the far side of this bog, turn right and head off-trail into the forest (there is a path very close, but you might not see it). Cross the ridge, then head northwest approx. 250m, and you will be near the rock. I did not take a waypoint, but UTM position 32 V 293574 6697400 should be close enough.


Map of the area
Map of the area
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Detailed map
Detailed map
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Pictures from the Oct 18 2005 hike

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1. Tobrik seen from a forest ridge above (419KB) 2. Arriving Tobrik (429KB) 3. On Vetla-Tobrik (260KB) 4. No cigar (342KB) 5. Close, but still .. (215KB) 6. Not a graceful descent (283kB) 7. Hard to see, but falling is capital ouch (402KB) 8. Popular place to put up a camp fire (345KB) 9. David and Troll are spectators (271KB) 10. David and Troll are spectators (475KB) 11. A tough face (423KB)

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