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"Eikelisteinen" on Eikelifjellet, Jul 08 2005

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When I was walking across Eikelifjellet with David back in April '05, I tried to climb "Eikelisteinen" wearing hiking boots. That didn't work, and I couldn't quite find the perfect balance in life with this piece of rock undone.

This July afternoon, David and I headed up to "Eikelisteinen", and David brought along his camera. David calls this rock "Kvelvesteinen" in Norwegian and "Big Rock" in English. After checking the net, I found that "Eikelisteinen" was probably a more frequently used word. In any case, it was to be climbed and I had brought along climbing shoes for the occasion.

The rock is perhaps 4m high and is a challenge for the average walker passing the rock. For a climber, there is no challenge, but I don't consider myself in that category. The fingerholds are not plentiful, but sufficient for ascending the rock. On top, you will feel a bit "airy" if you don't have a plan for descent. The climbing shoes are perhaps even more crucial unless you plan to jump down. It doesn't matter which town you come from; jumping down this rock will hurt!

After the successful "ascent", we headed down a .. uh .. route that only David can love. Back at Løvåsen, David introduced me to some neat crags just into the forest. These were not suitable for climbing without ropes, and as David has promised to belay me, I will return to the area and give a report from these crags.

A fun walk and scramble. Thanks to David who is an excellent forest guide.

Pictures from the July 8 2005 hike

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1. Eikelisteinen seen from the east (189KB) 2. Arnt climbs Eikelisteinen (264KB) 3. Arnt climbs Eikelisteinen (240KB) 4. Arnt climbs Eikelisteinen (217KB) 5. Arnt climbs Eikelisteinen (287KB) 6. Arnt on top of Eikelisteinen (158KB) 7. Arnt descending Eikelisteinen (196KB) 8. Arnt descending Eikelisteinen (277KB)

From the crags near Løvås

9. Crag near Loevaasen (345KB) 10. Crag near Loevaasen (489KB)

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