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Gravdalsfjellet, May 7 2005

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An early-May walk with my friend David C. Pugh and my dachshund Troll. David had shown me a couple of good trails on Gravdalsfjellet one week earlier, and we continued this Saturday with yet another trail.

We started off from Vestlundvegen 12:20PM and reached the top of Gravdalsfjellet 13:00PM. The weather was unstable and we had (very) light snow on top. There were rainshowers in all directions, so we were quite fortunate to stay out of the worst weather.

We followed the trail towards Betanien on the way down and walked along the road back to the car, which we reached 13:50PM. A short and nice hike.

Pictures from the May 7 2005 hike

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1. David at the trailhead (242KB) 2. Main trail junction below Viggohytten (234KB) 3. Troll and a problematic ladder (265KB) 4. No need for ropes in summer (184KB) 5. Sotra seen from Gravdalsfjellet (166KB) 6. Byfjellene seen from Gravdalsfjellet (227KB) 7. Askoy seen from Gravdalsfjellet (257KB) 8. David and Troll on Gravdalsfjellet (161KB) 9. Last weeks trailhead seen from Gravdalsfjellet (152KB) 10. Eikelifjellet seen from Viggohytten (215KB) 11. Viggohytten (96KB) 12. Decision time (189KB) 13. Loevstakken (133KB) 14. Hospitalet Betanien (130KB)

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