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Hasundhornet from Hammarstøylsvatnet, Nov 17 2006

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For some reason, Hasundhornet was not on my list of tops in Ulstein kommune. A colleague made me aware of this, and figured that the top surely would satesfy my criterion. A quick check revealed that it did. That was Wednesday. Today was Friday, and, thanks to flexi-accounts, I could leave work a bit earlier. This would be a straightforward top to do after-dark, but I wanted pictures.

My dog ("Troll") and I left the trailhead by Hammarstøylsvatnet 14:45PM. Due to the immensly wet trail and a "picky" dog, progress was slow. I decided to carry him up to the plateau, where it surely would be more dry.

On the plateau, there were gale force gusts, putting me off balance. Taking pictures was not easy. I was actually a bit concerned about the dog getting blown off the mountain, and decided to stay close to him.

We reached the top 15:40PM, just as the sun was setting. The top was a very cold place. Or - "Skikkelig surt", as one might say in Norwegian. I took some panorama shots, skipped the idea about signing the logbook, and began the descent. Troll was, like always, 200% more enthusiastic about going downhill, compared to uphill.

Despite of the winds and the wet trail - this was a very pleasant walk, after WEEKS of pouring rain. It felt so good to see the sky again. We followed our ascent route, except from a small variation from point 459m, and reached the ferry to Sula by the closest possible margin.

Pictures from the Nov 17 2006 trip

To Hasundhornet

1. Hasundhornet trailhead (197KB) 2. Sunset in progress (165KB) 3. View from the trail to Hasundhornet (712KB) 4. Nice sky (120KB) 5. Zoom view from the trail to Hasundhornet (830KB) 6. Sulafjellet (146KB) 7. Zoom view from the trail to Hasundhornet (496KB) 8. Wide-angle view from point 459m (934KB) 9. Ulsteinvik (278KB) 10. Ulsteinvik (387KB) 11. Sunset (98KB) 12. Røyrafjellet (246KB) 13. Dimna island (175KB) 14. Ulsteinvik (178KB)

Wide-angle view from Hasundhornet

15. 360 deg. wide-angle view from Hasundhornet (959KB)

Remaining red sky

16. Remaining red sky after sunset (85KB) 17. Remaining red sky after sunset (101KB)

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