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Blakstadfjellet round trip, Nov 17 2007

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My round trip route

My round trip route
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I had just visited Aurenakken in Sykkylven, and decided to visit one more forest hill before returning back to Ålesund.

I wasn't quite sure how to approach this forest top, and I picked a random house half-way between Ikornes and Tudalen, rang the doorbell and asked for advice. The couple seemed surprised about the stranger coming to visit their turf. The man in the house let me know that noone had never, ever asked for directions to Blakstadfjellet. Without making me feel stupid. I mean, I could just stop the car, walk up the hill, and voila. But if there were any paths, it would be something to document and it would be nice for the dog. He understood my point of view and recommended that I drove to Tudalen.

The road to Tudalen was not on my GPS map, but a useful road it was. And suddenly I was standing just below the high point. I had imagined that hike would be lengthy and perhaps cumbersome. I considered leaving the dog in the car, but at the end of the day .. he's good company. Even in the backpack. I'm sort of used to see his head behind my left shoulder, and sense his .. kill me now, please .. attitude.

I left the parking 13:30PM, followed the road for a little while longer, crossed a fence, followed a vague path up a valley, turned left and reached the unmarked high point 13:48PM. And I was *not* exhausted. Satisifed about having left my footprint on yet another Norwegian point, I decided to explore the forest a little more.

And so I did. It was quite an OK forest walk. The man I talked to promised that I would run into big birds in the forest. So I was on the lookout, but without the camera at hand. It was too dark. And I did run into a big bird in the forest. They can scare the living daylights out of you, waiting until the very last second. Then shooting off with a helicopter-like noise.

After having passed 3 other humps in the forest, I decided to turn back around. I descended down to the meadow south of Blakstadfjellet, only to walk in bog and mud most of the way back home. Troll was able to walk the last 100m, but he didn't seem to hold a grudge about it.

We were back at the car 14:52PM, and I got very curious about tiny red balloons all over the place. There was a driving range for golf players here, and I wondered if they were markers. I squeezed one. It popped and the contents were .. yikes.. squichy stuff. Get outtahere! But nothing came to mind. I told my neighbour about it the next day, and he suggested paintball bullets? Of course! (OK, feeling stupid now..)


Slideshow, all pics on this page:

To Breinakken

1. On the way up Tudalen (281KB) 2. The trailhead. Breinakken ahead (257KB) 3. Skopphornet (259KB) 4. Up the valley (292kB) 5. On Breinakken, 20mins after heading out (741KB)

Moving on

6. Skopphornet (300KB) 7. Ramstadvarden (339KB) 8. Haram mountains (326KB) 9. Skopphornet details (926KB) 10. Mirror (221KB) 11. Blakstadfjellet terrain (456KB) 12. Blåskjerdingen (191KB) 13. Urfjellet (280KB) 14. The ridge to Urfjellet, detail (361KB)


15. Nice sky above Festøykollen (124KB) 16. Half moon (124KB) 17. Half moon (156KB)

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