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Litleskjerdingen from Vatnedalen, June 21 2006

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I can see Litleskjerdingen from my house, and the weather looked OK this evening. A bit gloomy, but OK. The temperature was high, so I picked the lightest hiking clothes I had. I had no clear idea about where I should hike from. First I drove to Reset, but didn't feel like hiking from there. I wondered if I should follow the Skjerdingen path for a while, but then I noticed a tractor road that seemed interesting. I parked the car and was on my way 16:55PM.

My little buddy "Troll" was hiking mate, but only for 10 minutes. High on the tractor road, I had to put the "hardly-moving" creature in the backpack. At the end of the tractor road, I headed across meadows, aiming for the west ridge. I noticed an eagle above me, and wondered if it could be the same eagle as I saw on the hike to Grøtshornet on a recent hike.

Just when I passed 500m elevation, it began to pour down. I hadn't seen this coming, and within minutes, the whole mountain was fogged in. It didn't take long before I was quite cold, and had to dig out my "emergency gear" from the backpack. The gear included (a.o.) a gore-tex jacket, gloves, wind-trousers, a plastic bag for the camera equipment. Often, I hate carrying all this extra stuff, but I keep doing it, in the event of a sudden shift in the weather. Today, it came in very handy. I would not have reached the top without it. The rain was of the "whipping" kind, and the fog was cold.

Troll volunteered to walk during my technical break, and we reached the top 17:45PM. I took one picture of the summit cairn and turned around. Going downwards, facing the wind and the rain, made us soaking wet. My ambition had been to visit Storskjerdingen as well, but one quickly loses interest in weather like this. We were back at the car 18:20PM. It was pouring down all the way back to Ålesund, but then I discovered that the sun was shining above Sunnmørsalpene and in the south. I sure picked the wrong place for my hike. A few hours later, the sun was shining above Litleskjerdingen...

Pictures from the June 21 2006 hike

Map: I followed routes 6.1 on this trip

0. Route 6.1 from Vatnedalen


1. Trailhead in Vatnedalen (308KB) 2. Building below Høgsalen (169KB) 3. On the forest road (391KB) 4. Across meadows and up the ridge (206KB) 5. Eagle above Litleskjerdingen (36KB) 6. Eagle above Litleskjerdingen (112KB) 7. Litleskjerdingen summit cairn (182KB) 8. Not dachs-terrain (464KB) 9. A wet, wet dog (282KB)

Where I could have gone

10. Sunshine above Molladalstindane (98KB) 11. Sunshine above Runde (82KB)

But I went here...

12. Blåskjerdingen region (132KB)

and this is what it looked like, 2 hours later

13. Blåskjerdingen region (140KB)

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