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Ski-trip to Austefjellet. Mar 29 2005

This was just a quick ski-trip up and down Austefjellet (also known as Austlirinden and Austrerinden) from Lake Osavatn. The skiing conditions below 600m were bad, but I managed. I carried the dog up to 700m, and he was kind enough to walk from there. Beautiful weather. It took us 55 minutes to the top and 30 minutes down. The snow had turned quite hard on the way down.

1. On the way up Austefjellet (293KB) 2. Lake Osavatn (209KB) 3. On the way up Austefjellet (233KB) 4. Austefjellet summit view (616KB) 5. Austefjellet summit view (709KB) 6. Austefjellet summit cairn (162KB)

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