Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Åsnakken from Åsbygda, Nov 26 2006

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On this rainy and windy, actually stormy Sunday, I was heading towards Skodje, with only two minor forest hills on the agenda. The mission was to complete all tops between Ålesund and Vestnes - on the north side of highway E39. While driving Brusdalen, it suddenly dawned on me that I had forgotten about Åsnakken. A new plan was made, just in time, and I drove directly to Vestnes.

In Brusdalen, Trolltinden on Ørskogfjellet had sunshine, and the clouds had a touch of red. At Sjøholt, it had begun raining, and on Ørskogfjellet, Trolltinden was anything but sunny and red. When I arrived Vestnes, it was just another rainy and miserable Sunday.

But the weather is somewhat of less importance when one is hiking forest hills, and I was in good mood. In Vestnes, I stopped an asked an old woman about directions to Åsnakken, and she was very thorough in explaining me where to go. So I found the trailhead right away, and by 10:33AM, my dog "Troll" and I were on our way to Åsnakken.

Troll was in his evil mood, and after conducting necessary business, he sat down and wondered where I was going. Plans B (being evil back) and Plan C (just walk on) were out of the question, as I didn't know how much time I ahead, with 3 hills to go. So we ended up with plan A (the backpack), and we arrived Åsnakken 10:59AM in typical style.

Åsnakken seemed like any other forest top, except for the bench. I noticed that the area behind the bench was a bit odd, calling for a closer inspection. The "gapahuk" appeared in front of me, and I could immediately picture a number of people having spent FINE evenings up here. There was even a stove.

After a few pictures (hard to keep the lens free of raindrops), we headed back down. Downhill, is something the dog masters with grace. The pace is impeccable. We were back at the car 11:18AM, ready for our next forest hill - Høgåsen in Skodje.

Pictures from the Nov 26 2006 hike

1. Åsnakken seen from Vestnes (171KB) 2. The trailhead (353KB) 3. The forest road (364KB) 4. Partial Vestnes view (151KB) 5. Åsnakken high point (352KB) 6. The Gapahuk (302KB) 7. Inside the Gapahuk (320KB) 8. The Gapahuk sign (246KB) 9. Limited views (207KB) 10. Trailhead seen from distance (187KB) 11. In Vestnes (154KB)

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