Timm's Hill, 595m (1951,5ft)

Mountain area : Wisconsin USA
State/county : Wisconsin, Price cty
Hiked : Apr 2002
Timms Hill seen from the forest road

Timm's Hill seen from the forest road


Timm's Hill is the highest point in the state of Wisconsin USA. As the name indicates, it's a hill, and not a mountain.

Timm's Hill is found in the middle of Wisconsin, with Wausau as the nearest bigger city, some 50 miles further south. The nearest village is Ogema.

Trail descriptions:

Timm's Hill County Park Entry - Timm's Hill (summer/winter)

Difficulty : None
Risk : None
Distance : Approx. 700m from state park entry
Time : 15-30 min. (dependent on trail)
Starting Elev.: Approx. 550m
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Locate state highway 13 (running north-south in center of state). Exit east on highway 86 towards Ogema. Follow 86 4,8 miles. Exit towards the county park and follow the road for 0,8 miles. As the road turns right in a bend, exit left onto county RR road and follow the road 0,3 miles up the hill. You will see the county park entrance on your left.

The trail:

It is possible to drive almost all the way (when the park is open - opens 9:30AM). From the parking lot, it is only 300 yards up to the summit and the lookout tower.

I suggest you drive back as far towards Ogema as you want to hike. 300 yards is a bit silly. There are also a series of trails around the county park, and I suggest you get hold of a map of the park.

Trip report Apr 14 2002:

The real exercise I got from this trip was the hour I spent in the motel's swimming pool after the trip. My back was a bit sore after the 200 mile roundtrip from Chippewa Falls.

I didn't quite know what Timm's Hill was like, and the height wasn't all that bad. So I had some hopes for a good hike. Perhaps a strenuous straight-to-the-top trail - something of that sort.

As I got to Ogema a couple of hours after I left Chippewa, I realized that there was no mountain. My GPS told me that I already was above 400 meters. I found the park right away, which was closed. My next hope that I would have to walk on the snowy park road for a few miles before I got to the top. But after 10 minutes, I had the lookout tower in front of me.

As I reached the top of the lookout tower, it started to rain, and the view was disappointing. Rainy clouds, trees in the way, and a really long, flat state was in the horizon. I wanted to climb the highest lookout tower, but the park rangers had put a wire up the ladder. A good method to prevent people from climbing up there. It was quite windy, and hey, I had already catched the view. Better get back to the car before the heavy rain set in.

The heavy rain set in as I got back to Ogema. And some rain - I had to run the windshields at triple speed for about 60 miles. It felt awkward to drive 60mph, but the cars behind me really insisted.


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