Las Trampas Peak, 557m (1,827ft)
Rock Two, 617m (2,024ft)

Mountain area : East Bay Hills, California USA
Map : A Rambler's Guide to the Trails of East Bay Hills (The Olmstead & Bros)
Books : East Bay Trails (Wilderness Press)
Primary Factor:
Hiked : March 2000
Rock Two tower seen from Las Trampas Peak trail (279KB)

Rock Two tower seen from
Las Trampas Peak trail


Las Trampas Ridge and Rocky Ridge marks the eastern end of a large recreational area that stretches from I680 in the east to Oakland in the west. Better known as the East Bay Hills. Several books about the area exist.

Trail descriptions:

Several trails lead to Rock Two and Las Trampas Peak. I will only describe the most common access point - Bollinger Canyon Road.

Bollinger Canyon Road - Rock Two - Las Trampas Peak (summer)

Difficulty : Low
Risk : Low
Distance :
Time : 3-5 hours roundtrip both summits
Starting Elev.:

Map of the area
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On I680, just south of the city of Danville, exit onto Bollinger Canyon Road. Follow this road until it ends and find parking there.

The trail:

Start off by hiking up to Rock Two. From the Bollinger Canyon Road trailhead, hike up the west trail approx 1,7 miles up to the tower road. Go west of the summit building and see a higher hill 15 minutes further away. Rock Two has no signs on the summit, but it is a obvious high point.

Hike back down to the trailhead and follow the Bollinger Canyon road north-west. Just before the road ends, exit (to the right) onto Grassland trail that leads up to the Las Trampas ridge. Continue the ridge all the way to Las Trampas Peak. The distance from you leave Bollinger, to the top, is approx. 1,2 miles.


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Mt. Diablo seen from Las Trampas Peak (343KB)

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