Lassen Peak, 3187m (10457ft)

Mountain area: Cascades range

State: California USA



  • California County summits, Gary Suttle, ISBN 0-89997-164-4

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Hiked: Jul 2000

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Lassen Peak seen from
Brokeoff Mountain

Lassen Peak Trailhead - Lassen Peak trail

Difficulty: Easy, but steep
Risk: Low
Time: 3-5 hours roundtrip
Starting Elevation: 2591m (8500ft)


Lassen Peak is the highest peak in Shasta county, located in Lassen Volcanic Park, northern California. The park attracks large crowds of visitors every year, and many also find their way up to Lassen Peak. Lassen Peak is one of the mountains in California that attracks most hikers per year. Expect a crowded trail in the summer months.

Access (Lassen Peak Trailhead):

Locate Lassen Volcanic Park, Shasta County, northern California. On highway 89, in the middle of the park, just above lake Helen, there is a large parking area for Lassen Peak hikers.

The trail:

The trail begins by the parking. You see the old trail go straight up. This trail was closed due to erosion. The two trails start the same place, but the new trail forks soon off to the right.

The trail is fairly uneventful. A lot of switchbacks will take you onto the first summit. Then the trail takes a minor dip across a snowfield, before you can walk (on rocks) up the true summit.

Not very descriptive, I know. But that's the trail....


This is an easy hike. No technical difficulties and no sudden climbs. All dependent on physical condition, some might find it long and strenuous. Bring water.

Trip report:

Not much to tell, really. The trail was packed with people, young and old. I do remember that there were bees on the summit, and that it was fun to climb along the pinnacles as we took a shortcut up to the summit.

This was the first time on Diamox. I got very sick at La Plata Peak in Colorado, and was anxious to hike above 10,000 feet in California the week after. Fortunately, I didn't feel any altitude discomfort while taking the Diamox drugs.

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Lassen Peak seen from lake Helen (197KB) Lassen Peak seen from somewhere in the park (221KB)

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