Brokeoff Mountain, 2815m (9235ft)

Mountain area: Cascades range

State: California USA



  • California County summits, Gary Suttle, ISBN 0-89997-164-4

Primary Factor: > 200m* (Lassen Peak)

Hiked: Jul 2000

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Brokeoff Mountain seen
from the trail

Brokeoff Mountain Trailhead - Brokeoff Mountain trail

Difficulty: Easy
Risk: Low
Distance: 7 miles roundtrip
Time: 3-5 hours roundtrip
Starting Elevation:


Brokeoff Mountain is the highest peak in Tehama county, located in Lassen Volcanic Park, northern California. The peak attracks many hikers each year, but is less visited than its more famous neighbour - Lassen Peak.

Access (Brokeoff Mountain Trailhead):

Locate Lassen Volcanic Park, Shasta County, northern California. On highway 89, just before the southwest entrance of the park, locate a parking area on the right hand side of the road, with a trailhead sign on the left hand side of the road. Access fee to the park must be paid, even if you park outside the park.

The trail:

The trail starts at the highway, and maintains a steady northwest direction through forest until you reach the area around Forest Lake. There is a separate trail to the lake. The trail now switchbacks west before it climbs northwest to the mountain. On top of the ridge, the trail runs southeast to the actual summit.


This is an easy hike. No technical difficulties and no sudden climbs. All dependent on physical condition, some might find it long and strenuous. Bring water. Great view towards Lassen Peak and the mountains in the park.

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Brokeoff Mountain seen from Forest Lake area. The climb is still yet to come

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