Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Borgundgavlen, Mar 23 2006

I was walking the dog on Borgundgavlen and took a few pictures as the sun was setting. Along with being a nice recreational area, Borgund is also a historic place. From Ålesund kommune's web pages;


Near Borgund Church, about 5 kilometres east of the centre of the town of Aalesund we find the nubleus of Borgund. Here it is possible to locate the "kaupang", the provincial town, the market of Borgund.

In the Middle Ages the "kaupang" must have been a large and busy trading centre. Archaeological finds that have been made here tell about cattle breeding, fishing, and hunting, but also about trade and crafts, and that the community has been trading with foreign contries. A dense and versatile population has characterized the "kaupang".

More on this and more pictures later on...

Pictures from Mar 23 2006

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