Norwegian Mountains

Hordaland Mountains: Voss
Voss kommune offers a fantastic spectre of mountains. This spectre includes the more rounded and gentle mountains in Stølsheimen, on Vikafjellet and on the Gråsida plateau, the rougher and dramatic mountains towards Nærøyfjorden, the characteric peaks with a sudden southern drop towards Hardangerfjorden and the well known Raundalsegga - a high ridge that connects to the high Ulvik mountains.

The highest mountain in Voss kommune is Olsskavlen - 1576m. The two second highest mountains - Seldalsnuten and Blåfjellet - both 1548m. These mountains share the summit with another kommune. You will also find the highest peak in Stølsheimen - Kvitanosi, 1433m, as part of Voss. 

Voss is the main (and only) town and is a popular all-season outdoor resort. You can chose between alpine and cross-country skiing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, bicycling, mountaineering, parasailing, paragliding and much more. Thanks to the Oslo - Bergen railroad (a scenic trip in itself), Voss is easy to reach from the east and the west. 

Make sure you visit Svein Ulvund's fantastic (and enormous) picture gallery from the Voss region. You will also find numerous links about Voss on the net, should you be interested to learn more about this great part of Norway.

Map of Hordaland. Copyright Hordaland Fylkeskommune.
Map design by Geir Ketil Lien

The Mountains

General information:
Below is the list of independent mountains, sorted by various categories. Names and heights originate from Statens Kartverk (M711)/Norgesglasset (20m contours) or Økonomisk Kartverk (part of Norgesglasset, 5m contours). The height from Ø.K. override the M711 heights. A number of mountains may have a point higher than the M711 trig. point marked on the maps. Note also that if the high point of a mountain lies within another kommune, the mountain is listed under that specific kommune. If a mountain high point is shared by two kommuner, the mountain is listed under both kommuner. The asterix (*) means that the high point is (exactly) found on a kommune border.

Independent Mountains (elevation >= 300m, primary factor >= 100m) 

Rank Name Height PF Map
1. Olsskavlen 1576m 586m 1316-II Ulvik
2. Blåfjellet 1548m 298m 1316-I Gudvangen
3. Seldalsnuten 1548m 198m 1316-II Ulvik
4. "Giljabotnnipa" 1501m 331m 1316-I Gudvangen
5. Skipadalsnuten 1496m 126m 1316-II Ulvik
6. Horndalsnuten 1491m 231m 1316-II Ulvik
7. Nordbotnnuten 1471m 221m 1316-II Ulvik
8. Fyresnipa 1455m 265m 1316-I Gudvangen
9. Kaldanuten 1437m 287m 1316-I Gudvangen
10. Uraskarfjellet 1437m 187m 1316-I Gudvangen
11. Kvitanosi 1433m 503m 1316-IV Myrkdalen
12. Kaldanuten 1411m 301m 1316-II Ulvik
13. Lønahorgi 1410m 260m 1316-III Voss
14. Såteggi 1409m 219m 1316-I Gudvangen
15. Bjørndalskamben 1402m 272m 1316-IV Myrkdalen
16. Såteggi 1399m 111m 1316-I Gudvangen
17. Grøndalsfjellet 1375m 402m 1316-IV Myrkdalen
18. Finnbunuten 1357m 404m 1316-IV Myrkdalen
19. Hjortahorgi 1351m 1103m 1316-III Voss
20. Viksetnipa 1350m 120m 1316-I Gudvangen
21. Torfinnshorgi 1343m 153m 1316-III Voss
22. Rjoandeggi 1339m 253m 1316-II Ulvik
23. SE of Bjørndalskamben 1334m 184m 1316-IV Myrkdalen
24. Kaldenuten 1332m 122m 1316-III Voss
25. Solheimsfjellet 1330m 100m 1316-IV Myrkdalen
26. Volafjellet 1327m 197m 1316-III Voss
27. Skreieggi 1324m 129m 1316-IV Myrkdalen
28. Storebrekkuna 1319m 169m 1316-III Voss
29. Larsfonnfjellet 1318m 491m 1316-I Gudvangen
30. Såto 1315m 125m 1316-I Gudvangen
31. Raudeggi 1313m 123m 1316-I Gudvangen
32. S of Bjørndalskamben 1300m 190m 1316-I Gudvangen
33. Karaldenuten 1295m 357m 1315-IV Jondal
34. Tvarafjellet 1293m 103m 1316-III Voss
35. Vetlafjellet 1290m 342m 1316-I Gudvangen
36. E of Øvsthusnipa 1284m 134m 1316-I Gudvangen
37. Eggjane 1268m 178m 1316-III Voss
38. Vetle Kaldenuten 1266m 116m 1316-III Voss
39. Øvsthusnipa 1259m 129m 1316-I Gudvangen
40. Klevanuten 1252m 122m 1316-II Ulvik
41. Tindafjell 1251m 101m 1316-IV Myrkdalen
42. Grodjuvenuten 1240m 170m 1316-II Ulvik
43. Grim (Herdabreida) 1238m 280m 1315-IV Jondal
44. Blyfjell 1237m 147m 1316-IV Myrkdalen
45. Bjørndalshesten 1222m 112m 1316-IV Myrkdalen
46. Bjørnafjell 1210m 240m 1316-I Gudvangen
47. Haugane 1208m 158m 1316-III Voss
48. Storanosi 1205m 115m 1316-I Gudvangen
49. Brekkenipa 1203m 100m 1316-I Gudvangen
50. Nosafjellet 1180m 190m 1316-I Gudvangen
51. Kjøroldenuten 1176m 106m 1316-I Gudvangen
52. Vardafjellet 1176m 106m 1316-I Gudvangen
53. Blåeggi 1172m 102m 1316-IV Myrkdalen
54. Grånakken 1167m 194m 1315-IV Jondal
55. Grønahorgi 1166m 528m 1316-III Voss
56. Valafjellet 1162m 112m 1316-I Gudvangen
57. Budalshovden 1140m 130m 1216-II Evanger
58. Blåvasshorgi 1133m 403m 1216-II Evanger
59. Mykletveitveten 1131m 521m 1216-II Evanger
60. Herdabreida 1125m 135m 1315-IV Jondal
61. Tverrfjellet 1118m 368m 1316-I Gudvangen
62. Horn 1103m 100m 1316-III Voss
63. Kvanngrønavene 1100m 130m 1216-I Eksingadalen
64. Svolefjellet 1094m 168m 1316-I Gudvangen
65. "Sørdalsberget" 1084m 134m 1216-II Evanger
66. Blåkoll 1082m 279m 1216-II Evanger
67. Hamlagrøhornet 1080m 210m 1216-II Evanger
68. Byvasshovden 1080m 110m 1216-I Eksingadalen
69. Sveindalsnuten 1065m 107m 1216-II Evanger
70. Norddalsfjellet 1059m 109m 1216-II Evanger
71. Kringdalsnipa 1052m 117m 1216-II Evanger
72. Skorane 1045m 152m 1316-III Voss
73. Storebottseggi 1032m 154m 1316-II Ulvik
74. Skamdalshorgi 1029m 419m 1316-II Ulvik
75. Byrseteggi 1025m 132m 1316-II Ulvik
76. Kvitafjellet 995m 125m 1216-II Evanger
77. Noltane 990m 140m 1216-II Evanger
78. Tinden 982m 114m 1316-III Voss
79. Skorseteggi 972m 354m 1316-III Voss
80. Navene 970m 100m 1216-I Eksingadalen
81. Jordalsnuten 937m 107m 1316-I Gudvangen
82. Høgenoltane 919m 129m 1316-III Voss
83. Hatlekinnet 900m 257m 1216-II Evanger
84. Såta 890m 120m 1216-II Evanger
85. Åsknappen 847m 104m 1316-I Gudvangen
86. Tofjellet 836m 131m 1216-III Stanghelle
87. Lauvhovden 814m 111m 1316-III Voss
88. Skansen 711m 101m 1216-II Evanger
89. Bergstadfjellet 665m 117m 1216-II Evanger
90. Sonvesåsen 654m 106m 1316-III Voss
91. Jonshorgi 643m 120m 1216-II Evanger
92. Slåttenovi 603m 105m 1216-II Evanger
93. Grauaåsen 473m 120m 1316-III Voss
94. Andershovden (Storåsen) 394m 126m 1316-III Voss

~ (estimated height)

High Tops (elevation >= 300m, primary factor >= 90m)  

Sorted by primary factor

Rank Name Height PF Map
1. E of Grodjuvevatnet 1268m 98m 1316-II Ulvik
2. Styveshorgi 988m 98m 1216-II Evanger
3. Hollsbjørgi 880m 97m 1216-II Evanger
4. Hyvingen 1085m 95m 1315-IV Jondal
5. Britahaugen 985m 95m 1216-I Eksingadalen
6. W of Buforevatnet 1144m 94m 1316-IV Myrkdalen
7. Langeskrednovi 1044m 94m 1216-II Evanger
8. Stølshorgi 764m 94m 1216-II Evanger
9. Høgaberget 327m 94m 1216-II Evanger
10. NE of Skjerpisnuten 1481m 91m 1316-I Gudvangen
11. Solbjørgonipa 1465m 90m 1316-I Gudvangen

Low Tops (elevation < 300m, primary factor >= 100m)  


The 5 highest based on primary factor

Rank Name PF Height
1. Hjortahorgi 1103m 1351m
2. Olsskavlen 586m 1576m
3. Grønahorgi 528m 1166m
4. Mykletveitveten 521m 1131m
5. Kvitanosi 503m 1433m



As example; Kvam Herad has 29 mountains > 1000m. Kvinnherad kommune has 34. Voss has 75 (!) mountains exceeding 1000m elevation. Voss kommune also makes a good appearance on the Hordaland primary factor list; Hjortahorgi is #2, Olsskavlen is #18, Grønahorgi is #26, Mykletveitveten is #28 and Larsfonnfjellet is #30. 3 more mountains (Kvitanosi, Grøndalsfjellet and Finnbunuten) have a primary factor > 400m, but does not make it to the top-5 list. 5 mountains within Hordaland top-30 based on primary factor implies that there are some mountains in Voss with a pretty good view. It is also worth mentioning that only Folgefonna and Hjortahorgi (in Hordaland) has a primary factor > 1000m. See the complete list of Norwegian mountains with primary factor exceeding 1000m here.

If you plan to hike in the Voss mountains, you need no less than 8 maps (!) from the M711 series; Stanghelle, Evanger, Eksingadalen, Jondal, Ulvik, Gudvangen, Myrkdalen and Voss.

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