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Hordaland Mountains: Samnanger

Samnanger kommune borders to Bergen, Os, Kvam, Vaksdal and Fusa, and is located central in the western part of Hordaland. In addition to the mountains located around Samnangerfjorden, the Samnanger mountains borders to Bergsdalen and stretches well into the Kvamskogen region. The kommune centre is Tysse.

Tveitakvitingen (1299m) is the highest mountain, and Samnanger shares the summit with Kvam and Fusa kommuner. Actually, there is a deviation between various maps, and in some cases you will see that the Kvam border cuts in 650-700m northeast of Tveitakvitingen summit, leaving the actual summit to Samnanger and Fusa. From what I have been able to find, this is surely wrong. Tveitakvitingen summit is a triple-kommune point.

Many good trails/routes exist for winter skiing and summer hiking. No mountains are difficult on the easiest routes. Popular mountains are Tveitakvitingen, Gullfjellstoppen and Sveningen, all offering excellent views for many miles around. It may seem strange that a mountain like S. Gullfjellstoppen (Sydpolen) has the summit in Samnanger kommune, while located on Bergenshalvøya (Bergen peninsula). There are numerous examples of this kind, where a kommune has land on each side of a fjord - in this case Samnangerfjorden. 

The Eikedalen skiing centre is very popular in winter, and is the closest to Bergen where you can do alpine skiing.

Map of Hordaland. Copyright Hordaland Fylkeskommune.
Map design by Geir Ketil Lien

The Mountains

Below is the list of ranked mountains, sorted by height. "Ranked" means mountains with a height >= 300m and with a primary factor >= 100m. I have chosen to include some of the mountains with primary factor < 100m, and denoted these by "-" in the rank column. Names and height originate from Statens Kartverk (M711)/Norgesglasset (20m contours) or Økonomisk Kartverk (part of Norgesglasset, 5m contours). Quite a number of mountains have a point higher than the trig. point marked on the maps. Note that if the high point of a mountain lies within another kommune, the mountain is listed under that specific kommune. If a mountain high point is shared by two kommuner, the mountain is listed under both kommuner. The asterix (*) means that the high point is (exactly) found on a kommune border.

Rank Name Height PF Map
1. Tveitakvitingen * 1299m 856m 1215-I Norheimsund
2. Småbrekkebukken 1129m 126m 1216-II Evanger
3. Bjørnaknausen * 1121m 118m 1215-I Norheimsund
4. Høganovi * 1101m 118m 1215-I Norheimsund
5. Trollskardtinden 1074m 121m 1215-I Norheimsund
6. Gullfjellstoppen * 987m 714m 1215-IV Samnanger
7. Gråfjellet 978m 257m 1215-I Norheimsund
8. S. Gullfjellstoppen 962m 124m 1215-IV Samnanger
9. Trælafjellet 950m 307m 1215-IV Samnanger
10. Flæfjellet 938m 220m 1215-I Norheimsund
11. Hjellafjellet 933m 130m 1215-I Norheimsund
12. Storafjellet / Røyrfjellet * 915m 167m 1215-I Norheimsund
13. Burlifjellet * 855m 147m 1215-IV Samnanger
14. Sveningen * 842m 519m 1215-IV Samnanger
15. Børdalsfjellet 789m 104m 1215-I Norheimsund
16. Storenuten * 718m 112m 1215-IV Samnanger
17. Raudnipa * 710m 207m 1215-IV Samnanger
18. Krånipa 706m 153m 1215-IV Samnanger
19. Totlandsfjellet 538m 225m 1215-IV Samnanger
20. Sauafjellet 539m 186m 1215-IV Samnanger
21. Såta 489m 186m 1215-IV Samnanger
22. Hagåsen 358m 195m 1215-IV Samnanger
23. Eineråsen 335m 192m 1215-IV Samnanger
24. Høgehaugen 301m 103m 1215-IV Samnanger

The above mountains sorted by area:

1. North of RV7 2. Southeast of RV7
Småbrekkebukken 1129m Tveitakvitingen, 1299m
Bjørnaknausen, 1121m Høganovi, 1101m
Trollskardtinden, 1074m Trælafjellet, 950m
Gråfjellet, 978m Burlifjellet, 855m
Flæfjellet, 938m Såta, 489m
Hjellafjellet, 933m Hagåsen, 358m
Storafjellet / Røyrfjellet Høgehaugen, 301m
Børdalsfjellet, 789m
Storenuten, 718m 3. Southwest of RV7
Raudnipa, 710m
Krånipa, 706m Gullfjellstoppen, 987m
Totlandsfjellet, 538m S. Gullfjellstoppen, 962m
Sveningen, 842m
Sauafjellet, 539m
Eineråsen, 335m

Kartgrunnlag Copyright © Statens kartverk, 
Norsk Eiendomsinformasjon og Asplan Viak Internet AS

Tops w/Primary Factor >= 90m 

Sorted by primary factor

Rank Name Height PF Map
1. Åsen 476m 93m 1215-I Norheimsund
2. Svensdalsåsen 500m 92m 1215-IV Samnanger

Misc. other tops 

Sorted by height. Mountains with PF <= 100m || elevation < 300m.

Rank Name Height PF Map
Bjørnakultane 1152m 39m 1215-I Norheimsund
Småbrekkebukken SW 1108m 75m 1216-II Evanger
Trollskardtinden E 1046m 63m 1215-I Norheimsund
Kuftofjell 926m 78m 1215-IV Samnanger
Grøet 920m 52m 1215-I Norheimsund
Tindafjellet 908m 35m 1215-IV Samnanger
Hullabottsfjellet 770m 77m 1215-IV Samnanger
Utløebottsfjellet 718m 40m 1215-I Norheimsund
Raudfjell 668m 50m 1215-IV Samnanger
Mannaleitnipa 593m 70m 1215-IV Samnanger
Eggene 512m 89m 1215-I Norheimsund
Geitnipa * 501m 58m 1215-IV Samnanger
Gjerdssåta 454m 71m 1215-IV Samnanger
Kollhaugen 453m 65m 1215-IV Samnanger
Steinafjellet 443m 80m 1215-IV Samnanger
(top near Fossen Bratte)
433m 55m 1215-I Norheimsund
Fløyen 425m 27m 1215-IV Samnanger
Solåsen 292m 159m 1215-IV Samnanger


The 5 highest based on primary factor

Rank Name PF Height
1. Tveitakvitingen 856m 1299m
2. Gullfjellstoppen 714m 987m
3. Sveningen 519m 842m
4. Trælafjellet 307m 950m
5. Gråfjellet 257m 978m


Samnanger kommune has 5 mountains above 1000m elevation. A high number of the independent mountains share summit with other kommuner. Trollskardtinden (1074m) is the highest mountain top that is not found on (or very close to) a kommune border. On the Hordaland list of mountains with highest primary factor, Tveitkvitingen ranks as #6, Gullfjellstoppen as #12 and Sveningen as #29.


Following the Samnanger border - a few notes are in place;

  1. Småbrekkebukken (M711: 1129m) is not marked as a shared summit (*) as the 1128,5m (ØK) high point lies within Samnanger.
  2. Krånipa (M711: 703m) is not marked as a shared summit (*) as the 706m (interpolated ØK) high point lies within Samnanger. 


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