Norwegian Mountains

Hordaland Mountains: Kvam 

Kvam herad is a massive mountain region, bordering to Samnanger, Fusa, Kvinnherad, Vaksdal, Voss, Granvin and Jondal kommuner.  The herad centre is Norheimsund. A vast part of Kvam connects to Hardangerfjorden - the 2nd largest fjord in Norway. In addition to the fjord, Kvam mountains also connect to the well known Kvamskogen mountain region, Kvam also connects with the Øystese mountains, Bergsdalen mountains and the Voss-Ålvik mountain plateau. 

Kvam can offer one fascinating peak after the other - Fuglafjellet, Tveitakvitingen, Skrott, Kaldenuten, Karaldenuten and Vesoldo, to name a few. Mountains well known all the way to Bergen and the region on the east side of Hardangerfjorden. Due to the central location, most people in Hordaland have some relationship with one or more of these mountains. 

Even if Tveitakvitingen is only the 4th highest mountain in Kvam herad, it is perhaps the most eye-catching of them all, when viewed from distance. Together with Gjønakvitingen, Tveitakvitingen stands out like a giant hump, while mountains such as Fuglafjellet and Kaldenuten becomes one with the high Kvam-Voss mountain region. Skrott and Fotasperrnuten come high on the list for characteristic shapes. 

Except glaciers, Kvam herad has everything for the outdoor person. 

Map of Hordaland. Copyright Hordaland Fylkeskommune.
Map design by Geir Ketil Lien

The Mountains

Below is the list of ranked mountains, sorted by height. "Ranked" means mountains with a height >= 300m and with a primary factor >= 100m. I have chosen to include some of the mountains with primary factor < 100m, and put these in a separate table. Names and heights originate from Statens Kartverk (M711)/Norgesglasset (20m contours) or Økonomisk Kartverk (part of Norgesglasset, 5m contours). The height from Ø.K. has been chosen over the M711 heights. A number of mountains have a point higher than the M711 trig. point marked on the maps. Note also that if the high point of a mountain lies within another kommune, the mountain is listed under that specific kommune. If a mountain high point is shared by two kommuner, the mountain is listed under both kommuner. The asterix (*) means that the high point is (exactly) found on a kommune border.

Rank Name Height PF Map
1. Fuglafjellet 1334m 664m 1215-I Norheimsund
2. Kaldenuten * 1332m 122m 1316-III Voss
3. Skrott 1320m 467m 1215-I Norheimsund
4. Tveitakvitingen 1299m 856m 1215-I Norheimsund
5. Karaldenuten * 1295m 357m 1215-I Norheimsund
6. Manfjellet 1263m 213m 1215-I Norheimsund
7. Iendafjellet / Såta 1260m 267m 1215-I Norheimsund
8. Geitafjellet 1255m 105m 1215-I Norheimsund
9. Haugane * 1208m 158m 1316-III Voss
10. Storliknausen   1193m 405m 1216-II Evanger
11. Fotasperrnuten 1192m 269m 1215-I Norheimsund
12. Gråeggi 1182m 292m 1315-IV Jondal
13. Grånakken * 1167m 194m 1315-IV Jondal
14. Kjerringafjellet 1136m 218m 1216-II Evanger
15. Pyttafjellet 1130m 100m 1315-IV Jondal
16. Bjørnaknausen * 1121m 118m 1215-I Norheimsund
17. Gråtindane 1104m 136m 1215-I Norheimsund
18. Ådni 1102m 104m 1215-I Norheimsund
19. Høganovi * 1101m 118m 1215-I Norheimsund
20. Storegrøeggi 1094m 164m 1315-IV Jondal
21. Blåkoll * 1082m 279m 1216-II Evanger
22. Gråhorgi 1074m 116m 1215-I Norheimsund
23. Giljafjellet 1069m 159m 1315-IV Jondal
24. Simlenuten 1050m 220m 1315-IV Jondal
25. Torefjellet 1050m 157m 1215-I Norheimsund
26. Vesoldo 1046m 648m 1215-I Norheimsund
27. Byrkjefjellet 1047m 129m 1215-I Norheimsund
28. Flatafjellet 1045m 193m 1216-II Evanger
29. Kjetilsnuten 1026m 138m 1215-I Norheimsund
30. Botnanuten 1024m 116m 1215-I Norheimsund
31. Geitafjellet 970m 152m 1215-I Norheimsund
32. Nuten 996m 158m 1215-I Norheimsund
33. Storafjellet * 915m 167m 1215-I Norheimsund
34. Daurmålsegga * 807m 429m 1215-II Varaldsøyna
35. Slåttenuten 738m 108m 1215-I Norheimsund
36. Snerta 682m 289m 1215-II Varaldsøyna
37. Horga 673m 245m 1215-II Varaldsøyna
38. Nessteinen 663m 175m 1215-II Varaldsøyna
39. Haukåsfjellet (Haukåsen) 661m 223m 1215-I Norheimsund
40. Melstveitåsen 358m 235m 1315-IV Jondal

*¹: Some maps indicate that Tveitakvitingen summit is not part of Kvam. Based on information I have gathered, I assume it is.

Note: Åsen, 303m on M711 map, but 298m (interpolated) on Økonomisk Kartverk will be put in a separate table. The primary factor is 110m.

The above mountains sorted by area:

1. West of Flatabødalen/Fyksesund,
north of RV7
2. East of Flatabødalen/
Fuglafjellet, 1334m Kaldenuten, 1332m
Skrott, 1320m Karaldenuten, 1295m
Manfjellet, 1263m Haugane, 1208m
Iendafjellet (Såta), 1260m Gråeggi, 1182m
Geitafjellet, 1255m Grånakken, 1167m
Storliknausen, 1193m Pyttafjellet, 1130m
Fotasperrnuten, 1192m Storegrøeggi, 1094m
Kjerringafjellet, 1136m Giljafjellet, 1069m
Bjørnaknausen, 1121m Simlenuten, 1050m
Gråtindane, 1104m
Ådni, 1102m 3. South of RV7, north of RV48
Blåkoll, 1082m
Gråhorgi, 1074m Tveitakvitingen, 1299m
Torefjellet, 1050m Høganovi, 1101m
Byrkjefjellet, 1047m Vesoldo, 1046m
Flatafjellet, 1045m Daurmålsegga, 807m
Kjetilsnuten, 1026m Slåttenuten, 738m
Botnanuten, 1024m Snerta, 682m
Geitafjellet, 970m Nessteinen, 663m
Nuten, 996m Haukåsfjellet, 661m
Storafjellet, 915m
Melstveitåsen, 358m 4. South of RV48
Horga, 673m


Kartgrunnlag Copyright © Statens kartverk, 
Norsk Eiendomsinformasjon og Asplan Viak Internet AS

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Other tops w/Primary factor >= 90m

Sorted by primary factor

Rank Name Height PF Map
1. Ådni N. 1069m 96m 1215-I Norheimsund
2. N of Bjølsegrøvvatnet 1066m 96m 1315-IV Jondal
3. Hyvingen * 1085m 95m 1315-IV Jondal
4. Tørvikenuten 1028m 95m 1215-I Norheimsund
5. Middagshorgi 1264m 94m 1316-III Voss

Misc. tops w/ Primary factor < 90m

Sorted by height

Rank Name Height PF Map
Glynt 1253m 43m 1215-I Norheimsund
Goddalseggene 1117m 89m 1215-I Norheimsund
Såta (Kjerringafj.) 1094m 51m 1216-II Evanger
Grubbafjellet * 1075m 70m 1315-IV Jondal
Skolapp 1040m 87m 1215-I Norheimsund
Vetle Havringsfjellet 1019m 41m 1215-I Norheimsund
Solhellanuten 907m 79m 1215-I Norheimsund
Kråkenosi * 813m 85m 1215-I Norheimsund
Tåkenuten * 801m 43m 1215-I Norheimsund
Grønebergsfjellet 690m 52m 1215-II Varaldsøyna

The 5 highest based on primary factor

Rank Name PF Height
1. Tveitakvitingen 856m 1299m
2. Fuglafjellet 664m 1334m
3. Vesoldo 648m 1046m
4. Skrott 467m 1320m
5. Daurmålsegga 429m 807m


Kvam herad has 30 mountains exceeding 1000m elevation. A high number for a kommune/herad that is not part of the Hordaland high terrain (Folgefonna, Hardangervidda, Finse) The mountains on the top-five primary factor list truly dominate their local regions, and Tveitakvitingen, Fuglafjellet and Vesoldo are ranked as #6, #13 and #14 in Hordaland (based on primary factor). The majority of the mountains fall into the Hordaland primary factor average. Only one independent mountain is lower than 600m. This suggests high terrain that drops sudden to a very low level. This is a good description of the for the mountains connecting to Hardangerfjorden. The rest of Kvam herad is high terrain. 


Following the Kvam border - a few notes are in place;

  1. Storliknausen (M711: 1193m) is not marked as a shared summit (*) as the 1193,5m (ØK) high point lies within Kvam herad. The trigonometric point (1192,60m ØK) is however located on the Vaksdal/Kvam border. 
  2. Kjerringafjellet (M711: 1136m) is not marked as a shared summit (*) as the 1135,79m (ØK) high point lies within Kvam herad. The Vaksdal/Kvam border runs slightly north of the high point, 
  3. Øyaseteggi (M711: 1050m) is only listed on the Voss page, as the high point without a doubt belongs to Voss.
  4. Horga (M711: 673m) is not marked as a shared summit (*) as the 672,72m (ØK) without a doubt belongs to Kvam herad.
  5. Lukefjellet (M711: 767m) is only found on the Fusa page. The 767,0m (ØK) point is found just west of the Fusa/Kvam border.

Mountain names

Kvam has a number of mountains with non-traditional names. As I highly support distinct names, deviating from Blåfjellet, Gråfjellet, Storfjellet, etc, I have compiled my personal top-10 list of "cool" Kvam mountain names;

  1. Skrott
  2. Glynt
  3. Ådni
  4. Hengskyrkja
  5. Iendafjellet
  6. Fotasperrnuten
  7. Skolapp
  8. Blåkoll
  9. Fuglen
  10. Vesoldo


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