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Hordaland Mountains: Eidfjord
Eidfjord is the main village in Eidfjord kommune, located by Eidfjorden, the northeastern end of Hardangerfjorden. In terms of transporatation, Eidfjord connects to eastern Norway through hwy 7 (running through Eidfjord) across Hardangervidda. Eidfjord connects with the south through RV13 towards Odda, and with the Voss/Bergen region through the Brimnes - Bruravik ferry.

Eidfjord kommune comprise two high mountain regions - Hardangervidda and Finse/Hardangerjøkulen. The two regions are divided by hwy 7 across Hardangervidda. In fact, with the exception of the villages down by Eidfjorden, Eidfjord kommune is one large mountain region. Eidfjord kommune borders to Ulvik, Ullensvang and Hol kommuner.

Eidfjord shares the highest point in Hordaland - Hardangerjøkulen - with Ulvik kommune. A number of good hiking trails exist. On the north side of hwy 7, the north end of lake Sysenvatnet holds a central hiking trail junction, with trails towards Rembedalseter, Finse, Krækkja and Liset. On the south side of hwy 7, Liset and Hjølmodalen provide the gateway to the vast Hardangervidda plateau, and a number of DNT (the Norwegian Mountain Touring Association) huts. These mountain regions are of course also excellent for cross-country skiing in winter, and a number of trails are marked in winter.

Map of Hordaland. Copyright Hordaland Fylkeskommune.
Map design by Geir Ketil Lien

Hardangerjøkulen seen from Akslafjellet

The Mountains

Below is the list of ranked kommune mountains, sorted by height. "Ranked" means mountains with a height >= 300m and with a primary factor >= 100m. I have chosen to include some of the mountains with primary factor < 100m in a separate table. Names and height originate from Statens Kartverk (M711)/Norgesglasset (20m contours) or Økonomisk Kartverk (part of Norgesglasset, 5m contours). Several mountains have a point higher than the trig. point marked on the maps. Note that if the high point of a mountain lies within another kommune, the mountain is listed under that specific kommune. If a mountain high point is shared by two kommuner, the mountain is listed under both kommuner.

Rank Name Height PF Map
1. Hardangerjøkulen 1863m 553m 1416-II Hardangerjøkulen
2. Ramnabergnuten 1729m 259m 1416-III Myrdal
3. Luranuten 1649m 259m 1416-III Myrdal
4. Onen 1621m 462m 1416-III Myrdal
5. Store Grananutane 1613m 363m 1415-IV Eidfjord
6. Trongaskarnutane 1545m 165m 1415-IV Eidfjord
7. Helvetesnutane 1544m 114m 1416-II Hardangerjøkulen
8. Lægreidsnutane 1540m 110m 1415-IV Eidfjord
9. Berakupen 1530m 240m 1415-IV Eidfjord
10. Bergsmulen 1516m 106m 1416-II Hardangerjøkulen
11. Låghellernuten 1516m 106m 1415-IV Eidfjord
12. N. Midnuten 1488m 118m 1416-II Hardangerjøkulen
13. Store Ishaug 1485m 415m 1415-IV Eidfjord
14. Ovaldsnuten 1484m 374m 1415-IV Eidfjord
15. Jørundsskarnuten 1482m 132m 1415-IV Eidfjord
16. N. Gjerenuten 1477m 227m 1415-I Bjoreio
17. Høgevarden 1472m 192m 1415-III Hårteigen
18. Dimmedalshøgdene 1471m 136m 1415-II Nordmannslågen
19. Flautenuten 1458m 108m 1415-III Hårteigen
20. Raudhaugane 1453m 123m 1416-III Myrdal
21. Store Kjeldenuten 1452m 203m 1415-I Bjoreio
22. Istjørnnuten 1447m 137m 1415-I Bjoreio
23. Blyvarden 1446m 141m 1415-II Nordmannslågen
24. Fagernuten 1436m 106m 1415-IV Eidfjord
25. Trælhaug 1416m 106m 1415-IV Eidfjord
26. Smågrananutane 1410m 100m 1415-III Hårteigen
27. Steinbunuten 1371m 121m 1415-I Bjoreio
28. Blåfjell 1365m 135m 1415-I Bjoreio
29. Dyranutene 1363m 113m 1415-I Bjoreio
30. Haraldshaugane 1363m 103m 1415-IV Eidfjord
31. Halnekollen 1358m 128m 1415-I Bjoreio
32. Gruvlenuten 1351m 141m 1416-III Myrdal
33. Trondsbunuten 1344m 125m 1415-I Bjoreio
34. Svolnos 1340m 250m 1415-IV Eidfjord
35. Dyraheia 1304m 129m 1415-I Bjoreio
36. Vetle Ishaug 1303m 133m 1415-IV Eidfjord
37. Hallingehaugane 1300m 290m 1415-IV Eidfjord
38. Ruvlenutane 1283m 273m 1415-IV Eidfjord
39. Store Bjoreinuten 1280m 110m 1415-IV Eidfjord
40. Grytehorga 1223m 130m 1415-IV Eidfjord
41. Vetle Allgarden 1159m 129m 1415-IV Eidfjord
42. Bunuten 1019m 106m 1315-I Ullensvang

Tops w/Primary factor >= 90m

Rank Name Height PF Map
1. Fljånuten 1506m 96m 1415-IV Eidfjord
2. Skoddedalsfjellet 1306m 96m 1315-I Ullensvang
3. Trondavadnutane 1385m 95m 1415-II Nordmannslågen
4. Sildabunutane 1444m 94m 1415-I Bjoreio
5. Hellenuten 1424m 94m 1415-III Hårteigen
6. Hellefjell 1263m 93m 1415-IV Eidfjord
7. Øktanuten 1284m 91m 1415-IV Eidfjord

Table above is sorted by primary factor.
There may be more mountains in this category, and will be researched later on.

The 5 highest based on primary factor

Rank Name PF Height
1. Hardangerjøuken 553m 1863m
2. Onen 462m 1621m
3. Store Ishaug 415m 1485m
4. Ovaldsnuten 374m 1484m
5. Store Grananutane 363m 1613m


Of the 42 independent mountains in Eidfjord kommune, 42 (!!!) exceed 1000m elevation. This support my theory that Eidfjord kommune is "nothing but mountains". Not even a small forest hill down by the fjord. 29 of these mountains have a primary factor less than 200m, suggesting that the mountain plateaus are quite gentle. Many small humps on a large massif.

Hardangerjøkulen is the most prominent mountain (glacier) and ranks as #24 on the Hordaland primary factor list. Onen comes in as #40 while Store Ishaug is #54. In other words, this is the three mountains where you will get your best views. Hardangerjøkulen offers the views in the Finse region, and towards Hardangervidda. Onen and Store Ishaug will give you better eastern views, and Onen will give you fjord views in particular.

Ramnabergnuten and Luranuten are two high, well known mountains just west of Hardangerjøkulen, and when the glacier dwells in fog, these two mountains often step in as landmarks when you look from the west. Of course, their primary factor is limited based on the fact that they are neighbours to the higher glacier.

For those who miss named points like Store Tresnut, Juklanutane, Store Isdølenuten, Helveteshorga, etc.; they are all great to look at from below, but due to the low primary factor, they are not considered as independent mountains on this web-site.

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