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Hordaland Mountains: Bømlo
Bømlo Reiselivslag


Bømlo is a kommune in the Sunnhordland region, located west to southwest of Stord island. Bømlo kommune consists of a large number of islands (more than 1000), many separated by narrow channels. 

From 1838, the heradskommune was named Finnås, consisting of Bømmeløya and a number of surrounding islands. In 1916, Finsås heradskommune was divided into Moster, Bømlo and Bremnes. As of 1964, the three heradskommuner merged into Bømlo kommune. Today, Svortland is the kommune centre

Since Bømlo was part of Trekantsambandet (connecting Stord, Sveio and Bømlo via bridges and tunnels) traveling to Bømlo require less planning than earlier. From Stavanger, you can reach Bømlo without a ferry connection. If you come from Bergen with car, you still have to take the Halhjem - Sandvikvåg ferry in order to get to Stord island.

Siggjo (474m) is the highest point in Bømlo kommune, and the only mountain exceeding 300m elevation.

Siggjo seen from Kinno on Stord island

There is a lot of interesting history related to Bømlo, and too much to mention on this web page. Follow the links on top of this page to learn more.

Map of Hordaland. Copyright Hordaland Fylkeskommune.
Map design by Geir Ketil Lien


The Mountains

General information:
Below is the list of independent mountains, sorted by height. "Independent" means mountains/hills whose elevation >= 300m and with a primary factor >= 100m. I have chosen to include some of the mountains/hills with primary factor < 100m, and put these in a separate table. Names and heights originate from Statens Kartverk (M711)/Norgesglasset (20m contours) or Økonomisk Kartverk (part of Norgesglasset, 5m contours). The height from Ø.K. override the M711 heights. A number of mountains may have a point higher than the M711 trig. point marked on the maps. Note also that if the high point of a mountain lies within another kommune, the mountain is listed under that specific kommune. If a mountain high point is shared by two kommuner, the mountain is listed under both kommuner. The asterix (*) means that the high point is (exactly) found on a kommune border.

Independent Mountains 

Rank Name Height PF Map
1. Siggjo 474m 474m 1114-II Bømlo / 1114-I Fitjar


Tops < 300m elevation, primary factor >= 100m

The below table is sorted by height.

Rank Name Height PF Map
1. Furefjellet 180m 150m 1114-I Fitjar
2. Børøyklampen 179m 179m 1114-II Bømlo
3. Vardafjell 164m 126m 1114-I Fitjar
4. Lyklingfjella 152m 122m 1114-II Bømlo
5. Gåsafjellet 133m 115m 1114-II Bømlo



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