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Hordaland Mountains: Bergen
The primary mountain region within Bergen kommune is Gullfjellet, with Gullfjellstoppen as the highest peak (987m). A number of lower peaks are found on - or connects logically to the Gullfjellet massif. Another significant mountain plateau, Ulriken - Vidden - Rundemanen, is found just east of the city of Bergen - Norway's 2nd largest city. Sveningen is another massif south of Gullfjellet, bordering to Samnanger and Os kommuner. Additionally, a number of smaller mountains and forest hills are scattered around within the Bergen kommune boundaries. All of the mountains are found on the Bergen peninsula, as defined by west of hwy 7

All of the mountains are highly accessible to the public, seen in light of road access, trail systems and low difficulty. Both Gullfjellet and the Ulriken - Vidden - Rundemanen massif by Bergen are popular in all seasons. The Ulriken - Vidden - Rundemanen massif also offer easy access through gondola and funicular. The leveled plateau between Rundemanen and Ulriken is excellent for skiing in winter, providing the snow stays.

Those who seek behind the public trails will also find interesting routes on the massifs mentioned above. You will even find good scrambling opportunities very near Bergen through the ridges on Søre Midtfjell and on the north side of Ulriken.

Map of Hordaland. Copyright Hordaland Fylkeskommune.
Map design by Geir Ketil Lien

The Mountains

General information:
Below is the list of independent mountains, sorted by various categories. Names and heights originate from Statens Kartverk (M711)/Norgesglasset (20m contours) or Økonomisk Kartverk (part of Norgesglasset, 5m contours). The height from Ø.K. override the M711 heights. A number of mountains may have a point higher than the M711 trig. point marked on the maps. Note also that if the high point of a mountain lies within another kommune, the mountain is listed under that specific kommune. If a mountain high point is shared by two kommuner, the mountain is listed under both kommuner. The asterix (*) means that the high point is (exactly) found on a kommune border.

Independent Mountains (elevation >= 300m, primary factor >= 100m) 

Rank Name Height PF Map
1. Gullfjellstoppen * 987m 714m 1215-IV Samnanger
2. Sveningen * 842m 519m 1215-IV Samnanger
3. Austefjellet (Austerinden) 808m 230m 1215-IV Samnanger
4. Hausdalshorga 783m 115m 1215-IV Samnanger
5. Skåldalsfjellet 719m 296m 1215-IV Samnanger
6. Livarden 683m 205m 1215-IV Samnanger
7. Haugavarden / Ulriken 674m 591m 1115-I Bergen
8. Rundemanen 568m 120m 1115-I Bergen
9. Veten 486m 383m 1116-II Sæbø
10. Løvstakken 477m 441m 1115-I Bergen
11. Høgstefjellet 464m 191m 1115-I Bergen
12. Solbakkafjellet 461m 178m 1115-I Bergen
13. Skardalsfjellet 421m 158m 1115-I Bergen
14. Lyderhorn 396m 348m 1115-I Bergen
15. Raudlifjellet 396m 318m 1215-IV Samnanger
16. Olsokfjellet 353m 205m 1115-I Bergen
17. Gravdalsfjellet 351m 108m 1115-I Bergen
18. Orretuva / Vardafjellet 336m 113m 1115-I Bergen
19. Hetlebakksåta 334m 231m 1115-I Bergen
20. Lyseskarfjellet / Fanafjell 313m 160m 1115-II Austevoll
21. Geitanuken 305m 172m 1115-I Bergen

High Tops (elevation >= 300m, primary factor >= 90m)  

Sorted by primary factor

Rank Name Height PF Map
1. Herlandsfjellet 697m 99m 1215-IV Samnanger
2. Repparåsen 609m 96m 1215-IV Samnanger
3. Sletteggi / Storlitoppen 744m 91m 1215-IV Samnanger

Low Tops (elevation < 300m, primary factor >= 100m)  

Sorted by primary factor

Rank Name Height PF Map
1. Veten (Korsnes) 172m 159m 1115-II Austevoll
2. Birkelandsfjellet 288m 140m 1115-I Bergen
3. Hamrefjellet 280m 127m 1115-I Bergen
4. Furekampane 234m 106m 1115-I Bergen
5. Dyngelandsåsen 196m 116m 1115-I Bergen


Name: Names are derived from the M711 maps. Names in quotes (") are derived from Økonomisk Kartverk (ØK)
Height: I have chosen to let ØK heights override M711 heights
PF: The mountain's primary factor. Explained in detail here.
Map: The M711 map where the mountain's high point is located.

Clickable Map

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Misc. other tops not covered on above pages

Sorted by primary factor

Rank Name Height PF Map
  Trengereidhotten 577m 89m 1215-IV Samnanger
Storsåta 435m 87m 1115-I Bergen
Grønetua 642m 64m 1115-I Bergen
Birkelandsfjellet 300m 67m 1115-I Bergen
Arnanipa 458m 55m 1215-IV Samnanger
Fanasåta 284m 51m 1115-II Austevoll
Toro 733m 45m 1215-IV Samnanger
Søre Midtfjell 452m 39m 1115-I Bergen

The 5 highest based on primary factor

Rank Name PF Height
1. Gullfjellstoppen 714m 987m
2. Haugavarden 590m 673m
3. Sveningen 519m 842m
4. Løvstakken 441m 477m
5. Veten 386m 486m


Bergen kommune has no independent mountains above 1000m. Still, the Gullfjellet massif should be regarded as a high mountain area. The weather can be just as severe as in the Bergsdalen and Kvamskogen mountains. Gullfjellstoppen, Haugavarden and Sveningen have a high primary factor through being the high points on individual massifs. Løvstakken and Lyderhorn represent the many standalone mountains/hills scattered around the region. Ranked by primary factor on Hordaland basis, Gullfjellstoppen is ranked as #12 while Haugavarden is ranked as #17. 

Bergen is known to be the city between "The Seven Mountains". Not according to my website, and this will naturally annoy some people. Blåmanen, Fløyen and Sandviksfjellet does not make it on my list of independent mountains, and to be fair - why would anyone call them mountains when the terrain continues to rise above these named points?

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