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Pictures from Vigra island, June 6 2007

This week, I'm on crouches. Troll didn't get any walk yesterday and the day before, and this evening he was barking out of misery. I had to take him somewhere where he could occupy himself, without me having to walk him. So I went to Vigra. One of very few coastal islands in this county that doesn't have a top.

There's always something to look at. I took the usual amount of pictures, hoping to capture a couple of moments to the flash card. I drove around the island, made a few stops here and there, and then we went to Synes lighthouse, where Troll could wander around and smell stuff.

The first three pictures are taken at my place. The rest are from Vigra.

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1. Beautiful morning (119KB) 2. Beautiful light (154KB) 3. Deep zoom with a tele lens (273KB) 4. At the Roald harbor (180KB) 5. A popular place on Vigra (264KB) 6. Communication (144KB) 7. Jønshornet (219KB) 8. Storspove / Eurasian Curlew / Numenius arquata (264KB) 9. Sea maintenance (229KB) 10. Erkna lighthouse (169KB) 11. Troll in trouble (334KB) 12. A wave getting born (275KB) 13. Running water (413KB) 14. Shells, under water (278KB) 15. Stuff.. under water (286KB) 16. A colorful spot (331KB) 17. Storspove / Eurasian Curlew / Numenius arquata (128KB) 18. Heipipilerke / Anthus pratensis / Meadow Pipit(150KB) 19. Saudehornet (196KB)

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