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Pictures from Godøya, June 8 2007

The foot is improving 13% per day. I'm only a few days from being back on track. This beautiful afternoon, the dog was demanding an afternoon walk, and so I went to Godøya. Probably my favorite place in Møre og Romsdal. I followed the seafront path from Gjuv, and stopped after 10 minutes, by the distinct, pointy rock that you pass on this path.

I had been wanting to scramble it for quite a while, but always chickened out. A fall would not be good at all. But today, to get *something* out of an otherwise miserable situation, I decided to climb the damned rock. Half-way up is a ledge. I figured once I got my feet on this ledge, the rest was easy. But the rest turned out to be the hardest part. In any case, I did it, and was very satisfied when I returned to the dog.

We went down to the sea and Troll was howling out of misery while I tried to get a picture of a shy crab. I enjoy myself a great deal on Godøya's shores. It's the only place I could spend a whole day where no vertical meters are involved. I've already done a number of cool things on this island, and yet, there is still so much more to do.

I've added a few pictures, mainly observations of things I see. Some of them I found amusing, especially the seagull..

For (many) more pictures from Godøya, click here.

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The rock

1. The rock/cliff (222KB) 2. Me on that rock (223KB)

Various observations

3. Tiny, tiny fellow (199KB) 4. Typical terrain along the shore (277KB) 5. A nice light (347KB) 6. Underwater stuff (322KB) 7. Coast Guard crew or adrenaline tourists? (147KB) 8. Trolls in the water (156KB) 9. Ever paid attention to an air bubble? (136KB) 10. Low-flying bird (out of focus) (143KB) 11. Troll and his challenges (239KB) 12. Troll discovering even more challenges (255KB) 13. The Coast Guard (169KB) 14. Sukkertoppen and routes (324KB) 15. A very fast swallow (197KB) 16. Easy living (195KB) 17. Camera vs. sun effect (314KB)

Seagull observations

18. Not so often I see them in the water (151KB) 19. Touchdown! (132KB) 20. Mirror mirror.. (156KB) 21. Bored! (123KB) 22. Mighty landscape I (145KB) 23. Mighty landscape II (139KB)

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