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Big Rocks in Hordaland

This page is for rocks that have more than 1 picture, and no dedicated feature page.

"Skipheller", Odda

This great, (roughly) 30m tall, split rock is located at the north end of Lake Sandvinvatnet, and on the south side of Hovden. The name consists of two parts; "skip" and "heller". "skip" (old dialect) can be translated into "shaping up for". People in the valleys above Odda had a long way to church. From the places Seljestad and Reinsnos, a full day was needed to reach Odda. After rowing across Lake Sandvinvatnet, they needed a shelter to clean up, or - "shape up for" church. The name "heller" is Norwegian for a slab of rock, one you can stay or sit under.

Thanks to Liv Nygård in Jåstad for providing the information and making photos available.

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"Pokersteinen", Birkelundstoppen, Bergen

Access: On Birkelundstoppen (between Paradis and Landås), turn left towards Sedalen. Drive through the first tunnel and find a place to park. Go up to the walkway above the tunnel and locate this rock below the steep cliffs up in the forest.

Bjørn Natland told me about this rock that they used to play poker under, when they were young. We agreed that "Pokersteinen" was a good name. There is a small shelter below the rock that will keep the players dry. The rock is easy to access from above, but indeed tricky to climb from the side facing out.

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Vetlebukken, Bergsdalen

The pictures of these two distinct rocks on and near Vetlebukken in Bergsdalen (near Bergsbukken and Høgabu above Lid/Småbrekke) were submitted by Odd Alvheim in Stanghelle. Odd had submitted a picture of one of these rocks to Vaksdalsposten (newspaper) and by coincidence, I noticed this picture and made contact with him.


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Løvstakken, Bergen

The pictures of these rocks were submitted by Per Kristian Arntzen and David C. Pugh. I have not had a time to look at them yet. They are located near the top of Løvstakken.


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