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Big Rocks in Hordaland

This page started out as a reference to cool rocks to climb in Bergen, and emerged to a list of noteable rocks in Hordaland. No specific criteria apply. Some rocks are just cool to climb, some rocks are huge, some are cultural landmarks, and some noone ever cares about. I then turned this page into a list of the rocks I've come across, or heard about. Feedback is welcome!


"Skipheller", Odda
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Liv Nygård sent me pictures and info about this very cool rock outside Odda.
Sætrefjellet, Masfjorden
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There are a whole lot of rocks on Sætrefjellet, left by the glacier. I'll let the Sætrefjelelt high point (this rock) represent them. See more rocks on the Sætrefjellet page. Since this mountain has so many, it is fair to assume that the nearby mountains that form the valley up to Lake Svartvatnet also have many postglacial rocks.
Fanaseter, Bergen
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Some large rocks are found by the "Linken" trailhead just below Fanaseter, in the curvy road up from Fana.
Helleknappen, Fusa
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On my way up Aldalen and Grønlinutane/Helleknappen's northwest ridge, I passed a number of huge rocks, both postglacial and "breakaways". A number of these rocks are featured on the Helleknappen page.
Grønefjellet, Masfjorden
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On Grønefjellet, you will find a number of rocks that have been moved by the ice. I'll let this (modified image) rock represent Grønefjellet.
Hisbotnsnuken, Masfjorden
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This rock is selected to represent a number of moderate-shaped rocks on Hisbotnsnuken in the Gulen-Masfjorden mountain region.
Herfindalen, Vaksdal
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Near the Herfindal trailhead, you will find a couple of huge rocks, where the razor-sharp rock on this picture seems like a difficult climb. Along the T-trail towards Bergsdalen, further up the valley, more large rocks can be found. Some are also shown on the trip report.
Sedalen, Bergen
This rock is found along the service road from Sedalen to the Gløvrevatn freshwater reservoir.
Baunehytten, Landåsfjellet
This rock is not very large, but is characteristic in its landscape. It is located along the trail by Baunehyttten (Lake Nubbevatn).
Byvasshovden, Stølsheimen
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Hourglass-shaped rock above Ormaset (seen from the Teigdalen road just south of Vinningsleitet). The rock can barely be seen on top of the ridge on this picture. Sveinung Klyve told me about this rock, which I never noticed when skiing down here.
Birkelundstoppen, Bergen

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Bjørn Natland told me about this rock that they used to play poker under, when they were young. We agreed that "Pokersteinen" was a good name. There is a small shelter below the rock that will keep the players dry. The rock is easy to access from above, but indeed tricky to climb from the side facing out.
Løvstakken, Bergen
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Submitted by Per Christian Arntzen. These rocks are found just south of the Løvstakken summit. I have not seen these rocks for myself yet.
Vetlebukken, Bergsdalen
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Two distinct rocks submitted by Odd Alvheim, Stanghelle. The one to the left is found on Vetlebukken in Bergsdalen.
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"Eikelisteinen", Kanadaskogen
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This rock is found along my friend David's walking route in Kanadaskogen  (Bergen), on the way to Gravdalsfjellet. I went along and found that climbing shoes was necessary to get on top of it.
"Storamyrsteinen", Kanadaskogen
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Another rock that David showed me, located in Kanadaskogen (Bergen). We refer to it as "Tobrik" - The Other Big Rock In Kanadaskogen. Should we come across a third rock, it will be named "Yabrik". Get it? The name "Storamyrsteinen" was assigned by me, until I learn the "official" name
"Stemmesteinene", Landåsfjellet
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A hard-to-climb rock located by Stemmevatnet in Sedalen (Bergen). The name was assigned by me, but now Rune Mjelde Blomberg have informed me that the official name is "Jaktasteinen"
Hopsdalen, Haugsvær
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The "legend" tells that this rock fell down on a girl. I will dig up more information about this rock.
This is one of two rocks that came falling down from the mountain in March 2004 (the second was later blown to pieces). It is easy to climb from the side facing Hardangerfjorden.
"Timeglaset", Torfinnsvatnet
"The hourglass" is one of the major landmarks in Hordaland, located near Voss. Don't try to climb it. If it falls over, you'll get enemies.
Below Hatlekinnet
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Located near Bolstad between Voss and Bergen.
Svartavatnet, Stord
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Popular rock by Lake Svartavatnet on Stord island, located between Kinno and Beinatjørnvarden. I believe there is a visitor's register by this rock.
Kvitafjellet, Bergsdalen
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Fun rock on Kvitafjellet between Bolstad and Bergsdalen.
Kvitafjellet, Bergsdalen
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Fun rock on Kvitafjellet between Bolstad and Bergsdalen.
Klyvenuten, Fyksesund
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"Balanced rock" on Klyvenuten above Fyksesund.
Klyvenuten, Fyksesund
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"Absolute rock" on Klyvenuten above Fyksesund
Gråsida, Brekkhusfjellet
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Distinct rock above Eksingadalen.
Kjerringefjellet, Masfjorden
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Cool rock on Kjerringefjellet above Masfjorden.
"Storesteinen", Tokheim, Odda
Giant rock located at Tokheim, just outside Odda. Jan Reidar Tokheim tells me that the correct name is "Kolasteinen", and that it is probably the tallest independent rock in Sørfjorden. Liv Nygård suggests that "Kola" refers to coal burning that used to take place nearby.
"Håhaugsteinen", Haustveit
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Liv Nygård showed me this rock near Hauso (Sørfjorden), famous for the rock carvings.
Sandvin, Odda
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Large split rock by Lake Sandvinvatnet
Hildal, Odda
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Large rock in Hildal. More big rocks in Hildal can be found in the trip report.
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Sharp rock in Muradalen (Rosendal)
"Hedlo", Hardangervidda
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My trip report
Petter's trip report

Liv Nygård has now informed me that this rock - the shape is called "Helle" in Norwegian - is named "Hedlo", which is Hardanger dialect for "Helle". The rock is located next to the cabin Hedlo, which has taken its name after this rock.

Perhaps an obvious place to seek shelter in bad weather, but according to my book about Mountaineering, this is perhaps not the place to be during a thunderstorm.

Romarheimsdalen valley (E39 runs here) is full of rocks, from valley foot by Romarheimsfjorden to valley head (the pass between Blåfjellet and Austrebotnsrusti). No particular rocks stand out, so I'll let this rock be the valley's representative.
Lake Storevatnet
You pass this lake on the way from Romarheimsdalen to Matre. I noticed this rock that seemed to serve a useful purpose.
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The foot of this valley is "full" of huge rocks. One is known as "Kyrkjesteinen", but I don't know which one. This is closest thing to a "bouldering eldorado" (when it comes to independent rocks and not crags/cliffs) I've seen so far in Hordaland.
Matresdalen - Stordalen
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You will find a number of huge rocks along Lake Fossevatnet (where "Fossen" waterfall falls down to Matresdalen).
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Rock on Brydalsfjellet. Not tall, not very difficult, but nevertheless slightly "airy" on top.
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This rock is located outside of the tunnels in Bergsdalen (between Dale and the Fosse powerplant). A wise guy had already discovered it.
Våkendalen, Bergen
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Modest rock high in Våkendalen (between Tarlebøvatnet and Svartediket). The rock was just too high and slippery to climb. When dry, things get easier.
Hovda, Tysnes
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The forest between Stølafjellet and Tornessåta contains a number a big rocks. This rock (trivial to climb) has been nominated as the representative for this huge forest.

Other prominent rocks in Hordaland to be documented:

"Oddmundsteinen", Hildal (Odda)
"Ruggesteinen", Reinsnos-Nosastølen
Botnanuten, Kvamskogen
Sharp rock documented here. Could this be the rock on this picture?
John Nygård tells me there are "hundreds" of rocks in the vast mountain region W of Lake Steinslandsvatnet (Modalen)
Stone monuments in Øystese
Eksingadalen has some large rocks. Especially one near Lavik.
Cool rock between Hesjedalsnovi and Geitafjelli, Vaksdal kommune.
Sverre Langelle showed me a picture of a couple of huge rocks with another large rock on top.
The rocks are (apparently) not far from the rock (foreground, left of center) of this picture.

Thanks to Liv Nygård for informing me about the rocks in the Odda region.

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