Activity Log 2012

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# of New tops   123 137 156 110 101 120 154 133 100 130 123 119
Local tops   61(H)
39(H) 31(H)2(S) 105(H),2(S) 2(U)82(S)14(H) 99(S)  1(U)49(S) 162(U) 151(U) 140(U) 136(U) 127(U)
# of other tops   133 119 84 232 103 100 76 47 52 32 37 24
TOTAL   318 295 273 449 302 319 280 342 303 302 296 270
Vertical meters   150000m 144770m 135400m 206600m 141600m 140750m 147200m 160600m 146350m 145450m 126000m 88100m

Local tops: (U) = Ulriken, Bergen, (S) = Sukkertoppen, Ålesund (H) = Huldrehornet, Gurskøya.

Clickable (+ scroll,zoom) map of tops visited in 2012. Green marker = new tops, red = tops visited before.




# Mountain Hgt PF Location Date Time VM Comments
318 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 31.12.12 19:20pm* 250m Up again, then walk home
317 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 31.12.12 18:30pm* 250m Rainy hike w/Anne, Fryd & Karma
316 Kiberget   438m 65m Ulstein 31.12.12 12:50pm 300m Short hike w/Anne, Fryd & Karma. Rain and snow on top.
315 Heida   239m 126m Herøy 30.12.12 12:15pm 150m Rainy hike w/Anne, Fryd & Karma
314 Hornseten   190m 152m Herøy 29.12.12 11:35pm 150m Nice and easy hike w/Anne, Fryd & Karma
313 Dyrkyrkja + Kua   192m 15m Herøy 28.12.12 11:30am 250m 3,3km hike w/Anne, Fryd & Karma
312 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 27.12.12 12:30pm 250m Snowy hike w/Anne, Fryd & Karma
311 Leinehornet   366m 366m Herøy 26.12.12 12:15pm 300m From Leine. W/Anne, Fryd & Karma
310 Rundebranden   294m 141m Herøy 25.12.12 13:55pm 300m Nice hike w/Anne, Fryd & Karma. Pics.
309 Høgåsen   240m 240m Ulstein 24.12.12 12:30pm 200m w/Anne, Fryd & Karma. Group picture on top, taken by Morten Knutsen
308 Rambjøra   132m 109m Herøy 23.12.12 13:30pm 100m Round trip hike w/Anne, Fryd & Karma.
307 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 22.12.12 11:30pm 250m Daylight hike w/Anne, Fryd & Karma
306 Rambjøra   132m 109m Herøy 20.12.12 16:00pm 100m Daylight hike w/Anne, Fryd & Karma.
305 Skåla   184m 86m Herøy 19.12.12 19:30pm* 150m 2nd walk of the day. w/Karma
304 Rambjøra   132m 109m Herøy 19.12.12 12:30pm 100m Lunch walk w/Karma
303 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 18.12.12 18:35pm* 250m My local top, w/Karma
302 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 13.12.12 19:00pm* 250m My local top, w/Karma
301 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 12.12.12 18:30pm* 250m My local top, w/Karma
300 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 11.12.12 19:05pm* 250m My local top, w/Karma
299 Rambjøra   132m 109m Herøy 10.12.12 15:55pm* 100m Easy hike w/Karma. Light snowfall
298 Røyrafjellet   123m 100m Ulstein 09.12.12 10:45am 100m Easy hike w/Anne, Fryd & Karma. Still not feeling well..
297 Skåla   184m 86m Herøy 08.12.12 08:40am 150m Easy hike w/Anne, Fryd & Karma. Karma & Fryd's first top!
296 Stedjeåsen   624m 121m Sogndal 02.12.12 19:30pm* 550m Solo-hike. 40 mins to top. Not feeling well.
295 Stedjeåsen   624m 121m Sogndal 30.11.12 18:00pm* 550m Solo-hike. 32m:21s to the top.
- Welcoming Karma and Fryd to the family         29.11.12      
294 Rjåhornet   600m 107m Herøy 28.11.12 18:45pm* 600m Nice evening hike. The last before becoming a dog owner again.
293 Blåtind   697m 697m Ulstein 27.11.12 19:05pm* 650m 1st hike after Bali
Gunung Batukaru 2276m 1086m Bali,
(2nd highest on Bali)
23.11.12 09:45am 1450m 10,7km hike w/Anne, Yon, Wayan Purnama Dinata and Kak Donik. Rain on the way down.
Snorkeling - Menjangan island   - - Bali,
21.11.12 - - World-class dive site
Gunung Pal
(Did not summit)
1177m ? Bali,
20.11.12 12:20pm 800m 11,8km hike w/Anne, Nyoman, Wayan & Kadek. We aborted ascent at 870m due to overheating and dehydration.
Gunung Udung-Udung 174m~ 50m~ Bali,
20.11.12 09:05am 150m 1,9km hike w/Anne, Wayan & Kadek to this temple top above Permuteran. But this was not where we wanted to go!
Gunung Bratan 129m 119m Bali,
19.11.12 15:40pm 100m 5,9km hike w/Anne f/t hotel Taman Sari at Permuteran. Pics
Snorkeling - Lembongan island   - - Bali,
17.11.12 - - Nice dive site
Gunung Abang 2155m 905m Bali,
(3rd highest on Bali)
16.11.12 09:05am 800m 6km, 3h:40m rain forest hike  w/Anne, Gware (guide) and Nyoman. Yon drove us back to Sanur. Pics
Gunung Batur 1716m 586m Bali,
15.11.12 05:35am* 700m 9km, 5 hour hike (started 4am)  w/Anne and Nyoman (guide). Boiled eggs in the volcano! Amazing sunrise. Went to Toya Bungkah Hot Spring after the hike. Pics 
Gunung Agung 3031m 3031m Bali HPT,
13.11.12 06:20am* 2150m 15,7km, 12 hours hike w/Anne and Gung Bawa. We almost didn't make it because of lightning. Pics
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 07.11.12 18:30pm* 350m 4,8km jogging/ scrambling.
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 04.11.12 19:05pm* 350m 4,8km jogging/ scrambling.
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 03.11.12 17:30pm* 350m 4,8km jogging/ scrambling. With Anne.
284 Blåtind   697m 697m Ulstein 01.11.12 16:55pm 650m 5km windy hike (gale)from Haddal. 43m:47s up.
283 Blåtind   697m 697m Ulstein 31.10.12 19:15pm* 650m 5km windy hike w/Terje Øvrebø. Gale. 1h:07m up
282 Blåtind   697m 697m Ulstein 30.10.12 17:15pm 650m 5km cold and windy  (gale) hike from Haddal. 49mins up
281 Blåtind   697m 697m Ulstein 29.10.12 18:45pm* 650m 5km nice after-dark hike. Full moon. 55 mins up. Pics
280 Blåtind   697m 697m Ulstein 29.10.12 19:15pm* 650m 5km nice after-dark hike. Cold and windy. 59 mins up.
Lauvhøgda 722m 224m Vestre Toten 27.10.12 14:55pm 200m 4,3km hike w/Anne, f/t Skjellerud. Pics.
Kvitingen 722m 225m Gran 27.10.12 12:55pm 250m 3,7km hike w/Anne, f/t Kutjern
277 Tenna 990m 370m Volda 21.10.12 14:40pm 1200m 11km round trip hike f/t Norddalen in Syvden
276 Molegga 999m 55m Volda 21.10.12 13:05pm
Nakkenakken 349m 66m Ørsta 20.10.12 15:30pm 100m 1,4km hike f/t Hovdenakk.
Stokkehornet 924m 46m Ørsta 20.10.12 13:10pm 850m 6,8km hike f/t Frølandsdalen. Continued towards Blåtinden but turned around. Pics
Garnestua   653m 415m Ulstein 19.10.12 17:15pm 450m 5km jog & walk f/t Løsetvatnet. 25m:21s up ;(
Garnestua   653m 415m Ulstein 18.10.12 17:30pm 450m 5km jog & walk f/t Løsetvatnet. 25m:45s up ;(
Blåtind   697m 697m Ulstein 17.10.12 18:15pm 600m 6km jog & walk via Hundelaupsvatnet.  36m:26s up ;(
Garnestua   653m 415m Ulstein 16.10.12 18:30pm 450m 5km jog & walk f/t Løsetvatnet. 24m:54s up. Not so good...
Orkja 948m 470m Jølster 14.10.12 13:30pm 400m 4,8km f/t Myklebust w/Anne. Nice views! Pics
268 Stedjeåsen   624m 121m Sogndal 13.10.12 13:00pm 550m Quick hike w/Anne. 34m:41s.
267 Blåtind   697m 697m Ulstein 11.10.12 18:20pm 600m 6km hike from Ringstaddalen
266 Brandtua   440m 62m Eid 07.10.12 16:00pm 250m 7km round trip in pouring rain w/Anne.
- Syrebakkane   455m 42m Herøy 07.10.12 15:40pm
265 Skolma   636m 483m Hareid/
06.10.12 14:05pm 600m 10,5km hike f/t Ytreflø w/Anne
264 Roppehornet   412m 45m Ulstein 05.10.12 18:45pm 400m 4,4km nice evening hike with Anne.
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 04.10.12 19:30pm 350m 4,8km jogging/ scrambling.
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 02.10.12 20:15pm* 350m 4,8km jogging/ scrambling.
261 Blåtind   697m 697m Ulstein 01.10.12 19:20pm 600m 6km hike via Hundelaupsvatnet. 
Skarvemellen 1267m 217m Ø. Slidre 30.09.12 13:30pm 350m 4,9km hike w/Anne
Rundemellen 1345m 457m Ø. Slidre 30.09.12 11:45pm 400m 6,3km round trip hike w/Anne. A beautiful day!
Garnestua   653m 415m Ulstein 27.09.12 20:20pm 450m 5km jog & walk f/t Løsetvatnet. 25m:24s up. Not so good...
Rjåhornet   600m 107m Herøy 26.09.12 19:15pm 600m 6,1km jog f/t Leikong. 36m:29s up.
Blåtind   697m 697m Ulstein 25.09.12 19:05pm 600m 6km hike via Hundelaupsvatnet.  36m:21s up ;(
Blåtind   697m 697m Ulstein 24.09.12 18:45pm 600m 6km hike via Hundelaupsvatnet. 59m:45s up and down (35m:46s up - jog)
Sandfjellet 1177m 127m Hornindal 23.09.12 13:20pm 600m 7,3km sunny round trip hike w/Anne. Plunge into lower Tussevatna. 15-20cm fresh snow. Kvivsvegen opening!
Kayak - Dimna - Ulsteinvik & return   - - Ulstein/
22.09.12 - - 10km trip w/Anne. Visit to Kaffikari!
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 21.09.12 19:45pm 350m 4,8km jogging/ scrambling. 12m:24s on the 1,1km route up the forest.
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 20.09.12 19:45pm 350m 2,2km hike. Rain!
Sandvikhornet   352m 14m Herøy 18.09.12 19:30pm 300m 3,2km hike/run f/t Sandvik. Easy jogging. 17:32 up
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 17.09.12 20:00pm 250m 2,2km. Pouring rain!
Kayak - Dimna - Ulsteinvik & return   - - Ulstein/
16.09.12 - - 10km trip. Very nice!
249 Blåtind   697m 697m Ulstein 15.09.12 17:00pm 650m 7,9km round trip, via Hundelaupsvatnet
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 13.09.12 20:00pm 350m 4,8km hike
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 12.09.12 20:00pm 350m 4,8km hike
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 11.09.12 20:05pm 350m 2,2km hike. Nearly dark
Liavarden 799m 81m Stranda 09.09.12 13:15pm 400m 4,6km hike w/Anne. Great Synnylvsfjorden view!
      Stranda 08.09.12 -   Fantastic arrangement!
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 06.09.12 21:05pm* 350m 4,8km jogging/ scrambling. 12m:37s on the 1,1km route up the forest. Wet!
Laupsnipa   558m 380m Herøy 02.09.12 13:45pm 700m 7,7km hike w/Anne. Voldnes - Laupsnipa - Keipen - Øydeskrede - Laupsneset - Voldnes
Storhornet   497m 497m Giske 01.09.12 14:50pm 550m 11,7km hike w/Anne. Gjuv - Storhornet - Johan Skytt - Alnes - Gjuv along the shore.
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 29.08.12 20:40pm 350m 4,8km jogging/ scrambling. 12m:34s on the 1,1km route up the forest. Building strengths...
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 28.08.12 19:50pm 350m 4,8km jogging/ scrambling. 12m:50s on the 1,1km route up the forest. OK, but not more. Still no mojo...
239 Kråkhornet 861m 433m Eid 27.08.12 18:35pm 750m 8,3km evening hike f/t Heggjabygda. Nice view!
- Blåfjellet 758m 28m Eid 27.08.12 18:15pm
238 Grånosene 1137m 122m Luster 26.08.12 14:15pm 1050m 15,4km great round trip w/Anne. A lot of sheep and horses...
237 Grånosi 1354m 184m Luster 26.08.12 12:45pm
236 Haddalshornet   611m 103m Ulstein 23.08.12 20:45pm 550m Up Klungsgylet. 34:23. No mojo left. Should have been < 30min. Down the west flank.
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 21.08.12 20:30pm 350m 5km jogging & running via Dyrkyrkja. 7:55 to Dyrkyrkja (bad). 6:06 from Huldrehornet. OK.
234 Raudgrøtegga 864m 234m Eid 20.08.12 18:15pm 450m 4,3km evening hike from near Grøndalsvatnet.
233 Fresvikåsen 760m 187m Vik i Sogn 19.08.12 15:05pm 900m 16,4km round trip w/Anne. First visit to Fresvik for me. Very nice hike!
232 Mulakamben 613m 155m Vik i Sogn 19.08.12 13:10pm
Havåsen (Snerpehaugen) 756m 63m Luster 18.08.12 14:00pm 400m 11,6km hike w/Anne-May Skarpen and Anne from Engjadalen. Descent via Venåsen
Ulsteindalen   - - Ulstein 16.08.12 - 400m Running. 9m:53s from the gate and up to the first cabin.
Liadalsnipa   924m 131m Ørsta 15.08.12 17:50pm 800m Very nice evening hike with Olav Lillebø and Morten Knutsen.
Saudehornet   1303m 825m Ørsta 12.08.12 18:50pm 1150m Directly from Hovden airport, on my way home from Brønnøysund. 1h:10m from the upper parking.

Tilremshatten   316m 250m Brønnøy 10.08.12 18:30pm 300m 5km hike w/Anne and mom. Rain. Sick. Should have stayed in bed.
Running   - - Herøy 08.08.12 - 50m 3,8km around Djupvikvatnet. 19:04
Sandvikhornet   352m 14m Herøy 07.08.12 20:00pm 400m 4,6km hike/run f/t Sandvik, via Skåla. Easy jogging. 17:02 up, 38:42 total.
Kammen 764m 51m Sogndal 06.08.12 17:00pm 700m 9km jogging and walking w/Anne, f/t Kvam. Tractor road all the way up! My new top #100 in 2012...
225 Point 1612m SW of Spørteggbreen 1612m 102m Luster 05.08.12 14:50pm 800m 9,1km, 4h:45m nice round trip hike w/Anne f/t Vanndalsvatnet. Nice weather.
224 Myrhyrna 1493m 243m Luster 05.08.12 12:35pm
- Skredfjellet 943m 33m Sogndal 04.08.12 15:30pm 900m 10,2km, 4h:55m nice round trip hike w/Anne f/t Berge. Nice weather. Fantastic Fjærland!!
223 Middagshaugen 1030m 280m Sogndal 04.08.12 14:20pm
222 Stedjeåsen   624m 121m Sogndal 03.08.12 18:45pm 550m Nice hike w/Anne. Rain on descent
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 31.07.12 20:00pm 250m 4,2km jogging/ running/ walking/ scrambling.
Kongsvollen   683m 200m Ulstein/
31.07.12 17:30pm 500m 8,4km jogging and walking. The bog killed me. 44m:51s.
219 Snøtuva 1116m 66m Volda/ Eid/
29.07.12 13:40pm 1150m 10,4km, 4h:45m hike f/t Osdalen. Nice weather. Met a group from MNT on the way down.
218 Otredalsfjellet 1171m 401m Volda/
29.07.12 12:50pm
Kayak - Around Dimna island   - - Ulstein/
28.07.12 - - 15km, 2h:25m. Very nice!
Liadalsnipa   924m 131m Ørsta 27.07.12 17:25pm 800m Quick evening hike. 90 mins total. Light rain upon descent.
  653m 200m Volda 26.07.12 17:40pm 650m Very nice traverse w/Edvin Østrem. Pics.
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 25.07.12 19:00pm 350m 2,8km jogging/ running/ walking/ scrambling.
Eidskyrkja   1482m 1037m Volda
(High point)
24.07.12 18:40pm 1100m 8,9km ski-trip. My first ski-trip on Summøre in July! Big fun! Passed 100K vertical meters.
243m 65m Fosnes 21.07.12 13:50pm 350m 6,8km hike w/Anne, Hilde, Trond Arne, Pål Magnus and 5 kids. Very nice landscape! Pics
Dunafjellet 265m 182m Fosnes 21.07.12 13:15pm
221m 148m Fosnes 21.07.12 11:30am 150m 1,6km hike w/Trond Arne. Pics
Holvikstorhaugen 126m 92m Fosnes 21.07.12 10:40am 250m 5km morning run w/ Trond Arne & Pål magnus. A tough start of the day ;)
Pallan 145m 122m Fosnes
21.07.12 10:15am
Einarskardfjellet 280m 77m Fosnes 20.07.12 17:05pm 350m 5km hike w/Anne & Trond Arne. Met the others at Moldvikvatna. Pics
Molvikfjellet 297m 297m Fosnes
(High point Jøa island)
20.07.12 16:30pm
Hatten 713m 403m Vefsn 19.07.12 11:30am 650m 8,6km hike w/Anne in wet grass, f/t Nævervegen.

Tilremshatten   316m 250m Brønnøy 18.07.12 11:05am 300m 5km run. 19m:48s to the top, 36m:45ms total
Mosaksla (did not summit)   526m 448m Brønnøy 17.07.12 18:00am 200m Tried to climb the southwest ridge. Gave up just below Hubudalstinden at 230m
Lisldalsfjellet 275m 107m Brønnøy 17.07.12 11:15am 300m 3,7km wet round trip hike f/t Salbu w/Anne & Mom.
Høglia 194m 171m Brønnøy 16.07.12 13:50pm 150m 2,7km hike in a wet, wet forest. Not fun!
Ramntinden   323m 105m Brønnøy 16.07.12 11:30pm 350m 3,2km round trip w/Anne & Mom. Descent via Less-Ramntinden
Formokampen 1428m 298m Sel 15.07.12 10:15am 400m 9km morning hike w/Anne f/t Puttenvegen.
Velji Grad 497m 352m Montenegro, Sutomore 13.07.12 10:00am 400m 6,6km hike w/Anne on a tormentingly hot day! Pics
Dobre Kolata
2526m 106m Montenegro, Prokletije 11.07.12 15:35pm 1900m 24km, 10 hour hike w/Anne to the highest point in Montenegro (Zla Kolata). We also got an Albanian bonus top. A long hike! Pics
Rodi e Kolates
(Maja e Koljats)
2556m 522m Albania,
11.07.12 14:50pm
199 Zla Kolata 2535m 105m Montenegro, Prokletije 11.07.12 14:05pm
Stozina 1905m 105m Montenegro, Durmitor 10.07.12 12:40pm 200m Short hike w/Anne to a cool-looking top. Pics
197 Zupci 2148m 108m Montenegro, Durmitor 10.07.12 11:00am 550m 4,5km, 3h:20m hour hike w/Anne f/t Sedlo pass. More wonderful terrain... Pics
Sedlena Greda 2227m 320m Montenegro, Durmitor 10.07.12 10:00am
Uvita Greda 2199m 69m Montenegro,
09.07.12 16:35pm 900m 11,1km hike w/Anne f/t Sedlo pass. An incredibly hot day. Too hot. But oh what a wonderful landscape... Pics
Bobotov Kuk 2523m 1480m Montenegro,
09.07.12 14:05pm
193 Babljak 1604m 189m Montenegro, Lovćen 08.07.12 16:05pm 650m 5,2km hike w/Anne to #1 and #3 top in Lovćen. An incredibly hot day! Pics
Štirovnik 1749m 914m Montenegro, Lovćen 08.07.12 13:45pm
Jezerski Vrh 1657m 296m Montenegro, Lovćen 08.07.12 12:30pm 150m 1,4km walk w/Anne up (and down) to the Petar Petrovic II Njegoš mausoleum and top #2 in Lovćen National Park.
190 Muletua   253m 65m Herøy 05.07.12 20:05pm 300m 6km round trip. From Mulevika, across the "bay" and and up the west ridge. Fantastic!
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 04.07.12 19:05pm 350m 4,8km jogging/ running/ walking/ scrambling.
Garnestua   653m 415m Ulstein 03.07.12 20:20pm 450m 5km run f/t Løsetvatnet. 22m:30s - 2,46km and 445m ascent. NPR!
187 Smørklett 822m 49m Leikanger 01.07.12 15:05pm 550m 7,4km hike w/Anne, f/t Eggjane.
Kayak - Lustrafjorden   - - Sogndal 30.06.12 - - 11km kayaking on Lustrafjorden w/Anne. Harbor seals! Pics.
Stedjeåsen   624m 121m Sogndal 29.06.12 18:50pm 550m Nice evening hike w/Anne. 27m:27s to the top.
Melshornet   668m 560m Hareid 28.06.12 17:50pm 550m 7,2km running. 30m:24s to the top
Sandshornet   245m 57m Herøy 27.06.12 19:10pm 350m 4,5km hike, testing the new camera (Canon EOS 60D). OK results. Pics
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 26.06.12 21:30pm 350m 4,8km jogging/ running/ walking/ scrambling. 11m:42s after a slow start.
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 25.06.12 19:50pm 350m 4,8km jogging/ running/ scrambling.
Rundebranden   294m 141m Herøy 24.06.12 12:10pm 650m 10,5km hike w/Anne + Sogndal Turlag. From the bridge - Sandshornet - Rundebranden - Runde Fyr - Goksøyr. Pics
Sandshornet   245m 57m Herøy 24.06.12 11:30pm
Gjøna (Nipa)   531m 163m Sande 23.06.12 14:30pm 650m 8km hike w/Anne + Sogndal Turlag, f/t Haugsbygda.  Pics
Saursegga   516m 93m Sande 23.06.12 13:35pm
(Skorpa island)
  431m 431m Herøy 22.06.12 18:45pm 450m 5,9km hike w/Anne. Many thanks to Vidar Kvalsund for taking us there!! Pics
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 21.06.12 19:35pm 250m 4,2km running. 11m:26s from trailhead to summit (1,1km, 250vm). NPR!
Storevarden   430m 430m Herøy 20.06.12 19:50pm 400m 5km run (total). From gate to summit; 19m:44s. 2,43km, 380m ascent)
Garnestua   653m 415m Ulstein 19.06.12 19:50pm 450m 5km run f/t Løsetvatnet. 22m:50s - 2,46km and 445m ascent. NPR!
Garnestua   653m 415m Ulstein 18.06.12 18:50pm 450m 5km run f/t Løsetvatnet. 23m:20s - 2,46km and 445m ascent.
Blåskavlen 1809m 514m Aurland 17.06.12 13:50pm 500m 11,3km ski-trip f/t Aurlandsfjellet. Fog > 1500m. No view from the summit.
Storehaugen 908m 55m Lærdal 16.06.12 18:10pm 1050m 10,1km nice round trip hike w/Anne. Up from Habben, down by the hospital. Followed by a very nice evening with friends in Lærdal.
Lærdalsskjørelen 825m 43m Lærdal 16.06.12 17:00pm
171 Hasundhornet   533m 93m Ulstein 14.06.12 19:50pm 500m 3,3km hike, up the "Hårreheite" gully - left of Klo-gylet. Very steep
Sandvikhornet   352m 14m Herøy 13.06.12 19:30pm 350m 4,2km hike/run f/t Sandvik. Beautiful weather. 16m:04s up the 300m pitch. 24m:23s u&d non-stop.
Melshornet   668m 560m Hareid 12.06.12 20:30pm 550m 7,2km running. 30m:45s to the top
168 Haddalshornet   611m 103m Ulstein 11.06.12 19:50pm 550m 3,8km hike w/Martin Ringstad. Up Klungsgylet. Down the west flank.
167 Hasundhornet   533m 93m Ulstein 10.06.12 13:40pm 500m 3,1km hike, up Klo-gylet, down Kluftagylet. W/Anne, Trond Arne and Hilde. Pics
166 Muletua   253m 65m Herøy 09.06.12 12:35pm 250m 5,7km round trip w/Anne. From Mulevika and up the nearest ridge.
165 Rundebranden   294m 141m Herøy 08.06.12 19:05pm 500m 5,5km hike w/Anne, f/t Goksøyr. Down by Kaldekloven.
Gurskøya biking   - - Herøy/Sande 06.06.12 - 450m 47km on bike around Gurskøya. Took a bad fall near Haugsbygda. Banged up...
164 Haddalshornet   611m 103m Ulstein 05.06.12 19:35pm 550m 3,8km hike w/Anne. Met Terje and Lena in  Klyngsgylet. Rain.
Garnestua   653m 415m Ulstein 04.06.12 19:45pm 450m 6km run f/t Løsetvatnet. 23m:19s - 2,46km and 445m ascent. Descent via Flåna. 6km and 43m:10s total.
Skeisnipa (Heimste) 1110m 40m Sogndal 03.06.12 14:10pm 1100m 5,5km awesome hike w/Anne. Light snow > 1000m. Magnificent Fjærland view! Pics
Stedjeåsen   624m 121m Sogndal 01.06.12 18:10pm 550m Nice evening hike w/Anne. 26m:02s to the top. NPR! 33m:19s for Anne.
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 31.05.12 19:35pm 350m 4,8km running. 11m:35s from trailhead to summit (1,1km, 250vm). NPR! 17m:30s up and down (2,2km).
Laupsnipa   558m 380m Herøy 30.05.12 18:20pm 550m 4,3km hike f/t Voldnes. 27m:33s up. 39m:58s in total.
Eidskyrkja   1482m 1037m Volda
(High point)
28.05.12 16:00pm 1100m 8,9km ski-trip w/Trond Arne Aglen (and we met Ole Jakob Takset) f/t Skinnviksætra. Thick fog > 800m, but still a nice trip ;)
Kayak   - - Herøy /
27.05.12 - - 4,2km. Myrvågneset -  Dimna. Preparing for possible "Dimna challenge" tomorrow. If the wind permits...
Eidskyrkja   1482m 1037m Volda
(High point)
27.05.12 16:10pm 1100m Nice 8,9km ski-trip f/t Skinnviksætra. Gorgeous skiing conditions and weather.
Hoemskardtinden 1430m 120m Rauma/
26.05.12 14:45pm 1700m EPIC 10,5 hour trip to one of Møre and Romsdal's finest peaks - with Odd Arne (lead), Ole, Johnny and Øystein. Steep snow and climbing on rock... Pics
Gjuratinden (Juratind) 1712m 278m Rauma/
26.05.12 12:10pm
Sukkertoppen   314m 314m Ålesund 24.05.12 18:30pm 300m Up Trollråsa and down Tyskerstien w/Erik. 1st visit since ropes came to Tyskerstien and paint came to Trollråsa... :( Pics
Gurskøya biking   - - Herøy/Sande 23.05.12 - 850m 37km on bike. Myrvåg - Larsnes - Myrvåg. Improved time from 1h:41m to 1h:33m. Beautiful weather.
Sandvikhornet   352m 14m Herøy 22.05.12 19:00pm 300m 3,2km hike/run f/t Sandvik. Beautiful weather. 15m:58s to the top. Best time this year.
Kayak   - - Herøy /
22.05.12 - - 10km. Myrvågneset -  Kjeldsund - Kjeholmen - Hestholmen - Myrvågneset. Beautiful weather.
Sollia   661m 661m Herøy/Sande
(High point)
21.05.12 20:20pm 450m 8km running f/t Moltudalen. 33m:27s up. 1 hour up and down. Beautiful evening!
Kjerranåsen 158m 60m Horten
(High point)
20.05.12 11:00am 50m 1,3km hike w/Anne. F/t Fossøla. Light rain. Pics.
145m 72m Tønsberg
(High point)
20.05.12 10:13am 100m 2,7km hike w/Anne. F/t Holt Gård. Overcast. Pics
Brånafjell 399m 76m Andebu
(High point)
19.05.12 18:15pm 150m 2km hike w/Anne. Rain. Thanks to a farmer, we could use the forest road. Pics
Snippane 400m 72m Re
(High point)
19.05.12 17:00pm 300m 5,4km on bike and foot, w/Anne. F/t Engeroa. Pics
Pikstein 625m 7m Lardal
High point
19.05.12 14:55pm 300m 12,2km on bike and foot, w/Anne. F/t Bergandammen. Possibly NOT the high point after all...Pics
456m 263m Larvik
High point)
19.05.12 12:55pm 350m 4,6km on bike and foot, w/Anne. F/t Bergan. Sunshine. Pics
Hjertås 148m 68m Sandefjord
High point)
19.05.12 10:35am 100m 2km hike w/Anne. F/t Hjertås. Pics
Holtekjæråsen, Sør 79m 51m Tjøme
18.05.12 16:20pm 50m 0,6km hike w/Anne. A very short hike. In case this is the high point... Pics
Herkelås 80m 80m Tjøme
High point)
18.05.12 15:50pm 50m 3,3km on bike and foot w/Anne. Nice round trip. This is the municipality high point (80m) on the county map. Pics
Vetan 101m 101m Nøtterøy
High point)
18.05.12 15:00pm 50m 1,3km bike trip w/Anne. The summit is fenced in (restricted area), and we did not climb over the fence! Pics
Skibergfjellet 632m 469m Hof
High point)
18.05.12 12:20pm 200m 5,5km hike w/Anne, Lars & Lara (dog). This is the Vestfold county high point! Pics
Hvittingen 404m 206m Holmestrand
High point)
18.05.12 10:35am 300m 7,6km on bike and foot, w/Anne. Very nice forest trip! Pics
140 Stedjeåsen   624m 121m Sogndal 16.05.12 20:50pm 550m Nice evening hike w/Anne. Spring in Sogndal!
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 15.05.12 19:35pm 350m 4,8km running
138 Blåtind   697m 697m Ulstein 13.05.12 17:10pm 850m 5,4km round trip hike in light rain and strong wind, testing my new GoPro cam.
137 Haddalshornet   611m 103m Ulstein 13.05.12 16:40pm
136 Rødlandstua   355m 287m Skodje 12.05.12 16:20pm 300m 2,6km hike w/Anne. Nice weather. Good to be back here!
135 Nihusen   438m 340m Skodje 12.05.12 13:10pm 400m 6km hike w/Torill and Anne. Rain showers. Good to be back on Nihusen!
Høgsæterrørene 186m 98m Skodje 12.05.12 11:45am 150m 3,1km forest hike w/Anne. Thanks to Ove for bringing this top to my attention!
133 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 11.05.12 18:40pm 600m 7km altogether. First trip w/Anne. Second trip was solo: The 1,1km route from the road to the top in 11m:56s. NPR! Yeah! Rain.
132 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 11.05.12 18:20pm
131 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 08.05.12 19:30pm 350m 2,85km hike. Light rain. Tired.
130 Melshornet   668m 560m Hareid 07.05.12 20:30pm 550m 7,2km hike w/Åsmund Steen. Mix of bad and nice weather.
129 Blåtind   697m 697m Ulstein 05.05.12 18:10pm 650m 5km hike IN SNOW!!! Spring is cancelled. Again! Aaarghh! Bad weather > 500m.
128 Hasundhornet   533m 93m Ulstein 04.05.12 19:25pm 500m 3,1km hike, up Klo-gylet, down Kluftagylet. Slippery (but refreshing!) after snow and rain.
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 03.05.12 20:45pm 350m 7km running, up and down Huldrehornet and 12m:07s from trailhead to summit (1,1km, 250vm).
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 02.05.12 20:10pm 350m 2,85km running, up and down Huldrehornet and 12m:35s from trailhead to summit (1,1km, 250vm).
Snønipa 1827m 737m Jølster/
01.05.12 15:50pm 1800m 26,6km, 8 hours totally EPIC traverse of Myklebustbreen and Snønipa with Anne, Lise, Ove, Torleiv, Gustav and rendevouz with Joar and Janne at Haugastøylen. Stunning weather. Start at Fossheim, descent via Haugabreen into Haugadalen and Høyvik. Pics
Point 1710m on Myklebustbreen 1710m 94m Stryn/
01.05.12 14:45pm
Point 1739m on Myklebustbreen 1739m 127m Stryn 01.05.12 13:40pm
Steindalsnosi 2025m 175m Luster 30.04.12 12:35pm 750m 7,3km ski-trip w/Anne on Sognefjellet in gorgeous weather. Not so good snow... Pics
Sogndalseggi E 1384m 54m Sogndal 29.04.12 15:35pm 1600m 24,6km EPIC ski-trip w/Anne f/t Sogndalsdalen, via Anestølen, Tverrdalen and the other tops in the order seen to the left. Gorgeous weather. Fantastic ski-trip! Pics
Steindalseggi S 1488m 58m Sogndal 29.04.12 15:10pm
Steindalseggi N 1512m 122m Sogndal 29.04.12 14:50pm
Steindalsbreen 1585m 275m Sogndal 29.04.12 13:55pm
Steindalsbreen E-1 1562m 92m Sogndal 29.04.12 13:10pm
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 27.04.12 19:25pm 250m 2,85km running, up and down Huldrehornet and 12m:24s from trailhead to summit (1,1km, 250vm).
Kayak   - - Herøy /
27.04.12 - - Myrvågneset -  around Storøya - Betemma - Skreddarholmen - Myrvågneset. 11.78km. A bit scary along the way...
Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 26.04.12 20:00pm 300m 6km running, up and down Huldrehornet and around Djupvikvatnet. Rain. 12m:12s from trailhead to summit (1,1km, 250vm).
Gurskøya biking   - - Herøy/Sande 26.04.12 - 850m 37km on bike. Myrvåg - Larsnes - Myrvåg. Rain.
Running   - - Herøy 24.04.12 - 50m 4km around Djupvikvatnet
Gurskøya biking   - - Herøy/Sande 24.04.12 - 850m 37km on bike. Myrvåg - Larsnes - Myrvåg.
Kayak   - - Herøy /
23.04.12 - - Myrvågneset -  Hasund - Veøya - Myrvågneset. 9,2km.
Sandegga 1389m 239m Ørsta/
22.04.12 15:40pm 1300m 9,4km fantastic ski-trip f/t Langvatn w/Anne. Gorgeous weather. Pics
Ramnefjellet   444m 74m Hareid 21.04.12 11:10am 850m A short hike (1,9km) w/Anne, and a nice variation from the 52,2km bike-trip on Gurskøya and Hareidlandet. In the rain...
Sandhornet   909m 471m Ørsta 20.04.12 16:45pm 800m 8,6km ski-trip f/t Brudevoll w/Anne. Wonderful to be back on snow! Pics
113 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 19.04.12 19:15pm 350m 2,8km hike. Nice evening!
Kayak   - - Herøy 19.04.12 - - Myrvågneset -  Dragsund - around Bakarholmen & Hestholmen. 10,1km
Vallahornet   830m 15m Ørsta 18.04.12 18:00pm 700m 5,4km ski-trip w/Terje Øvrebø. Good to be back on skis again! Pics
111 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 17.04.12 19:45pm 350m 4,8km fast hike/jog. 5m:45s from the top down to the road (1,1km). Good pace!
Kayak   - - Herøy 17.04.12 - - Aspvika - Veøya - Myrvågneset. 7km.
110 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 16.04.12 17:30pm 350m 4,8km fast hike/jog. 24m:02s (2,8km route) - new personal record.
Gurskøya biking   - - Herøy/Sande 15.04.12 - 850m 37km on bike. Myrvåg - Larsnes - Myrvåg. A good post-skiing activity...
Kolåstinden   1432m 1164m Ørsta 15.05.12 13:00pm 1050m 10,7km ski-trip f/t Standaleidet. Outstanding weather and snow! Pics
108 Hornkollen 140m 132m Vågsøy 14.04.12 15:10pm 150m 1,2km off-trail hike. Got the 15:30 ferry. Yeah! The next ran at 18:30...
107 Rauddalsegga 318m 145m Vågsøy 14.04.12 14:35pm 500m 3,5km hike f/t Krabbestigen. Showers passing through Fåfjorden...
106 Krabbestigheida 330m 330m Vågsøy 14.04.12 14:15pm
105 Rønelden 321m 243m Vågsøy 14.04.12 13:05pm 300m 3,1km hike f/t Husevåg. Eagles!
104 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 13.04.12 19:40pm 350m 2,8km hike & scramble w/Terje Øvrebø.
Gurskøya biking   -   Herøy/Sande 12.04.12 - 850m 36,7km on bike. Myrvåg - Larsnes - Myrvåg. Nice weather, but cold...
Røddalshorn   563m 100m Sande 11.04.12 18:20pm 400m 4km on skis f/t Leikongeidet w/ Bjørn Skoge. Wet, wet, wet snow, fog and rain...
102 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 10.04.12 19:35pm 350m 2,8km fast hike/jog. 26m:36s. Still some wet snow. And slippery...
101 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 09.04.12 19:45pm 350m 4,8km fast hike/jog. 29m:27s in wet snow. Tired after driving from Hov to Sunnmøre.
100 Helvetesberget 539m 66m Søndre Land 08.04.12 15:35pm 350m 8,6km round trip forest hike, f/t Hov by Randsfjorden.
99 Kleivene 566m 133m Søndre Land 08.04.12 11:10am 450m 12,5km round trip forest hike w/Anne, f/t Øksne by Randsfjorden.
98 Pico de Peñones 488m 293m Spain
(Sierra del Cabo de Gata)
06.04.12 15:30pm 500m 9,9km hike w/Anne to the 2nd highest top in the Sierra del Cabo de Gata range. Huge mountain!
97 Cerro de la Viuda 263m 117m Spain
(Sierra del Cabo de Gata)
06.04.12 12:00pm 150m 2,3km post-post breakfast hike. Starting to become familiar with Las Negras mountains...
96 Ricardillo 309m 125m Spain
(Sierra del Cabo de Gata)
06.04.12 10:25am 300m 8,4km morning hike after breakfast. Very nice route - f/t Las Negras. Brilliant weather.
95 Cerro de la Molata 231m 146m Spain
(Sierra del Cabo de Gata)
06.04.12 08:00am 200m Quick 1,3km morning hike before breakfast. Reached the top at sunrise.
94 Cerro de los Guardias 214m 139m Spain
(Sierra del Cabo de Gata)
05.04.12 15:50pm 150m 1,2km solo hike. Bush.
93 Cerro de la Hortichuela 358m 171m Spain
(Sierra del Cabo de Gata)
05.04.12 15:10pm 300m 2,5km solo hike. No bush due to fire. Cool colors.
92 Cerro de los Frailes
north top
444m 92m Spain
(Sierra del Cabo de Gata)
05.04.12 12:00pm 550m 6km hike w/Anne, across the highest peak (El Fraile) in the Sierra del Cabo de Gata range. Very cool tops, and a mighty view!
91 El Fraile (south top) 490m 409m Spain
(Sierra del Cabo de Gata)
05.04.12 11:25:am
90 Cerro Negro 171m 81m Spain
(Sierra del Cabo de Gata)
04.04.12 17:40pm 200m 3,5km nice evening hike with a fine view towards Las Negras.
89 Cerro de los Lobos 264m 189m Spain
(Sierra del Cabo de Gata)
04.04.12 16:00pm 200m 3,7km hike w/Anne. Cool lighthouse summit and nice coastal view.
88 Pico del Cielo 1543m 61m Spain
(Sierra de Tejeda)
03.04.12 15:10pm 1400m 20,7km, 5,5h hike f/t Maro w/Anne. Fog and rain > 700 meters. Satellite peak of Navachica. Strenuous! Pics
- Cueva de Nerja - - Spain
(Sierra de Tejeda)
03.04.12 - - Huge cave system that contains the worlds largest column formed by stalactite and stalagmite. Very cool and very impressive!
87 Rábita de Torrox 697m 252m Spain
(Sierra de Tejeda)
02.04.12 16:30pm 200m 4,3km evening hike w/Anne. An easy stroll up and down this hill above Torrox. Pics.
86 El Fuerte 1004m 183m Spain
(Sierra de Tejeda)
02.04.12 12:30pm 600m 7,2km w/Anne, f/t Frigiliana. An impressive top! Pics.
85 Puerta Verde de Torrox 545m 100m Spain
(Sierra de Tejeda)
01.04.12 19:00pm 50m Evening walk w/Anne, to the local top above our hotel - de los Caracoles. Pics.
- Mustadkampen 585m 67m Gjøvik 31.03.12 19:00pm 100m 5,2km forest hike f/t Stangstugu.
- Høybakkhovde 377m 79m Nordre Land 31.03.12 14:30pm 150m 3,7km forest hike w/Anne, on the way to Hov - and later on - Spain.
Gurskøya biking   -   Herøy 29.02.12 - 350m 21km on bike in pouring rain. Myrvåg - Skogevatnet and return.
84 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 28.03.12 18:35pm 350m 2,8km fast hike/run. 24m:17s. Progress...
83 Sandvikhornet   352m 14m Herøy 27.03.12 19:00pm 400m 5,6km hike/run f/t Sandvik. Light rain. 16m:29m to the top. Not bad.
82 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 26.03.12 19:00pm 350m 2,8km fast hike/run. 24m:39s. Yeah! Crazy man in the forest...
81 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 25.03.12 18:05pm 350m 2,8km fast hike/run. 26m:09s. Spring!
80 Høgehaugen 164m 134m Vågsøy 25.03.12 15:30pm 100m 0,9km hike w/Anne. A very easy top!
79 Blåfjellet 461m 138m Vågsøy 25.03.12 13:15pm 550m 6,5km hike w/Anne, from Ongelsvatnet and return via Nakkane and Stallbrekka. Great route!
78 Ramnereiret 407m 337m Vågsøy 25.03.12 11:20pm 400m 5,9km hike f/t Raudeberg w/Anne. Rise and shine!
- Hendaneset Fyr - - Vågsøy 24.03.12 17:05PM 50m The last built lighthouse in Vågsøy. Visited w/Anne. Now calling it a day...
77 Hestetinden (Hesten) 330m 247m Vågsøy 24.03.12 16:00pm 250m 3,9km hike f/t Vågsvåg w/Anne. Soon calling it a day...
- Kannesteinen - - Vågsøy 24.03.12 14:50PM - Famous rock at Oppedal. Managed to climb it...
76 Traneberget 418m 100m Vågsøy 24.03.12 13:45PM 250m 2,7km hike f/t Ongelsvatnet w/Anne. Good path. Nice hike.
75 Mehuken 433m 130m Vågsøy 24.03.12 12:30pm 150m 3,5km hike f/t Movatna (along a road) w/Anne. Good to be finally out here! Windy...
74 Aregjell   200m 97m Sande 23.03.12 16:40pm 150m 3,4km hike w/Anne. Messed up forest
- Kråkereidet 131m 48m Sande 23.03.12 15:30pm 50m 1,1km hike w/Anne. Nice evening.
73 Vasshornet   479m 56m Sande 22.03.12 17:00pm 400m 4km hike w/Anne. Light rain.
72 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 20.03.12 19:00pm 350m 2,8km fast hike/run. 28m:10s. Wind & rain.
71 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 19.03.12 19:10pm 350m 2,8km hike w/Anne. Very windy on top!!
70 Botnaberget 691m 58m Vanylven 18.03.12 13:10pm 750m 8,1km hike f/t Skor w/Anne. Bad weather! Very low visibility on top! Pics.
- "Tusentrinnstrappa"   - - Vanylven 17.03.12 16:20pm 300m 1000 steps up "Tusentrinnstrappa" with Anne. Pics.
69 Høgegga (Kongereggja) 414m 56m Selje 17.03.12 14:04pm 650m 7,8km hike f/t Liset w/Anne. Gorgeous day! Bad weather later on... Pics.
68 Heidane (Storehornet) 530m 88m Selje 17.03.12 13:15:pm
67 Rjåhornet   600m 107m Herøy 16.03.12 18:15pm 600m 6,1km hike f/t Leikong. Rain.
66 Laupsnipa   558m 380m Herøy 14.03.12 18:20pm 550m 4,3km hike f/t Voldnes. Rain. 28m:33s up.
65 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 13.03.12 19:35pm* 350m 2,8km after-dark hike. Rain. Very stiff leg!
64 Laupsnipa   558m 380m Herøy 11.03.12 20:30pm* 550m 4,3km hike f/t Voldnes. Light rain. Fog. Hurt my leg.
63 Stedjeåsen   624m 121m Sogndal 11.03.12 10:40pm 550m Recovery after spending entire Saturday in bed with back-pain...
62 Laupsnipa   558m 380m Herøy 05.03.12 19:50pm* 550m 4,3km hike f/t Voldnes. Light rain.
61 Stålet 122m 49m Selje 04.03.12 14:35pm 500m 5,5km hike f/t Honningsvåg. Northernmost point on Stadlandet. Fun hike! Pics.
60 Svartehornet 475m 110m Selje 04.03.12 12:50pm 450m 4km hike f/t Dalsbøen. Strenuous terrain. Pics.
59 Venøya 123m 123m Selje 03.03.12 15:05pm 100m 0,8km hike f/t Langeneset. No path. Pics.
58 Sandvikhornet 307m 119m Selje 03.03.12 14:25pm 300m 2,7km hike f/t Sandvik. No path. Pics.
57 Flistrahornet 637m 104m Selje 03.03.12 12:45pm 650m 6km hike f/t Øyra. Mostly on path. Nice weather! Pics
(Did not summit)
  1206m 172m Ørsta 02.03.12 19:50pm* 450m 8,6km ski-trip f/t Bondalseidet w/Terje Øvrebø. We reached 1100m and turned around because of ice all over the place. Pics
56 Garneshornet   454m 37m Ulstein 01.03.12 19:50pm* 450m 3,1km after-dark hike w/Martin Hauge-Nilsen. It cleared up after rain all day.
55 Laupsnipa   558m 380m Herøy 29.02.12 19:20pm* 550m 4,3km hike f/t Voldnes. Light rain. Scared two Polish guys when I crawled up from the creek after cleaning my shoes...
54 Haddalshornet   611m 103m Ulstein 28.02.12 19:50pm* 550m 4km after-dark hike f/t Haddal. Fun glissade on the way down.
53 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 27.02.12 19:30pm* 350m 2,8km after-dark hike. Pouring rain. Strong gale or light storm on top.
Spefjell 1104m 54m Sogndal/
26.02.12 13:20pm 700m 7,5km ski-trip f/t Dalavatnet w/Anne. Gorgeous morning. Nice snow above the forest. Pics.
Krokberg 1356m 106m Luster 25.02.12 14:00pm 600m 22,7km ski-trip f/t Heggmyrane w/Anne (incl. ski-lift and 2,1km on foot at the end). Gorgeous weather. Pics.
Høgaleinene 1066m 96m Luster 25.02.12 12:15pm
49 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 23.02.12 18:05pm* 350m 2,8km after-dark hike. Back after 3 days in Holland
48 Skolma   636m 483m Hareid/
19.02.12 13:40pm 600m 10,5km hike f/t Ytreflø w/Terje Øvrebø. All-weather day!  Pics
47 Geitahornet 475m 137m Selje 18.02.12 15:00pm 500m 10,4km hike f/t Otneimneset. Nice weather at first, snow on the way down.
46 Elvehornet
373m 85m Selje 18.02.12 13:15pm 300m 4,9km round trip hike. From really, really bad weather on my way to Stad, to brilliant weather throughout my hike. Joy! Pics
45 Furehornet 431m 93m Selje 18.02.12 12:35pm
Myrvåg biking   -   Herøy 16.02.12 - 200m 16km on bike (2 laps around Myrvåg). Full round aborted due to heavy rain and cold feet.
Myrvåg biking   -   Herøy 15.02.12 - 400m 32km on bike (4 laps around Myrvåg)
44 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 13.02.12 19:05pm* 350m 2,8km after-dark hike. After all-day rain and snow showers
43 Gamlemsveten   791m 598m Haram 12.02.12 13:30pm 750m 10,3km hike f/t Søvik w/Petter Bjørstad. Poor visibility > 700m.  Pics
Snøhornet   1309m 716m Ørsta/ Volda 11.02.12 13:45pm 1200m 10,3km ski-trip f/t Årset w/Petter Bjørstad. Flat light. Rough > 1100m. Pics
Myrvåg biking   -   Herøy 10.02.12 - 400m 32km on bike (4 laps around Myrvåg)
Myrvåg biking   -   Herøy 08.02.12 - 300m 24km on bike (3 laps around Myrvåg)
41 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 06.02.12 19:30pm* 350m 2,8km after-dark hike.
40 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 05.02.12 22:00pm* 350m 2,8km after-dark hike. A small snowstorm above the forest
39 Leinebjørnen   273m 110m Herøy 05.02.12 15:20pm 250m 3,4km hike f/t Frøystadskaret. 1st trip on this path! Pics
38 Leinehornet   366m 366m Herøy 05.02.12 14:35pm 350m 2,1km hike f/t Volsund. Very windy!  Pics
37 Sætrehornet 230m 32m Herøy 05.02.12 13:15pm 250m 2,7km hike f/t Goksøyr. Steep ascent. Descent via Litlevatnet.  Pics
36 Sandvikhornet   352m 14m Herøy 04.02.12 14:45pm 350m 4km hike f/t Sandvik. Nice!
Kvannskarhornet 582m 74m Vanylven 04.02.12 12:50pm 650m 8,8km ski-trip, f/t Rusta by Fiskå. Very windy on top! At the trailhead, I met the same guy as  in Jan. 2009. He recognized my car straight away...  Pics
Kolgrovhornet 531m 70m Vanylven 04.02.12 12:30pm
34 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 04.02.12 19:40pm 350m 2,8km hike. 29m:10s (up, down the other side, back to the top and return)
33 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 02.02.12 19:50pm 350m 2,8km hike. Snowfall!
32 Laupsnipa   558m 380m Herøy 01.02.12 19:10pm* 550m 4,3km hike f/t Voldnes on snow & ice. 33m:16s up, 16m:10s down.
31 Rjåhornet   600m 107m Herøy 31.01.12 20:10pm* 600m 6,1km after-dark hike f/t Leikong. Gorgeous weather!  Pics
30 Laupsnipa   558m 380m Herøy 30.01.12 20:15pm* 550m 4,3km hike f/t Voldnes. Amazing northern light.  Pics
- Søreggja 400m 52m Selje 29.01.12 14:25pm 250m 4,1km hike, f/t Kopevatnet on Sandvikseidet. Pics
29 Nausane 448m 160m Selje 29.01.12 14:00pm
28 Berstadhornet 578m 108m Selje 29.01.12 12:25pm 350m 5,8km hike f/t Mannseidet. Gorgeous weather. Pics
27 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 28.01.12 15:45pm 350m 2,8km hike. Nice weather
Vikesandhornet 749m 110m Vanylven 28.01.12 12:40pm 700m 8,8km ski-trip f/t Landsverk (Syvden). Nice weather. Icy. Pics
25 Melshornet   668m 560m Hareid 27.01.12 20:20pm 550m 7,2km after-dark hike w/Lena, Terje & "Donna". Nice weather. Pics
24 Storevarden   430m 430m Herøy 26.01.12 20:35pm* 400m 5,3km hike w/Vidar Kvalsund. Nice weather and a cold wind
23 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 25.01.12 20:40pm* 350m 2,8km after-dark hike. Nice weather, but a cold and strong wind
22 Blåtind   697m 697m Ulstein 24.01.12 18:00pm* 650m 5km nice after-dark hike. Cold wind on top. 1h:24m total
21 Blåtind   697m 697m Ulstein 23.01.12 18:24pm* 650m 5km evening hike w/Martin Ringstad. Stunning sky!
Stedjeåsen   624m 121m Sogndal 22.01.12 17:30pm* 550m Had to go up again. Rugged after-dark skiing in excellent snow. Pics
Stedjeåsen   624m 121m Sogndal 21.01.12 21:00pm* 550m Camping w/Anne. Beautiful evening. Pics
18 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 19.01.12 19:20pm* 350m 2,8km after-dark hike - 19m:48s total
17 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 18.01.12 19:20pm* 350m 2,8km after-dark hike - after some heavy rain showers
16 Laupsnipa   558m 380m Herøy 17.01.12 19:50pm* 550m 4,3km hike f/t Voldnes. Nice weather
15 Garneshornet   454m 37m Ulstein 16.01.12 20:00pm* 450m 3,1km after-dark hike w/Rune Olsen. Nice weather.  Pics
14 Storevarden   430m 430m Herøy 15.01.12 14:35pm 400m 5,3km hike w/Anne. Fog and rain...
13 Sollihornet 570m 100m Vanylven 14.01.12 14:25pm 600m 10km hike w/Anne. OK weather, albeit quite windy on top.  Pics
- Olaliheida 570m 37m Vanylven 14.01.12 14:15pm
12 Haddalshornet   611m 103m Ulstein 13.01.12 18:30pm* 550m 3,8km after-dark hike w/Anne. Up Klyngsgylet w/axe an crampons, down the west flank.  Pics
11 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 12.01.12 20:10pm* 350m 4,4km after-dark hike w/Anne. Scrambling in hail showers. Cool...
10 Øyrahornet   417m 44m Herøy 11.01.12 18:55pm* 400m 3,8km after-dark hike. VERY bad weather
9 Garneshornet   454m 37m Ulstein 10.01.12 19:45pm* 450m 3,1km after-dark hike w/Anne. Heavy rain
8 Haddalshornet   611m 103m Ulstein 09.01.12 18:30pm* 550m 4,2km after-dark hike. Strenuous hike with rotten snow
Svartegga 1047m 392m Eid 08.01.12 14:10pm 900m 11,7km fantastic ski-trip f/t Lotsberg w/Anne Rudsengen, Lise Grønbukt & Ove Lotsberg. Superb weather and superb snow! Pics
Storegga   968m 118m Eid 07.01.12 12:15pm 200m 1,3km ski-trip w/Anne, f/t Harpefossen. Total 17,5km on skis in the hill. Poor visibility. Snowfall. Pics
5 Huldrehornet   271m 113m Herøy 05.01.12 20:15pm* 350m 3km hike. Light snowfall. Nice!
4 Garnestua   653m 415m Ulstein 04.01.12 18:00pm* 500m 5,8km hike f/t Løsetvatnet w/Øystein Vik Myklebust. Plenty of snow. Moonlight, strong wind and snow showers
3 Laupsnipa   558m 380m Herøy 03.01.12 18:35pm* 550m 4,3km hike f/t Voldnes. 55:29 u&d. Nice weather. Snow > 400m.
2 Sandvikhornet   352m 14m Herøy 02.01.12 17:25pm* 500m 6km hike f/t Sandvik. Intervals up to Skaret afterwards. OK weather.
1 Rjåhornet   600m 107m Herøy 01.01.12 17:50pm* 600m 6,1km after-dark hike f/t Leikong w/Anne. OK weather with some light rain.