Hiking Log 2005, Arnt Flatmo

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This is my 2005 hiking log. Mountains I've done before appear in italic style. Temperature readings (celcius) from Ulriken thermometer. Windspeed readings (highest m/s) from my Sillva Windwatch anemometer. Note: "VM" means true vertical meters climbed. An asterix (*) after "Time" means I hiked after dark.

See also the hikes I did in 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000 and 1999.

Thanks to all who came along so far!!

Statistics 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 Milestones 2005
# of New mountains   133 100 130 123 119 06.02 Completed Fusa Kommune
19.02 Completed Osterøy Kommune
26.02 Completed Fitjar Kommune
12.03 Passed 300 Hordafjell >300m
17.05 Completed Lindås Kommune

23.07: Hordaland mnts: 50% compl
13.11: Completed Tysnes Kommune
15.12: Completed Masfjorden Kommune
# of Byfjellene/Ulriken hikes   162 151 140 136 127
# of other mountains   47 52 32 37 24
TOTAL   342 303 302 296 270
Vertical meters   160600m 146350m 145450m 126000m 88100m

15.12.05: Visited 376 of 706 Hordaland mountains

# Mountain Height Kommune Date Time VM Comments
342 Meraftafjellet 576m Skodje K. 31.12.2005 12:05PM 500m 2,5h, 6Km ski-trip in messy terrain. HPT Uksenøya.
341 Sukkertoppen 314m Ålesund K. 30.12.2005 12:05PM 250m The Sugar top, just as Lyderhorn in Bergen.
340 Ursfjellet
561m Ålesund/
Skodje K.
29.12.2005 12:20PM 550m 3h, 9Km hike in great weather. This is the Ålesund kommune HPT, although the summit belongs to Skodje.
339 Sulafjellet (Vardane) 776m Sula K. 28.12.2005 11:50AM 750m 3h:20m, 12,3Km ski-trip in gorgeous weather. Cold wind on top and overall lack of snow. HPT Giske K.
338 Lesten 401m Giske K. 27.12.2005 13:10PM 650m 3h:20m, 8Km fantastic roundtrip on Godøya island. My first hike after moving to Ålesund. HPT. Sula K.
337 Storhornet 497m Giske K. 27.12.2005 11:50AM
- Høgenakken 130m Ålesund K. 21.12.2005 13:00PM 100m My new city is Ålesund and this is my local top. Splendid views.
336 Ulriken Tower (#162) 605m Bergen K. 18.12.2005 14:00PM 400m -5 deg. C. Hi to Lars & Kim. Keep it up! Pics.
335 Ulriken Tower (#161) 605m Bergen K. 17.12.2005 12:15PM 400m -5 deg. C. Snowfall and winds. Great hike. Pics.
334 Sætrefjellet 770m* Masfjorden K. 15.12.2005 10:55PM 300m A "new" mountain has surfaced.
333 Ulriken Tower (#160) 605m Bergen K. 12.12.2005 15:25PM 400m 0 deg. C. Incoming rain.
332 Gravdalsfjellet 351m Bergen K. 11.12.2005 11:30PM 350m 2,5h, 5,5Km wet and foggy hike. No pics.
331 Grønlinutane 738m Fusa K. 09.12.2005 12:20PM 700m 4h, 11,2Km from Markhus. Icy roads and trails. Well-known viewpoint w/name confusion. PF <= 100m.
- Helleknappen 692m Fusa K. 09.12.2005 11:50AM
330 Ulriken Tower (#159) 605m Bergen K. 07.12.2005 16:55PM 400m -1 deg. C. Almost no snow left.
329 Grønefjellet 655m Masfjorden K. 05.12.2005 12:25PM 600m 5,7Km, 3h:15m. Cold wind. Masfjorden K. completed.
328 Grønetua (#158) 642m Bergen K. 04.12.2005 12:30PM 650m 9Km, 3h NICE roundtrip. Cold wind.
327 Blåfjellet 816m Masfjorden K. 03.12.2005 12:10PM 900m 9Km, 4,5h hard walk in snow.
- Fløyen 320m* Bergen K. 02.12.2005 19:30PM* 200m Nice views.
326 Ulriken Tower (#157) 605m Bergen K. 30.11.2005 19:25PM* 400m -5 deg. C. 15-20cm snow. COLD wind.
325 Ulriken Tower (#156) 605m Bergen K. 28.11.2005 19:25PM* 400m -5 deg. C. Starry & VERY icy. Tested new lens. Pics.
324 Haukelandsstikkene (#155) 657m* Bergen K. 27.11.2005 12:45PM 500m Sedalen - Turnerhytten - Landåsdalen. 3hrs. Cloudy and cold, but a nice roundtrip.
323 Sædalhesten 812m Vaksdal K. 26.11.2005 11:45AM 450m Beautiful day. Further hike to Knuskedalsfj. was cancelled due to a furious cold wind (trembling dog).
322 Ulriken Tower (#154) 605m Bergen K. 25.11.2005 20:05PM* 400m 0 deg. C. A fine evening. 150K. Yeah.
- Håøytoppen 171m Meland K. 25.11.2005 15:15PM 200m A superb Nordhordland viewpoint (Håøyni)
- Landåsfjellet 427m Bergen K. 24.11.2005 16:00PM 150m Big rock research
321 Ulriken Tower (#153) 605m Bergen K. 22.11.2005 20:25PM* 400m 3 deg. C. Nice evening. Drifting fog.
320 Løvstakken 477m Bergen K. 20.11.2005 13:30PM 400m New route (SE ridge from Grønnestølen). Rain.
319 Hisbotnsnuken 622m* Masfjorden K. 19.11.2005 14:20PM 600m 7Km, 3h, good old snow struggle. Great weather.
318 Ulriken Tower (#152) 605m Bergen K. 18.11.2005 16:50PM* 400m -3 deg.C. Incoming clouds. Pics
317 Ulriken Tower (#151) 605m Bergen K. 17.11.2005 21:00PM* 400m -4 deg.C. Score 9/10; No clouds, no wind, fresh snow (a bit icy), full moon, stars.
316 Ulriken Tower (#150) 605m Bergen K. 16.11.2005 19:35PM* 400m -4 deg.C. Fresh snowfall. Nice to see Per Fotland up there. Pics.
315 "Øyjordakamben" 327m Tysnes K. 13.11.2005 14:55PM 250m Two "bushy" forest hills and Tysnes K. is now completed.
314 Hovda 330m Tysnes K. 13.11.2005 12:40PM 200m
313 Ulriken Tower (#149) 605m Bergen K. 12.11.2005 12:20PM 400m 2 deg. C. 27m/s. Howling tower. Rain/sunshine
312 Ulriken Tower (#148) 605m Bergen K. 11.11.2005 19:45PM* 400m 6 deg.C. 22m/s. What? Still rain and fog?
311 Ulriken Tower (#147) 605m Bergen K. 09.11.2005 20:15PM* 400m 3 deg. C. Rainy day. Fog above 500m. Pics
310 Ulriken Tower (#146) 605m Bergen K. 08.11.2005 17:25PM* 400m 4 deg. C. Wet, wet, wet...
309 "Vidden" (#145) 650m~ Bergen K. 06.11.2005 13:30PM 700m From Bjørndalen, via Ulriken HPT, across Vidden and down Våkendalen. 15,5Km, 4hrs. Pics
308 Brydalsfjellet 762m Masfjorden K. 05.11.2005 13:00PM 450m Easy ascent. Steep descent.
- Matresdalen - Masfjorden K. 05.11.2005 - 0m Big rock safari
307 Ulriken Tower (#144) 605m Bergen K. 04.11.2005 17:15PM* 400m 3 deg. C. Rain, wind and fog.
306 Ulriken Tower (#143) 605m Bergen K. 02.11.2005 19:40PM* 400m 4 deg. C. Rain. Rough on top.
305 Ulriken Tower (#142) 605m Bergen K. 01.11.2005 19:20PM* 400m 7 deg. C. Rain, thick fog and extremely bad visibility.
304 Ulriken Tower (#141) 605m Bergen K. 31.10.2005 17:20PM 400m 8 deg. C. Before the rain and dead darkness.
303 Veten 409m Kvinnherad K. 30.10.2005 14:05PM 400m Highest point on Snilstveitøy
- "Håhaugsteinen" - Ullensvang K. 29.10.2005 17:20PM 50m Petroglyphs above Hauso.
302 Ulriken Tower (#140) 605m Bergen K. 27.10.2005 19:50PM* 400m 11 deg. C. Gale and Föhn wind. Pics.
301 Ulriken Tower (#139) 605m Bergen K. 25.10.2005 20:15PM* 400m -1 deg. C. Rain and some wet snow. Dark.
- "Stemmesteinene" 390m* Bergen K. 24.10.2005 18:20PM 250m Big rocks above Sedalen
300 Ulriken Tower (#138) 605m Bergen K. 23.10.2005 15:15PM 500m 0 deg. C. 3h round trip.
299 Ulriken Tower (#137) 605m Bergen K. 22.10.2005 14:45PM 400m 4 deg. C. Rain and fog.
- Aksla 188m Ålesund K 21.10.2005 13:00PM 150m Ålesund's "byfjell". 418 steps. Nice views.
298 Ulriken Tower (#136) 605m Bergen K. 19.10.2005 19:00PM* 400m 10 deg. C. After-dark descent. Pics.
- "Storamyrsteinen" 120m* Bergen K. 18.10.2005 16:10PM 100m Hike w/David to "Tobrik" (The Other Big Rock In Kanadaskogen - Eikelisteinen being the first). The rock is split, and I could only climb the lower. A ladder is needed.
297 Norddalsfjellet 1059m Voss K. 16.10.2005 14:15PM 700m 4h:10m 11,2Km hike in a beautiful landscape.
- Klyvenuten 976m Kvam K. 15.10.2005 15:50PM 1500m 8h:15m non-stop, 24Km round trip in splendid nature and weather. Tough hike. Started out from Bjørke above Fyksesund.
296 Pyttafjellet 1130m* Kvam K. 15.10.2005 14:55PM
295 Gråeggi 1182m Kvam K. 15.10.2005 13:40PM
- Fagraseteggi 1037m Kvam K. 15.10.2005 12:45PM
294 Ulriken Tower (#135) 605m Bergen K. 13.10.2005 17:00PM 400m 6 deg. C. Very RAINY hike w/Mia Gill.
293 Rødsfjellet 525m Os K. 12.10.2005 17:40PM 450m Nice round trip hike. Windy.
292 Ulriken Tower (#134) 605m Bergen K. 11.10.2005 18:20PM 400m 14 deg. C!!! That southern breeze... Pics.
291 Ulriken Tower (#133) 605m Bergen K. 09.10.2005 16:00PM 400m 5 deg. C. Windy summit. Between rainshowers.
290 Gjøvågsfjellet 306m Tysnes K. 08.10.2005 15:30PM 250m Strong winds and incoming rain.
289 Dalstuva 336m Tysnes K. 08.10.2005 13:25PM 350m Forest nightmare. Reksteren high point.
288 Storafjellet 915m Samnanger K./
Kvam K.
07.10.2005 18:00PM 500m "Indian summer" with gale on top. 8,5Km, 3,5hrs round trip. Down 1 hour after sunset.
287 Ulriken Tower (#132) 605m Bergen K. 06.10.2005 18:10PM 400m 8 deg. C. "Gloomy"
286 Ulriken Tower (#131) 605m Bergen K. 04.10.2005 17:05PM 400m 9 deg. C. Beautiful afternoon.
285 Ulriken Tower (#130) 605m Bergen K. 03.10.2005 19:20PM 400m 7 deg. C. Rain and fog.
284 Opptakshaugane 1687m Luster K. 01.10.2005 16:00PM 1350m 17,5Km, 10hrs round trip over a snowdome connecting to Jostedalsbreen (we passed around, max elev. 1590m.) Varying weather. Snow and fog on top.
283 Ulriken Tower (#129) 605m Bergen K. 29.09.2005 19:25PM 400m 3 deg. C. Rain
282 Ulriken Tower (#128) 605m Bergen K. 28.09.2005 19:05PM 400m 4 deg. C. Rain- and hailshowers.
281 Ulriken Tower (#127) 605m Bergen K. 26.09.2005 19:25PM 400m 9 deg. C. Windy. 20 m/s.
- Vardane 711m Vaksdal K. 25.09.2005 13:05PM 700m A fine walk, meeting nice people along the way - including a very fortunate guy.
280 Storenuten 718m Vaksdal K. 25.09.2005 12:15PM
279 Slettefjellet 958m Vaksdal K. 24.09.2005 14:40PM 1000m 4h:45m, 10Km round-trip. Kyrafjellet wasn't quite straightforward.
278 Kyrafjellet 775m Vaksdal K. 24.09.2005 13:20PM
277 Gladihaug 431m Lindås K. 23.09.2005 18:00PM 250m Windy hike w/David
276 Ulriken Tower (#126) 605m Bergen K. 21.09.2005 18:30PM 400m 8 deg. C. Rain and the "flu"
275 Ulriken Tower (#125) 605m Bergen K. 19.09.2005 18:10PM 400m 8 deg. C. Wind and the "flu"
274 Bruviknipa 822m Osterøy K. 17.09.2005 14:50PM 950m From Bruvik after giving up climbing the couloir leading up to "Inste Gjelet".
273 Litlagullfjellet
799m Bergen K. 16.09.2005 19:05PM 650m After a failed attempt on Ronamanen via Pilatusgjelet. Dangerous couloir without snow.
272 Hausdalshorga 784m Bergen K. 15.09.2005 18:25PM 550m The day after the rain.
271 Ulriken Tower (#124) 605m Bergen K. 12.09.2005 19:35PM 400m 6 deg. C. "Autumn-ish" evening. Chilly.
270 Britahaugen 985m Voss K. 11.09.2005 15:05PM 400m 8,5Km hike w/rainshowers. 3rd trip from top of Teigdalen this year.
269 Navane 970m Vaksdal/Voss 11.09.2005 13:55PM
268 Ruvlenuten 1596m Ulvik K. 10.09.2005 14:00PM 950m 18Km, 6,5hrs hike on a gorgeous day with some challenges along the way.
267 Baksafjellet 1636m Ulvik/Aurland 10.09.2005 12:40PM
266 Ulriken Tower (#123) 605m Bergen K. 09.09.2005 19:40PM 400m 5 deg. C. Very nice afternoon
265 Ulriken Tower (#122) 605m Bergen K. 08.09.2005 19:50PM 400m 5 deg. C. Rainshowers and sunshine
264 Ulriken Tower (#121) 605m Bergen K. 06.09.2005 19:35PM 400m 14 deg. C. Rain moving in
263 Ulriken Tower (#120) 605m Bergen K. 05.09.2005 19:30PM 400m 11 deg. C. Nice chat with Per Fotland.
262 Torsnuten 1572m Ullensvang K. 03.09.2005 13:50PM 1450m Highest independent rock mountain on Folgefonnhalvøya.
261 Ulriken Tower (#119) 605m Bergen K. 02.09.2005 18:30PM 400m 10 deg. C. Paragliders all over the mountain
260 Ulriken Tower (#118) 605m Bergen K. 31.08.2005 20:05PM 400m 11 deg. C. Another nice evening.
259 Ulriken Tower (#117) 605m Bergen K. 30.08.2005 19:45PM 400m 9 deg. C. Nice evening. Met Dag.
258 Ulriken Tower (#116) 605m Bergen K. 29.08.2005 20:15PM 400m 6 deg. C. Back to normal. Rainshowers.
257 Gygrastolen 1339m Kvinnherad K. 27.08.2005 14:40PM 1300m 7h hike with Agnete and Torbjørn in pouring rain, snowfall and sunshine. Very airy on summit ridge.
256 Aunfjellet 769m Brønnøy K. 24.08.2005 13:00PM 1000m 18Km walk from Borkamo to Sausvatn. My best walk this year.
255 S. Snøfjellet 885m Brønnøy K. 24.08.2005 11:35AM
254 Torghatten 258m Brønnøy K. 23.08.2005 13:55PM 350m Famous coastal mountain. Cool traverse; up, across, down, around and *through*
253 Ulriken HPT (#115) 642m Bergen K. 21.08.2005 14:30PM 450m 19 deg. C. Scrambling around w/David. Pics.
252 Veranuten 1222m Kvinnherad K. 20.08.2005 14:15PM 1050m 16Km, 6h:15m very bumpy walk in complex terrain and among the lonliest sheep you can imagine. Kvitafjellet is a gateway to Folgefonna.
- 1229m S of Fonnav. 1229m Kvinnherad K. 20.08.2004 13:15PM
251 "Kvitafjellet" 1389m Kvinnherad K. 20.08.2005 12:10PM
250 Brattagrød,
Kvinnherad K. 19.08.2005 18:25PM 750m A very fine viewpoint.
249 "Bukkanut"
1302m Kvinnherad K. 19.08.2005 16:10PM 550m "Scrambling heaven"
248 Ulriken Tower (#114) 605m Bergen K. 18.08.2005 18:40PM 400m 14 deg. C. Very bad foot. Hmm..
247 Store Soleibotntind 2083m Luster K. 14.08.2005 12:20PM 900m Southern part of Hurrungane. 4h up and down.
246 Store Skagastølstind 2405m Luster/
Årdal K.
13.08.2005 14:10PM 1550m 3rd highest in Norway. "Andrews renne" with Bjørn Eirik Hanssen. Tremendously airy, but great fun.
245 Ulriken Tower (#113) 605m Bergen K. 11.08.2005 19:10PM 400m 9 deg. C. Cloudy
244 Trollebottseggane 1419m Jølster K. 10.08.2005 12:25PM 1350m Finally a visit to Eggjenibba. This one has been on the to-do list for a long time.
243 Eggjenibba 1338m Gloppen K. 10.08.2005 09:50AM
242 Hornindalsrokken 1529m* Hornindal/
Stranda K.
09.08.2005 13:20PM 1150m Hike w/Torill Berg to a spectacular mountain, located on the Sogn og Fjordane/Møre og Romsdal county border.
241 Illestigfjellet 663m Masfjorden K. 08.08.2005 15:00PM 700m Cool Masfjorden mountain with few ascent routes
240 Breidvasstinden 1224m Brønnøy K. 05.08.2005 12:20PM 1300m Highest in Brønnøy K. Tough walk. 6,5 hrs, 23Km.
239 Stortinden 910m Alstahaug K. 04.08.2005 14:10PM 1450m The Seven Sisters (Sandnessjøen) are now completed. Wonderful peaks!
238 Kvasstinden 1010m Alstahaug K. 04.08.2005 12:45PM
237 Landfjellet 364m Brønnøy K. 03.08.2005 16:30PM 250m By Tosenfjorden. Afternoon walk.
236 Gravtinden 412m Brønnøy K. 02.08.2005 19:35PM 400m Near Hongset. Hilarious drop.
235 Kvernhatten 590m Brønnøy K. 02.08.2005 12:30PM 550m Our local mountain by Sausvatnet
234 Middagstinden 1005m Brønnøy K. 01.08.2005 10:40PM 950m Tosbotn. One of the finest peaks in Brønnøy
233 Trælneshatten 567m Brønnøy K. 31.07.2005 12:00PM 550m With my mom. Good views.
232 Litlhornet 797m Bindal K. 30.07.2004 13:55PM 950m Heilhornet's neighbours. Kula has an awesome ridge, only available to those with head for heights.
231 Kula 778m Bindal K. 30.07.2005 13:00PM
230 Vetlafjellet 1290m Voss K. 29.07.2005 18:20PM 350m On the way to northern Norway
229 Ulriken Tower (#112) 605m Bergen K. 26.07.2005 19:40PM 400m 12 deg. C. 100KVM. 2 days of resting now.
228 Ulriken Tower (#111) 605m Bergen K. 25.07.2005 20:30PM 400m 11 deg. C. Sunny evening. 51 tops ahead vs 2004.
227 Ulriken Tower (#110) 605m Bergen K. 24.07.2005 22:15PM 400m 11 deg. C. Sunset. Very nice. Pics.
226 Gråfjellet 486m Os K. 24.07.2005 15:00PM 450m A forest hill revisited
225 Viksetnipa 1350m* Voss K. 23.07.2005 16:00PM 1000m 6h:45m, 17Km hike along the Voss/Vik kommune border in terrific weather. Fyresnipa is 8th and Uraskarfjellet is 10th highest in Voss kommune.
224 Uraskarfjellet 1437m* Voss K. 23.07.2005 14:55PM
223 Fyresnipa 1465m* Voss K. 23.07.2005 13:10PM
- Øyastølsfjellet 1346m* Voss K. 23.07.2005 12:20PM
222 Liatårnet 341m Fjell K. 22.07.2005 19:55PM 300m From west on new route. Hike w/David.
- Ospåsen 170m Askøy K. 21.07.2005 18:20PM 100m Very short hike + nice car drive + Askøy pics
221 Ulriken Tower (#109) 605m Bergen K. 20.07.2005 19:35PM 400m 11 deg. C. Thick fog. Hello Dag!
220 Ulriken Tower (#108) 605m Bergen K. 19.07.2005 20:00PM 400m 10,5 deg. C. Light rain and fog
219 Kjerringefjellet 388m Masfjorden K. 17.07.2005 13:00PM 300m Forest nightmare. Damned flies.
218 Heinakken 427m* Masfjorden K. 17.07.2005 11:25AM 300m Boggy path and light rain
217 "Giljabotnnipa" 1501m Voss K. 16.07.2005 15:40PM 1400m 6h:30m, 17Km superb hike in spectacular landscape above Gudvangen and along the Voss/Aurland kommune border. Excellent weather. Giljabotnnipa is 4th highest in Voss kommune.
216 Solbjørgonipa 1465m Voss K. 16.07.2005 15:00PM
- Vardanosi 1294m Voss K. 16.07.2005 14:10PM
215 Jordalsnuten 937m Voss K. 16.07.2005 12:30PM
214 Brøknipa 822m Osterøy K. 14.07.2005 18:15PM 500m 1h:55m (U&D) hike from Trollskardet in fog and pouring rain.
213 Ulriken Tower (#107) 605m Bergen K. 13.07.2005 19:25PM 400m 10 deg. C. Light rain and some fog
212 Solbakkafjellet 457m Bergen K. 12.07.2005 19:45PM 400m 2h:20m, 8,5Km forest walk. Misty on top.
211 Austrefjellet 766m Masfjorden K. 11.07.2005 20:00PM 600m 3,5h, 12Km hike and a GREAT afternoon
210 Ulriken Tower (#106) 605m Bergen K. 10.07.2005 18:30PM 400m 15 deg. C. Thick fog.
- Storåsen/Dronninga 190m Askøy K. 10.07.2005 17:50PM 150m Nice and easy forest walk
209 Kvitanosi 1433m Voss K. 09.07.2005 17:00PM 900m 4h:10m, 13Km hike to the highest mountain in Stølsheimen. Beautiful weather. Still a lot of snow.
- Kvitanosberget 1295m* Voss K. 09.07.2005 16:10PM
208 Bjørndalshesten 1222m Voss K. 09.07.2005 15:35PM
207 Ulriken Tower (#105) 605m Bergen K. 08.07.2005 20:30PM 400m 20 deg. C. !! What a day..
- Eikelifjellet 255m* Bergen K. 08.07.2005 18:40PM 200m "Eikelisteinen" is now climbed!! (hike w/David)
206 Skarpefjellet 744m Masfjorden K. 07.07.2005 19:40PM 700m Steep hike in terrific weather.
205 Ulriken Tower (#104) 605m Bergen K. 06.07.2005 19:45PM 400m 9 deg. C. Rainy, foggy and quiet.
204 Gaustadfjellet 317m Bergen K. 05.07.2005 18:55PM 600m 8,3Km, 3h:10m round trip across the "Holsnøy alps". Some steep scrambling, a lot of bush and airy cliffs. Managed to complete the traverse before the rain started to pour down.
- Litlefjellet 245m Bergen K. 05.07.2005 18:20PM
- Borefjellet 227m Bergen K. 05.07.2005 17:40PM
- Øyjordsfjellet 244m Bergen K. 05.07.2005 17:25PM
203 Grindane 1724m Vang K. 03.07.2005 14:20PM 550m A fine mountain in Valdres.
202 Ulriken Tower (#103) 605m Bergen K. 01.07.2005 18:30PM 400m 17 deg. C. Rain moving in. PICS
201 Ulriken Tower (#102) 605m Bergen K. 30.06.2005 21:20PM 400m 16 deg. C. Beautiful afternoon.
200 Løvstakken 477m Bergen K. 30.06.2005 20:15PM 400m From Fredlundsvingen
199 Ulriken HPT (#101) 642m Bergen K. 29.06.2005 17:55PM 450m 19 deg. C ! Beautiful afternoon. Pics
198Ulriken Tower (#100) 605m Bergen K. 28.06.2005 18:30PM 400m 7 deg. C. Light rain.
197 Storenova 559m Masfjorden K. 26.06.2005 16:30PM 900m 4,5h, 14,5Km bush walk in the Gulen mountains.
196 Gulbrekkfjellet 566m Masfjorden K. 26.06.2005 14:40PM
- Sleirsfjellet 549m Masfjorden K. 26.06.2005 14:05PM
- Litlåsfjellet 109m Austrheim K. 26.06.2005 11:20AM 50m High point Austrheim K. Waiting for ferry.
195Melderskin 1426m Kvinnherad K. 25.06.2005 14:40PM 1800m 7h:15m, 16Km wonderful hike in the "Rosendal alps". Sunny, foggy and cloudy weather during the hike. Up via Laurdalen and down via Kletta.
194Omntinden 1378m Kvinnherad K. 25.06.2005 13:30PM
193Inste Laurdalstind 1379m Kvinnherad K. 25.06.2005 12:30PM
192Blåmanen 552m Bergen K. 24.06.2005 20:45PM 500m Via steep scramble up to S. Midtfjell
191Ulriken Tower (#99) 605m Bergen K. 22.06.2005 20:15PM 400m 9 deg. C. Ok. Local fog on top
190Ulriken Tower (#98) 605m Bergen K. 21.06.2005 20:15PM 400m 8 deg. C. Rain and fog.
189Ulriken Tower (#97) 605m Bergen K. 20.06.2005 20:10PM 400m 10 deg. C. Rain and thick fog
188Ulriken Tower (#96) 605m Bergen K. 19.06.2005 16:10PM 400m 14 deg. C. Grey and cloudy
-Tverrfjellet 784m Modalen K. 18.06.2005 13:05PM 1000m 5h:15m, 14,5Km round trip in interesting terrain together with Torbjørn Frøystein.
187Raunefjellet 826m Modalen K. 18.06.2005 12:00PM
186Herlandsfjellet 697m Bergen K. 17.06.2005 19:00PM 400m Nice walk. Mixed cloudy and sunny.
185Ulriken Tower (#95) 605m Bergen K. 15.06.2005 20:00PM 400m 10 deg. C. Grey and cloudy, but OK.
184Ulriken Tower (#94) 605m Bergen K. 14.06.2005 20:25PM 400m 6 deg. C. Rain all day long
183Ulriken Tower (#93) 605m Bergen K. 13.06.2005 20:00PM 400m 9 deg. C. After rainshowers. Pics.
182Ulriken Tower (#92) 605m Bergen K. 12.06.2005 18:15PM 400m 10 deg. C. Small raindrops. Nice temperature.
-Øygarden climbing - Øygarden K. 12.06.2005 - 50m Rock climbing with Bjørn, Eirik, Ragnar & Ståle.
181Skansen 711m Voss K. 11.06.2005 15:50PM 1000m 6h, 13,5Km good walk with Sverre Langhelle. Good weather. Long snow walk on Kringdalsnipa.
180Kringdalsnipa 1052m Voss K. 11.06.2005 13:30PM
179Veten 486m Bergen K. 10.06.2005 20:00PM 400m 2h evening round trip.
178Ulriken Tower (#91) 605m Bergen K. 09.06.2005 18:50PM 400m 6 deg. C. Fog and light rain.
177Ulriken  Tower (#90) 605m Bergen K. 08.06.2005 19:55PM 400m 6 deg. C. Rain. Where's the summer?
176Gullfjellstoppen 987m Bergen K. 07.06.2005 19:15PM 750m Fine traverse
-Liafjellet 259m Os K. 06.06.2005 19:40PM 200m Careful (and nice) walk after leg injury. 
175Matrenipa 587m Masfjorden K. 02.06.2005 18:55PM 400m 5Km, 2h:15m painful/nice evening hike above Matre
-Kalvvikefjellet 716m Masfjorden K. 31.05.2005 19:25PM 500m 5,4Km, 2,5h nice evening hike w/Ketil Vevle in the wonderful Fjon-Haugsdal area
174Lauvtonipa 724m Masfjorden K. 31.05.2005 19:00PM
173Ulriken Tower (#89) 605m Bergen K. 30.05.2005 19:30PM 400m 6 deg. C. Clearing up after rain all day
172Ulriken Tower (#88) 605m Bergen K. 29.05.2005 19:50PM 400m 3 deg. C. Rain, fog, winds. Somebody had dropped their dipers after 7-fjellsturen. Summit is  littered and the trail is foobar. Charming...
171Dukefjellet 835m Masfjorden K. 28.05.2005 11:45AM 1200m 19Km, 5h roundtrip in a spectacular landscape. Pouring rain the last hour.
170Rustefjellet 774m Masfjorden K. 28.05.2005 09:40AM
169Vardefjellet 513m Masfjorden K. 27.05.2005 18:15PM 450m 10Km 3h:20m walk with Ketil Vevle
168Ulriken Tower (#87) 605m Bergen K. 26.05.2005 19:35PM 400m 5 deg. C. Pause after rain all day 
167Ulriken Tower (#86) 605m Bergen K. 25.05.2005 19:30PM 400m 8 deg. C. Gloomy and unstable weather.
166Ulriken Tower (#85) 605m Bergen K. 23.05.2005 19:30PM 400m 6. deg. C. R A I N
165Bergstadfjellet 665m Voss K. 22.05.2005 18:50PM 650m 6,5Km hike in sunshine and pouring rain
164Ulriken Tower (#84) 605m Bergen K. 21.05.2005 17:25PM 400m 6 deg. C. After all-day-long rainshowers
163Ulriken Tower (#83) 605m Bergen K. 20.05.2005 19:45PM 400m 9 deg. C. Cold winds and rain on the way
162Ulriken Tower (#82) 605m Bergen K. 19.05.2005 19:45PM 400m 6 deg. C. Two dogs. Double trouble.
161Ulriken Tower (#81) 605m Bergen K. 18.05.2005 19:40PM 400m 2 deg. C. Nice but "cold". Between showers.
160Snøyo 389m Lindås K. 17.05.2005 16:40PM 500m 7Km nice forest walk. Lindås Kommune now completed.
159Skinahaugane 421m Lindås K. 17.05.2005 16:00PM
158Ulriken Tower (#80) 605m Bergen K. 16.05.2005 12:50PM 400m 2 deg. C. A fine day with cold winds.
157Høgste Breakulen 1957m Luster/Stryn 14.05.2005 19:20PM 1750m From Gjerde in Jostedalen. 32Km on skis & foot over two days. Camp at 1640m. 
-Hauganosi 1455m Luster K. 14.05.2005 14:35PM
156Olsokfjellet 354m Bergen K. 12.05.2005 20:00PM 300m Easy walk for Troll, who just had surgery.
-Husafjellet 549m Lindås K. 10.05.2005 18:55PM 550m 8,5Km, 3 hours good walk in varying landscape and varying weather.
155Storlifjellet 565m Lindås/Modalen 10.05.2005 18:30PM
154Horgi 804m Masfjorden K. 08.05.2005 13:40PM 1050m 20Km, 7 hours tough hike from Stusdal in (at times) deep snow. Fantastic weather.
153Råsefjellet 590m Lindås K. 08.05.2005 11:45AM
152Ulriken Tower (#79) 605m Bergen K. 07.05.2005 14:55PM 400m 3 deg. C. Fresh snow on top. Pics here.
151Gravdalsfjellet 351m Bergen K. 07.05.2005 13:00PM 250m More research w/David C. Pugh
150Husafjellet 319m Lindås K. 06.05.2005 17:25PM 250m While it's still there...
149Ulriken HPT (#78) 642m Bergen K. 05.05.2005 18:05PM 450m 2 deg. C. Between showers. Met Torbjørn.
148Nonklettfjellet 612m Masfjorden K. 04.05.2005 19:05PM 500m You have to visit this mountain!
147Ulriken Tower (#77) 605m Bergen K. 03.05.2005 19:40PM 400m 6 deg. C. Rain & fog. Fog & rain.
146Vardefjellet 638m Masfjorden K. 01.05.2005 16:20PM 1200m Hardest forest hike ever. Steep cliffs and juniper jungle throughout the hike. Lots of steep uphill, but the weather was brilliant. 12.5Km, 6hrs.
145Austrefjellet 528m Masfjorden K. 01.05.2005 14:40PM
-Heinakken 304m Masfjorden K. 01.05.2005 12:55PM
144Gravdalsfjellet 351m Bergen K. 30.04.2005 14:55PM 300m Tour de Gravdalsfjellet w/David C. Pugh.
143Ulriken Tower (#76) 605m Bergen K. 29.04.2005 19:40PM 400m Grey day, sunny evening. Quite windy.
142Førdesveten 284m Sund K. 28.04.2005 19:25PM 250m Hazy evening. Nice stroll. HPT Sund K.
141Tornessåta 409m Tysnes K. 27.04.2005 19:25PM 400m Excellent views! Missed the last ferry.
140Ulriken Tower (#75) 605m Bergen K. 26.04.2005 19:20PM 400m 10 deg. C. What happened to rainy Bergen?
139Ulriken Tower (#74) 605m Bergen K. 25.04.2005 19:40PM 400m 6 deg. C. Steep direct shortcut from Montana to 380m elev. on the Langrinden trail
138Kvanngrønavene 1100m Vaksdal/Voss 24.04.2005 13:40PM 1100m 23Km, 6,5h ski-trip with Sverre Langhelle. Perfect day; blue sky, no wind and good snow. My dachsund Troll walked 1100 vertical meters.
137Blåfjellet 1101m Vaksdal K. 24.04.2005 12:40PM
136Gråsida 1098m Vaksdal K. 24.04.2005 11:35AM
135Nonhaugen 1049m Vaksdal K. 24.04.2005 10:50AM
-Åmidlenutane 1374m Voss K. 23.04.2005 14:45PM 900m 20Km, 4,5h ski-trip from Reimegrend in great weather and wonderful terrain for skiing. 
134Kaldanuten 1411m Voss K. 23.04.2005 13:45PM
133Ulriken Tower (#73) 605m Bergen K. 22.04.2005 20:55PM 550m 3 deg. C. New route, parallel to Heimsteristene. Steep and strenuous. Pictures here.
132Ulriken Tower (#72) 605m Bergen K. 21.04.2005 19:40PM 400m 4 deg. C. Hazy, but still a lovely evening
131Gullfjellstoppen 987m Bergen K. 20.04.2005 20:00PM 800m Equipment testing w/Torbjørn Frøystein. Back at Osavatn 22:20PM. Fantastic moon.
130Rundesteinen 424m Lindås K. 19.04.2005 18:55PM 350m A fine evening hike with Ketil Vevle
129Stølafjellet 458m Tysnes K. 18.04.2005 18:55PM 400m Nice evening hike and good views.
128Ulriken Tower (#71) 600m Bergen K. 17.04.2005 18:45PM 400m 12 deg. C! A very warm April evening.
127Øyaseteggi 1052m Voss K. 17.04.2005 14:10PM 900m 21,5Km, 5h ski-trip in the wonderful Bergsdalen mountains, and on the right side of the clouds.
126Flatafjellet 1045m Kvam K. 17.04.2005 12:30PM
125Blåkoll 1082m Voss/Kvam K 17.04.2005 11:25PM
124Blåfjellet 1548m Voss K. 16.04.2005 15:20PM 1050m 2nd highest in Voss K. 24Km, 7h ski-trip w/Sveinung Klyve. Very difficult light at times.
123Ulriken Tower (#70) 605m Bergen K. 14.04.2005 20:15PM 400m 3 deg. C. Lovely evening. Troll is a "celebrity"
122Ulriken Tower (#69) 605m Bergen K. 13.04.2005 19:45PM 400m 0 deg. C. A fine evening. 
121Ulriken Tower (#68) 605m Bergen K. 11.04.2005 20:55PM 400m 3 deg. C. Fog, rain and winds
-Melshovden 183m Masfjorden K. 10.04.2005 15:15PM 150m Popular coastal hill
120Kvamsfjellet 400m Masfjorden K. 10.04.2005 14:10PM 400m Fog sweeping across Masfjorden mountains
119Eggjane 1268m Voss K. 09.04.2005 14:20PM 900m Mix of blue sky and total white-out
118Ulriken Tower (#67) 605m Bergen K. 05.04.2005 19:30PM 400m 1 deg. C. Mixed weather. Snow long gone.
117Kaldenuten 1332m Voss/Kvam 03.04.2005 13:35PM 1100m 23Km, 6 hour ski-trip, carrying the dog most of the way. Beautiful weather, but a cold wind on the tops. 
116Vetle Kaldenuten 1266m Voss K. 03.04.2005 12:50PM
115Haugane 1208m Voss/Kvam 03.04.2005 11:50AM
114Ulriken Tower (#66) 605m Bergen K. 02.04.2005 16:00PM 400m 5 deg. C. Light rain. Resting day.
-Hamrefjellet 280m Bergen K. 02.04.2005 14:30PM 250m Forest nightmare
113Krånipa 712m Vaksdal K. 01.04.2005 18:40PM 350m Cool snow hill. Ketil Vevle was hiking mate.
112Hananipa 718m Vaksdal K. 31.03.2005 18:30PM 350m 5th day in row with top-notch weather
111Gullfjellstoppen 987m Bergen K. 30.03.2005 18:45PM 750m Butt-slide down Glamragjelet
110Austefjellet 808m Bergen K. 29.03.2005 18:00PM 500m Ski-trip w/marginal snow <600m.
109Sørdalsberget 1084m Voss K. 28.03.2005 14:30PM 950m 20Km excellent ski-trip w/Sverre Langhelle in gorgeous weather.
108Saudalsnovi 1110m Vaksdal K. 28.03.2005 12:50PM
107Folgefonna N. 1644m Jondal K. 27.03.2005 13:10PM 850m 16,5Km ski-trip. Exceptionally good weather!
106Litlefjellet 433m Masfjorden K. 26.03.2005 16:05PM 250m Short forest walk.
105Skjeggedalsfjellet 525m Masfjorden K. 26.03.2005 14:05PM 550m Fun ridge walk (8Km total)
104Byrseteggi 1025m Voss K. 25.03.2005 12:16PM 650m 11Km easy-ski trip below the mighty Raundalsegga. 
-Raudhovden 894m Voss K. 25.03.2005 11:30AM
103Rispingen 742m Osterøy K. 24.03.2005 15:10PM 500m 12,5Km, 3h ski-trip on Osterøy's "roof". Nice weather and a walking dog.
-Raudskredbruni 722m Osterøy K. 24.03.2005 14:45PM
102Ulriken Tower (#65) 605m Bergen K. 23.03.2005 18:00PM 400m 2 deg. C. Foggy and windy
101Middagshaugen 333m Vaksdal K. 22.03.2005 17:30PM 400m 2,5h ski-trip, trying to locate the high point in this forest area above Stamnes. Excellent weather. Hilarious drop down to the fjord.
-Kallandsfjellet 329m Vaksdal K. 22.03.2005 16:55PM
-Stamnesfjellet 303m Vaksdal K. 22.03.2005 16:20PM
100Ulriken Tower (#64) 605m Bergen K. 21.03.2005 19:40PM* 400m -1 deg. C. Nice, but busy afternoon
99Vestrefjellet 380m Tysnes K. 21.03.2005 17:00PM 300m Long drive, short hike. Nice views.
98Ulriken Tower (#63) 605m Bergen K. 20.03.2005 15:00PM 400m -3 deg. C. Light snow and a cold wind
-Skogafjell 289m Os K. 20.03.2005 13:15PM 250m Exhausting forest hike
97Dalsfjellet 359m Masfjorden K. 19.03.2005 14:00PM 700m 6,3Km, 3h:15m hike in deep snow, carrying the dog. Very strenuous. Cloudy. All tops have >100m primary factor. 50% of Masfjorden now completed.
96Snaufjellet 425m Masfjorden K. 19.03.2005 13:15PM
95Pynten 369m Masfjorden K. 19.03.2005 12:15PM
94Ulriken Tower (#62) 605m Bergen K. 18.03.2005 19:30PM 400m -2 deg. C. Cloudy.
93Ulriken Tower (#61) 605m Bergen K. 17.03.2005 19:00PM* 400m 0 deg. C. Big snowmelt! Fog > 500m.
92Ulriken Tower (#60) 605m Bergen K. 15.03.2005 19:30PM* 400m -4 deg. C. Grey day. The trails are good.
91Ulriken Tower (#59) 605m Bergen K. 14.03.2005 17:45PM 400m -6 deg. C. A whole lot of snow. Pics
90Ulriken Tower (#58) 605m Bergen K. 13.03.2005 14:30PM 400m -4 deg. C. Hike w/Svein & Kjell Åge. Snowstorm.
-Veten (Korsnes) 172m Bergen K. 13.03.2005 12:35PM 100m No views due to snowfall. Wild area.
89Ulriken Tower (#57) 605m Bergen K. 12.03.2005 17:00PM 400m -1,5 deg. C. That's enough for one day...
88Byvasshovden 1080m Vaksdal/Voss 12.03.2005 12:40PM 750m 14,6Km, 4.5h ski-trip in brilliant weather and terrain. High trailhead (730m) on top of Teigdalen in Stølsheimen. Carried the dog nearly all the way. Spooky descent (potential avalanche danger)
87Gråsida 1098m Vaksdal K. 12.03.2005 11:30AM
86Nonhaugen 1049m Vaksdal K. 12.03.2005 10:35AM
-Ørnahaugen 1040m Vaksdal/Voss 12.03.2005 10:10AM
85Ulriken Tower (#56) 605m Bergen K. 11.03.2005 21:00PM* 400m -4 deg. C. More snow has fallen.
84Ulriken Tower (#55) 605m Bergen K. 09.03.2005 20:30PM* 400m -3 deg. C. Same as yesterday. Rain earlier.
83Ulriken Tower (#54) 605m Bergen K. 08.03.2005 20:35PM* 400m -3 deg. C. A fine evening. Clouds and stars.
82Ulriken Tower (#53) 605m Bergen K. 07.03.2005 20:05PM* 400m -2 deg. C. A fine, misty evening.
81Ulriken Tower (#52) 605m Bergen K. 06.03.2005 15:00PM 400m -2 deg. C. Walking the dog on a nice afternoon
80Geitfjellet 404m Lindås K. 06.03.2005 11:30AM 450m 10,5Km, 3hrs ski-trip. Deep snow. Wrong top.
79Singelstadfjellet 511m Tysnes K. 05.03.2005 12:55PM 600m 10Km, 3hrs ski-trip. Deep snow at times.
Good views. Cloudy weather
78Ilefjellet 453m Tysnes K. 05.03.2005 11:20PM
77Ulriken Tower (#51) 605m Bergen K. 04.03.2005 20:30PM* 400m -5 deg. C. 30cm fresh snow. Strenuous.
76Ulriken Tower (#50) 605m Bergen K. 03.03.2005 19:15PM* 400m Blinded by a snowstorm >500m. Lightning struck
the tower with me under it. GGMM ¹
75Ulriken Tower (#49) 605m Bergen K. 02.03.2005 18:55PM* 400m -10 deg. C. Back from the "holiday"
74Ulriken Tower (#48) 605m Bergen K. 28.02.2005 21:05PM* 400m -5 deg. C. Snowfall. Insanely icy trails.
73Haugavarden (#47) 673m Bergen K. 27.02.2005 14:30PM 500m 3,5hrs walkabout on Vidden. Lovely day. Pics
72Handfjellsåta 465m Fitjar K. 26.02.2005 15:35PM 400m Good views!! Fitjar K. now completed
71Melsåta 499m Fitjar K. 26.02.2005 13:00PM 500m Nice 9Km, 2,5h roundtrip walk 
with good views.
70Sætrabøfjellet 378m Fitjar K. 26.02.2005 12:15PM
69Vasslifjellet (#46) 630m Bergen K. 25.02.2005 17:45PM 400m Soleibakkane - Great route. Pics
68Ulriken Tower (#45) 605m Bergen K. 24.02.2005 18:15PM 400m -2 deg. C. Yet another fine day.
67Flakavassnutane 1750m Ulvik K. 23.02.2005 16:15PM 1050m 27Km, 7h ski-trip with Torbjørn Frøystein,
from Finse on a cold and sunny day
66Kyrkjedørsnuten 1790m Ulvik K. 23.02.2005 13:45PM
651816 on Hallingskarvet 1816m Ulvik K. 23.02.2005 13:15PM
64Ulriken Tower (#44) 605m Bergen K. 22.02.2005 18:20PM* 400m -6 deg. C. Full moon. Icy trail. Painful fall.
63Ulriken Tower (#43) 605m Bergen K. 21.02.2005 19:15PM* 400m -4 deg. C. Full moon. Wonderful. Very icy trail.
62Storfjelli 1115m Vaksdal K. 20.02.2005 14:00PM 1150m Tough ski-trip in magnificient weather, only
spoiled by cold winds. 20,5Km, 6hrs.
61Geitafjelli 812m Vaksdal K. 20.02.2005 12:30PM
60Verafjellet 314m Osterøy K. 19.02.2005 12:25PM 1050m Completed Osterøy K. Strenuous 10,5Km hike.
59Ulriken Tower (#42) 605m Bergen K. 18.02.2005 21:10PM* 400m -4 deg. C. A beautiful scene. Pics.
58Ulriken Tower (#41) 605m Bergen K. 17.02.2005 17:55PM 400m -2 deg. C. Rain, fog, wet ice. 
57Ulriken Tower (#40) 605m Bergen K. 16.02.2005 18:20PM* 400m -6 deg. C. Wind & snow. Weather going bad.
56Ulriken Tower (#39) 605m Bergen K. 15.02.2005 17:55PM 400m -6 deg. C. Success! Tower-to-tower took 55min.
55Løvstakken 477m Bergen K. 15.02.2005 17:00PM 400m Trying to reach Ulriken in <1 hour. Pics
54Ulriken HPT (#38) 642m Bergen K. 14.02.2005 16:45PM 450m -5 deg. C. Wonderful evening. Pics
53Ulriken Tower (#37) 605m Bergen K. 13.02.2005 20:10PM* 400m -5 deg. C. Nice. Stars. Big D & O.B
52Sveningen 842m Bergen K. 13.02.2005 14:45PM 750m Steep and windy hike w/Petter
51Kannikenuten 378m Tysnes K. 12.02.2005 14:15PM 550m Wet and strenuous forest ridge hike.
10Km, 3h:15m. Walking in snow and bush.
50Tuvefjellet 342m Tysnes K. 12.02.2005 13:00PM
49Ulriken Tower (#36) 605m Bergen K. 11.02.2005 20:05PM* 400m -2 deg. C. Nice evening. Fresh snow. Pics
48Ulriken Tower (#35) 605m Bergen K. 10.02.2005 22:05PM* 400m -4 deg. C. After snow/hailstorm & lightning.
47Ulriken Tower (#34) 605m Bergen K. 09.02.2005 19:30PM* 400m 1 deg. C. 26 m/s, rain and fog.
46Ulriken Tower (#33) 605m Bergen K. 08.02.2005 21:10PM* 400m -2 deg. C 20 m/s. A lot of air. Icy.
45Ulriken Tower (#32) 605m Bergen K. 07.02.2005 19:50PM* 400m -5 deg. C. Wind gaining. Icy.
-Hovlandsnuten 727m Tysnes K. 06.02.2005 15:00PM 650m Beautiful hike to the 2nd highest mountain on Tysnes island. Hovlandsnuten is spectacular from below.
44Etlådnefjellet 737m Tysnes K. 06.02.2005 14:15PM
43Nesbjørhovda 342m Fusa K. 06.02.2005 12:00PM 300m Completed Fusa Kommune
42Senafjellet 479m Fusa K. 05.02.2005 12:45PM 450m A very wet hike. 
41Ulriken Tower (#31) 605m Bergen K. 04.02.2005 20:20PM* 400m 1 deg. C. Thick fog, wind (18 m/s) and rain
40Ulriken Tower (#30) 605m Bergen K. 03.02.2005 20:05PM* 400m 1 deg. C. Thick fog, wind and rain. Phew..
39Ulriken Tower (#29) 605m Bergen K. 02.02.2005 20:20PM* 400m 0 deg. C. One million stars...
38Ulriken Tower (#28) 605m Bergen K. 01.02.2005 20:20PM* 400m -2 deg. C. Light fog/light rain. Quiet
37Ulriken Tower (#27) 605m Bergen K. 31.01.2005 20:00PM* 400m -6 deg. C. 20 m/s. Snowstorm. Pics
36Veten 486m Bergen K. 30.01.2005 12:55PM 250m From Falkanger. Pouring rain. And fog. 
35Vardegga (#26) 590m Bergen K. 29.01.2005 13:45PM 400m 8Km ski-trip. Fog and rain. Not enough snow. Pics
34Ulriken Tower (#25) 605m Bergen K. 28.01.2005 16:50PM 400m -2,5 deg. C. Nice evening. Days longer. Pics
33Ulriken Tower (#24) 605m Bergen K. 27.01.2005 20:50PM* 400m 0 deg. C. Fog and snowmelt.
32Ulriken Tower (#23) 605m Bergen K. 26.01.2005 19:50PM* 400m -4 deg. C. The Lægdene slide is AWESOME!
31Ulriken Tower (#22) 605m Bergen K. 25.01.2005 19:40PM* 400m -6 deg. C. Snowfall moving in. Pics
30Ulriken Tower (#21) 605m Bergen K. 24.01.2005 19:20PM* 400m -7 deg. C. Full mooon. Wonderful evening. Pics
29Austefjellet 808m Bergen K. 23.01.2005 16:05PM 750m 12,5Km, 4h:15m ski-trip w/Petter & PJ. Very airy ridge to Horga. 22 m/s with flying ice particles..
28Hausdalshorga 784m Bergen K. 23.01.2005 15:00PM
27Ulriken Tower (#20) 605m Bergen K. 22.01.2005 16:50PM* 400m -6 deg. C. A bunch of singing girls on top..
26Brøknipa 822m Osterøy K. 22.01.2005 13:55PM 850m 12Km fantastic ski-trip w/Jørgen & Lionel
25Ulriken Tower (#19) 605m Bergen K. 21.01.2005 20:10PM* 400m -5 deg. C. DEEP SNOW! Some fog.
24Ulriken Tower (#18) 605m Bergen K. 20.01.2005 19:15PM* 400m -5 deg. C. 11 m/s. Lots of snow. Big fun!
23Ulriken Tower (#17) 605m Bergen K. 19.01.2005 20:20PM* 400m -4 deg. C. 16 m/s and powder -> painful. Directly from Trondheim. See some flight pics here.
22Ulriken Tower (#16) 605m Bergen K. 18.01.2005 19:30PM* 400m -4 deg. C. Clear, then snowfall and lightning. See pics
21Løvstakken 477m Bergen K. 17.01.2005 18:15PM* 400m Afternoon hike (darkness, fog, rain and 15 m/s) before Lars took the evening flight.
20Rundemanen (#15) 568m Bergen K. 16.01.2005 12:25PM 500m 11,5Km roundtrip with Lars and Troll. Rain, fog and unpleasant wind (22 m/s) on the plateau.
19Litlagullfjellet 792m Bergen K. 15.01.2005 11:50PM 750m 12Km roundtrip in Gullfjellet with Lars. Storm (26 m/s) prevented us from reaching Gullfjellstoppen.
18Ulriken Tower (#14) 605m Bergen K. 14.01.2005 16:50PM* 400m -4 deg. C. *ICY* mountain. 1st Ulriken ascent for my friend Lars Ness Rørvik.
17Ulriken Tower (#13) 605m Bergen K. 13.01.2005 20:50PM* 400m -1 deg. C. 10m/s. Clear. Mountain icy all over.
16Ulriken Tower (#12) 605m Bergen K. 12.01.2005 21:50PM* 600m 0 deg. C. 24m/s + rain & fog. Locked myself out of the car, and had to run (total) 9,5Km for extra key.
15Ulriken Tower (#11) 605m Bergen K. 11.01.2005 20:40PM* 400m 2 deg. C. 25m/s + rain. Dog not happy. 
14Ulriken Tower (#10) 605m Bergen K. 10.01.2005 20:40PM* 400m .5 deg. C. 16m/s. Hail, rain and stars. Snowmelt.
13Ulriken Tower (#9) 605m Bergen K. 09.01.2005 16:50PM* 400m -2 deg. C. 12m/s. Quiet after turbulent weather.
12Skåldalsfjellet 719m Bergen K. 09.01.2005 13:25PM 750m Nice 11Km roundtrip w/Petter. Partly deep snow.
Moderate winds (12,5m/s). Hailshowers & fog.
11Repparåsen 609m Bergen K. 09.01.2005 12:40PM
10Ulriken Tower (#8) 605m Bergen K. 08.01.2005 18:15PM* 400m -2 deg. C. 16,5m/s. Fresh wet snow freezing. Rain.
9Svensdalsåsen 502m Samnanger K. 08.01.2005 11:30AM 200m Deep snow, wind, and rain/snow. 
8Ulriken Tower (#7) 605m Bergen K. 07.01.2005 18:10PM* 400m 2 deg. C. Rain, fog >400m
7Ulriken Tower (#6) 605m Bergen K. 06.01.2005 23:15PM* 400m 4 deg. C. Rain, fog and 19m/s. 
6Ulriken Tower (#5) 605m Bergen K. 05.01.2005 19:40PM* 400m 0 deg. C. Rain and 31m/s !! Yihaa.. 
5Ulriken Tower (#4) 605m Bergen K. 04.01.2005 18:30PM* 400m -1 deg. C. 13m/s. Quiet after rain all day.
4Ulriken Tower (#3) 605m Bergen K. 03.01.2005 19:50PM* 400m -2 deg. C. Big snowfall. Breaking trail.
3Ulriken Tower (#2) 605m Bergen K. 02.01.2005 13:30PM 400m -4 deg. C. Clear in periods. Waves of hail/snow.
2Ulriken Tower (#1) 605m Bergen K. 01.01.2005 19:50PM* 400m -1 deg. C. 20m/s. Pouring rain. Fog >500m
1Melstveitåsen 358m Kvam K. 01.01.2005 12:15PM 250m Forest hill above Øystese. Rain.

¹ Good Golly Miss Molly

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