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This is my 2004 hiking list.
Mountains I've done before appear in italic style.
Temperature readings (celcius) from Ulriken thermometer.
Windspeed readings (highest mps) from my Sillva Windwatch gadget.

See also the hikes I did in 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000 and 1999.
Note: "VM" means true vertical meters climbed.

# Mountain Height Region Date Time VM Comments
303Lysskarfjellet 314m Bergen K. 31.12.2004 14:00PM250mRoundtrip across Fanafjellet.
Record-breaking boggy trails!
-Høgeåsen 309m Bergen K. 31.12.2004 13:40PM
302Ulriken Tower (#151) 605m Bergen K. 30.12.2004 18:30PM400m0 deg. C. Clear, except for a hailshower
301Ulriken Tower (#150) 605m Bergen K. 29.12.2004 18:45PM400m-3 deg. C. Fog, gale and wet snow
*Extremely* difficult conditions. Worst hike in '04
300Løvstakken 477m Bergen K. 28.12.2004 14:50PM350mWhipping snow on top. Fog and rain.
299Ulriken Tower (#149) 605m Bergen K. 27.12.2004 19:00PM400m-2 deg. C. 22mps wind (perhaps more),
Rain, fog and an icy trail. Unpleasant.
298Midtfjellet 500m Fitjar K. 26.12.2004 13:30PM800m1st fine week-end day since 21.11. 
15Km, 5h roundtrip.
297Kinno 571m Fitjar K. 26.12.2004 11:50AM
296Ulriken Tower (#148) 605m Bergen K. 25.12.2005 15:10PM400m-4 deg. C. A fine evening. Cold winds.
295Ulriken Tower (#147) 605m Bergen K. 24.12.2004 15:40PM400m-6 deg. C. Snowfall all day. ICY below.
294Ulriken Tower (#146) 605m Bergen K. 23.12.2004 20:10PM400m-7 deg. C. Ice and worn down boots
293Ulriken Tower (#145) 605m Bergen K. 22.12.2004 19:45PM400m-3 deg. C. Barely avoiding a nasty hail shower
292Ulriken Tower (#144) 605m Bergen K. 21.12.2004 20:00PM400m-1 deg. C. 16mps. Storm is coming tonight.
291Ulriken Tower (#143) 605m Bergen K. 20.12.2004 20:00PM400m-5 deg. C. Quiet before the storm
290Storehorga 665m Fusa K. 19.12.2004 14:30PM900mA rough roundtrip w/Petter in deep snow
and through a blizzard on Storehorga
289Nordre Langenuen 526m Fusa K. 19.12.2004 12:35PM
-Skåråsen 226m Fusa K. 18.12.2004 13:30PM150mExercising the dog.
288Aksla 514m Fusa K. 18.12.2004 11:50AM600mSteep forest. *Very* shifting weather
287Ulriken Tower (#142) 605m Bergen K. 16.12.2004 19:50PM400m1 deg. C. 12mps. Rain and fog.
286Ulriken Tower (#141) 605m Bergen K. 15.12.2004 19:20PM400m0 deg. C. 9mps. Between showers. 3 other hikers.
285Ulriken Tower (#140) 605m Bergen K. 14.12.2004 19:15PM400m-1 deg. C. 23mps! Heavy rain and thick fog
284Håvikamulen 489m Fusa K. 12.12.2004 13:00PM600mBad weather. Fusahalvøya complete.
283Horga 673m Kvam/Fusa K. 11.12.2004 12:55PM700mWind and fog.
282Ulriken Tower (#139) 605m Bergen K. 08.12.2004 19:30PM400m0.5 deg. C. Windy, rainy and cold
281Ulriken Tower (#138) 605m Bergen K. 06.12.2004 22:30PM400m3 deg. C. 11mps. Rain and fog, but nice.
280Solåsen 292m Samnanger K. 05.12.2004 13:15PM250mToo low, but pf=159m
279Storåsen 395m Fusa K. 05.12.2004 10:30PM250mSticking low in bad weather. Massive rain. 
278Altfjellet (#137) 637m Bergen K. 04.12.2004 14:15PM400mUp Borgaskaret. Really ugly weather
277Ulriken Tower (#136) 605m Bergen K. 01.12.2004 16:10PM400m2 deg. C. A snow-free mountain. Fog and rain.
276Haukåsfjellet 661m Kvam K. 28.11.2004 12:25PM400mA foggy, rainy and snowy forest walk
RV7 - RV48 completed. Yeah!
275Slåttenuten 738m Kvam K. 27.11.2004 14:00PM600mBlue sky, fog, rain, snow. The works.
274Ulriken Tower (#135) 605m Bergen K. 23.11.2004 18:45PM400m-5 deg. C. Beautiful evening. Full moon.
273Ulriken Tower (#134) 605m Bergen K. 21.11.2004 16:45PM400m-5 deg. C. Slippery and chilly
272Gullfjellstoppen 987m Bergen K. 21.11.2004 13:15PM700mSki-trip with Per Ove and "Odin". 
271Haugavarden (#133) 673m Bergen K. 20.11.2004 14:00PM450m11Km, 3,5h ski-trip in wonderful weather.
270Ulriken Tower (#132) 605m Bergen K. 18.11.2004 20:00PM400m-6 deg. C. A fine evening. No colored spotlights. 
269Ulriken Tower (#131) 605m Bergen K. 17.11.2004 19:25PM400m-2 deg. C. Snow covering Ulriken. Lightning.
268Ulriken Tower (#130) 605m Bergen K. 14.11.2004 16:15PM500m-1 deg. C. 17mps. Massive rain. Wind and fog.
Temp. lost in the fog SE of Ulriken. Full circle.
267Såtefjellet  666m Vaksdal K. 13.11.2004 12:50PM650mSnowy hike. 
266Ulriken Tower (#129) 605m Bergen K. 12.11.2004 16:15PM400m-2 deg. C. 9mps. Hailshowers, then snow.
265Ulriken Tower (#128) 605m Bergen K. 10.11.2004 17:30PM400m1. deg. C. Dark and nice evening.
264Ulriken Tower (#127) 605m Bergen K. 08.11.2004 18:45PM400m3 deg. C. Dense fog. Darkness. Where's everyone?
-Fanasåta 284m Bergen K. 07.11.2004 10:00PM50mWhy am I up here?
263Storegrøeggi 1094m Kvam K. 06.11.2004 12:40PM850mHard hike in deep snow and great views!
262Ulriken Tower (#126) 605m Bergen K. 05.11.2004 16:10PM400m0 deg. C. Snowdrift on top
261Ådni 1103m Kvam K. 30.10.2004 14:55PM1100mTough 6h hike. The final 4 hours with an
injured knee. Spectacular terrain.
260Ådni N. 1070m Kvam K. 30.10.2004 14:25PM
259Ulriken Tower (#125) 605m Bergen K. 29.10.2004 18:00PM400m4 deg. C 3mps. Snow on Gullfjellet
258Ulriken Tower (#124) 605m Bergen K. 26.10.2004 16:30PM400m1 deg. C. 5mps. Between showers.
257Beljaråsen 395m Fusa K. 24.10.2004 15:25PM200mHwy 7- Hwy 48 completed.
256Tirsåsen 429m Fusa K. 24.10.2004 13:35PM200mSticking low due to fog
255Båtevassfjellet 784m Masfjorden K. 23.10.2004 13:10PM750mLong hike in rain and fog.
254Hananipa 718m Vaksdal K. 20.10.2004 20:30PM350mHike in the dark w/Ketil. 12 mps.
253Grønetuva (#123) 642m Bergen K. 19.10.2004 18:00PM500mFrom Borgatræet. Nice evening.
252Skorafjellet 821m Fusa K. 17.10.2004 13:40PM1050m14Km - 5 hours roundtrip in beautiful
Fusa nature.
251Fossabotnsnakkane 853m Fusa K. 17.10.2004 12:50PM
250Ulriken Tower (#122) 605m Bergen K. 16.10.2004 16:15PM400m5 deg. C. 10mps. This one for the dog.
249Dustingen 999m Vaksdal K. 16.10.2004 11:30PM850mRoundtrip in steep terrain w/Torbjørn.
Windy. 16mps. Bergsdalen completed.
248Kvamsnovi 852m Vaksdal K. 16.10.2004 10:10PM
247Ulriken Tower (#121) 605m Bergen K. 15.10.2004 18:15PM400m6 deg. C. 4 mps. Cloudy, but nice.
246Ulriken Tower (#120) 605m Bergen K. 14.10.2004 18:30PM400m6,5 deg. C. 12 mps. Chilly and cloudy.
245Landåsfjellet 428m Bergen K. 13.10.2004 18:00PM250mTrail research in the forest.
244Ulriken Tower (#119) 605m Bergen K. 12.10.2004 18:05PM400m4 deg. C.  mps. Nice evening.
243Stølshorgi 764m Voss K. 10.10.2004 15:25PM800m5h walk in wonderful weather.
The "T" trail from Rasdalen is recommended!
242Kvitafjellet 995m Voss K. 10.10.2004 13:25PM
-Hermannsnuten 1219m Voss K. 09.10.2004 14:55PM1200mA wonderful 7,5h roundtrip hike on
this large massif between Voss and
Hardangerfjorden. Torbjørn Frøystein
was companion on this hike. 
Hjortahorgi's primary factor is 1103m! 
241Skjemmehorgi 1350m Voss K. 09.10.2004 13:30PM
240Hjortahorgi 1351m Voss K. 09.10.2004 12:35PM
239Torfinnshorgi 1343m Voss K. 09.10.2004 11:10AM
238Ulriken Tower (#118) 605m Bergen K. 07.10.2004 18:30PM400m6 deg. C. 3 mps. Nice, sunny afternoon
237Ulriken Tower (#117) 605m Bergen K. 04.10.2004 18:50PM400m6 deg. C. Massive rain from the storm.
Streams have turned into rivers.
236Byrkjefjellet 1046m Kvam K. 03.10.2004 13:55PM600mRainy hike w/Ketil.
235Mjølfjellet 1470m Ulvik K. 02.10.2004 11:20PM700mWindy hike w/Torbjørn. 5h drive, 3h hike
Wind speeds around near gale
234Austrerinden 808m Bergen K. 01.10.2004 19:00PM500mGiving up on Snøgjelet
233Arnanipa 456m Bergen K. 30.09.2004 17:40PM350mThe 2nd of 3 sunny days, and good views.
232Samlen 686m Jondal K. 29.09.2004 15:25PM450mHilarious Hardangerfjord views
231Veranuten 1513m Ullensvang K. 29.09.2004 11:30PM550mA tremendous day! Fresh snow >1250m
230Ulriken Tower (#116) 605m Bergen K. 27.09.2004 19:00PM400m4 deg. C. Between showers.
229Svartetjørnfjellet 745m Masfjorden K. 25.09.2004 12:05PM450mAnd then the rain came along
228Ulriken Tower (#115) 605m Bergen K. 24.09.2004 18:00PM400m5,5 deg. C. Light rain (for a change).
227Ulriken Tower (#114) 605m Bergen K. 22.09.2004 18:25PM400m6. deg. C. Rainshowers all around.
226Skardalsfjellet 421m Bergen K. 21.09.2004 18:30PM400mWet and dirty evening hike
225Ulriken Tower (#113) 605m Bergen K. 19.09.2004 16:30PM400mIn and out of showers
224Slåttenovi 603m Voss K. 19.09.2004 13:50PM150mFrom massive showers to sunshine
223Jonshorgi 643m Voss K. 18.09.2004 15:05PM300mIncredibly wet hike.
222Ulriken Tower (#112) 605m Bergen K. 17.09.2004 16:40PM400m8,5 deg. C. The low pressure never ends.
221Ulriken Tower (#111) 605m Bergen K. 16.09.2004 19:10PM400m6 deg. C. Gale.
220Ulriken Tower (#110) 605m Bergen K. 15.09.2004 19:35PM400m3,5 deg. C, windy and sunny
219Ulriken Tower (#109) 605m Bergen K. 13.09.2004 19:20PM400m6,5 deg. C. Perfect timing between showers.
218Almeskilet 320m Lindås K. 12.09.2004 14:20PM300mWet and foggy hike.
217Solnuten 1551m Ullensvang K. 11.09.2004 14:00PM1450mDemanding hike. Rain & fog.
216Sveningen 842m Os/Bergen/
Samnanger K.
10.09.2004 19:15PM800mUp Drogegjelet, incl. a failed attempt
on the neighbour couloir. 3,5 hours.
215Ulriken Tower (#108) 605m Bergen K. 09.09.2004 19:10PM400m10 deg. C. Cloudy, but OK.
214Brøknipa 822m Osterøy K. 08.09.2004 18:15PM450mGroup hike. 8 persons+Troll.
213Ulriken Tower (#107) 605m Bergen K. 07.09.2004 19:35PM400m8 deg. C. Rainshowers.
212Ulriken HPT (#106) 643m Bergen K. 06.09.2004 16:30PM450mRope climbing w/Petter.
211Raunelifjellet 458m Osterøy K. 05.09.2004 13:30PM450mGrey + rainy day and a cumbersome forest
210Gråtindane 1105m Kvam K. 04.09.2004 14:00PM850mNice hike w/Ketil on a grey & wet day
209Ulriken Tower (#105) 605m Bergen K. 03.09.2004 19:20PM400m13 deg. C. Nice. Quite windy.
208Ulriken Tower (#104) 605m Bergen K. 01.09.2004 19:30PM400m9,5 deg. C. OK evening
207Ulriken Tower (#103) 605m Bergen K. 31.08.2004 19:45PM400m10 deg. C. Light rain. 
206Husdalsfjellet 734m Lindås K. 29.08.2004 16:10PM950m12,5Km roundtrip in rough terrain,
with the usual surprises and obstacles.
205Hiklettane 590m Lindås K. 29.08.2004 15:00PM
204Ulriken Tower (#102) 605m Bergen K. 28.08.2004 13:20PM400m9 deg. C. Very unpleasant weather
203Ulriken Tower (#101) 605m Bergen K. 27.08.2004 19:45PM400m9 deg. C. Hit a break between showers
202Ulriken Tower (#100) 605m Bergen K. 26.08.2004 19:50PM400m9 deg. C. Clearing up after rain
201Ulriken Tower (#99) 605m Bergen K. 24.08.2004 19:50PM400m13 deg. C. Rainshowers on the way
200Herlandsfjellet 694m Bergen K. 23.08.2004 17:50PM400mShowing Tika Gullfjellet
199Kupefjellet 894m Masfjorden K. 22.08.2004 15:10PM600mTwo dogs - Tika & Troll and a highly
complex river crossing
198Godbotnsfjellet 887m Masfjorden K. 22.08.2004 14:20PM
197Ulriken Tower (#98) 605m Bergen 21.08.2004 18:30PM400m6 deg. C. Rain & wind. Two dogs.
196Ulriken Tower (#97) 605m Bergen 19.08.2004 19:40PM400m12 deg. C. Break between heavy rainshowers
195Móskardahnúkur 807m Iceland 16.08.2004 12:30PM750mCharacteristic peaks east of Esja
194Bláfell 1204m Iceland 14.08.2004 11:25AM600mLarge mountain with cool canyons
193Hekla 1491m Iceland 13.08.2004 13:20PM1000mIceland's most famous volcano
192Hvannadalshnúkur 2119m Iceland 12.08.2004 10:45AM2100mHighest on Iceland
191Keilir 379m Iceland 10.08.2004 09:35PM250mMost famous mountain on Reykjanes peninsula
190Skardsheidi 1041m Iceland 09.08.2004 12:15PM1050mThe two highest points on Skarđsheiđi
massif, north of Reykjavik
189Heidarhorn 1054m Iceland 09.08.2004 11:45PM
188Hábunga 914m Iceland 08.08.2004 19:35PM950mHigh point, Esja massif, north of Reykjavik
187Ulriken Tower (#96) 605m Bergen 06.08.2004 18:00PM400m16 deg. C. Light rain
186Ulriken Tower (#95) 605m Bergen 03.08.2004 20:10PM400m20 deg. C. End of the good period?
185Livarden 683m Bergen 02.08.2004 17:45PM600mOutsmarted by the weather
184Bjørndalskamben 1402m Vikafjellet 01.08.2004 13:15PM800mNice hike from the goat farm
183Ulvanosa 1246m Uskedalen 31.07.2004 13:10PM1300mWonderful hike with Elysa and Rohan
from Connecticut, U.S.
182Geitadalstind 1210m Uskedalen 31.07.2004 12:00PM
181Ulriken Tower (#94) 605m Bergen 30.07.2004 19:45PM400m18 deg. C. Excellent evening
180Ulriken Tower (#93) 605m Bergen 29.07.2004 20:00PM400m17 deg. C. Troll was all-time high exhausted.
179Steinhusfjellet 632m Lindås 28.07.2004 18:50PM300mThe summer finally came along..
178Ulriken Tower (#92) 605m Bergen 27.07.2004 19:50PM400m8 deg. C Fog, wind and rain. I repeat myself..
177Ulriken Tower (#91) 605m Bergen 25.07.2004 16:45PM400m8 deg. C. Fog, wind and rain. Great summer..
176Kvitegga 677m Kvinnherad 24.07.2004 16:40PM1100mNice 14Km roundtrip near Rosendal across
4 mountain tops in light rain.
175Skinabergsnuten 899m Kvinnherad 24.07.2004 15:50PM
174Barnamyrsnuten 943m Kvinnherad 24.07.2004 15:20PM
173Kvannto 992m Kvinnherad 24.07.2004 14:30PM
172Ulriken Tower (#90) 605m Bergen 22.07.2004 21:30PM400m14 deg. C. Lots of tourists
171Eldsfjellet 324m Holsnøy 21.07.2004 19:40PM350mHighest on Holsnøy. Warm and hazy. 
170Gullfjellstoppen 987m Bergen 20.07.2004 20:30PM850mAttempt on Pilatus. Failed.
169Ulriken Tower (#89) 605m Bergen 19.07.2004 18:35PM400m12 deg. C. Nice afternoon.
168Heilhillerhornet 558m Fusa 18.07.2004 16:20PM850mOne of Fusa's greatest roundtrip hikes.
Brilliant weather and views.
167Kjerringafjellet 938m Fusa 18.07.2004 15:45PM 
166Ottanosi 976m Fusa 18.07.2004 15:05PM 
165Gløvret 949m Bergsdalen 17.07.2004 16:20PM850mLong rainy hike on ridge between 
Bergsdalen and Vaksdal
164Storafjellet 950m Bergsdalen 17.07.2004 15:40PM 
-Kvamsnovi (failed) 852m Dale 17.07.2004 14:00PM200mGully turned into class 5 climbing. Turned around.
163Hjortåsen 208m Os 16.07.2004 19:20PM150m16 deg. C. Thermometer on top!
162Ulriken Tower (#88) 605m Bergen 15.07.2004 20:45PM400m6 deg. C. Between rain showers
161Burlifjellet 855m Kvamskogen 13.07.2004 19:15PM600mEvening hike w/Ketil in light rain.
160Jonstein 1344m Jondal 11.07.2004 14:20PM700mVery nice hike by Hardangerfjorden
159 Krakhellenipa 569m Sula 10.07.2004 16:05PM500mChaos hike. Highest on Sula [Sogn og Fj.]
158Brøknipa 822m Osterøy 09.07.2004 18:15PM450mAfter-work hike with Torill Berg
157Flæfjellet 939m Kvamskogen 04.07.2004 14:00PM500mPopular skiing resort in winter
156Ulriken Tower (#87) 605m Bergen 30.06.2004 20:10PM400m14 deg. C. Clouds moving in
155Ulriken Tower (#86) 605m Bergen 29.06.2004 19:10PM400m10 deg. C. Troll in a killing pace up the mountain
154Kuftofjell 926m Bergen 28.06.2004 20:40PM700mFun scramble w/Torbjørn in 2 couloirs
153Gavlen 1250m Fusa 27.06.2004 15:40PM1500m7h roundtrip in Fusafjellene/Kvamskogen south.
Tough hike with Troll on the back. Foggy.
152Raudaberget 1242m Fusa 27.06.2004 15:00PM 
151Bjørnshiklanten 817m Matrefjella 26.06.2004 17:40PM650m4h roundtrip west of the Matre-Ortnevik road,
on the border between Hordaland & Sogn og Fj. 
150Ulvedalseggene 845m Matrefjella 26.06.2004 16:25PM 
149Søtefjellet 769m Bergen/Os 24.06.2004 19:30PM650mOff the beaten track with a very 
interesting development. 
148Gullfjellstoppen 987m Bergen 23.06.2004 19:45PM700mExcellent roundtrip. Up Ronamanen west side.
147Ulriken Tower (#85) 605m Bergen 22.06.2004 18:45PM500m9 deg. C. Obnoxious scramble in "Dødsdalen".
146Inste Kvitevasseggene 914m Matrefjella 20.06.2004 15:15PM850mNice 5 hour roundtrip in the outskirts of
145Storhaug 914m Matrefjella 20.06.2004 14:30PM 
144Gråsida 855m Matrefjella 20.06.2004 13:00PM 
143Tverrvassfjellet 832m Lindås 19.06.2004 14:15PM650mPartly wet, partly sunny and overall nice roundtrip
142Ulriken HPT (#84) 642m Bergen 17.06.2004 22:30PM700mAdventurous scrambling in Dødsdalen w/Torbjørn
141Ulriken Tower (#83) 605m Bergen 17.06.2004 17:20PM400m13 deg. C. Troll's hike
140Ulriken Tower (#82) 605m Bergen 16.06.2004 23:55PM400m3 deg. C. Midnight hike. Weather improving.
139Birkelandsfjellet 305m Bergen 15.06.2004 20:15PM150mA bit "lost" in extremely wet terrain
138Ulriken Tower (#81) 605m Bergen 14.06.2004 20:40PM400m6 deg. C. Rainy & cloudy. And Troll is BACK!
137Ulriken Tower (#80) 605m Bergen 11.06.2004 19:45PM400m10,5 deg. C. Nice, but foggy. Steep scrambling.
136Ulriken Tower (#79) 605m Bergen 10.06.2004 19:45PM400m8. deg. C. Fog is lifting after 2 rainy days.
135Ulriken Tower (#78) 605m Bergen 08.06.2004 21:15PM500m8,5 deg. C. Up Ulrikseggen. Down Langrinden.
134Ulriken HPT (#77) 643m Bergen 08.06.2004 20:00PM450m9 deg. C. Up Lægdene. 
Down Skomakarvatnet to Isdalen. Hmmm.
133Austrerinden 808m Bergen 06.06.2004 15:30PM500mVia Snøgjelet gully. Very challenging.
132Ulriken Tower (#76) 605m Bergen 03.06.2004 20:10PM400m9 deg. C. Rain clouds are coming
131Ulriken Tower (#75) 605m Bergen 02.06.2004 20:45PM400m14 deg. C. Sunshine. Good to be back.
130Skjærseggi 2232m East Greenland 30.05.2004 -10400m1st ascent. Excellent views. 
Total # of vertical meters gathered on East
Greenland in the period 15/5-31/5 2004.
129Skorsteinseggi 2275m East Greenland 30.05.2004 --1st ascent. Ridge with a chimney feature.
128Rabben 2378m East Greenland 29.05.2004 --1st ascent. Steep snow scramble.
127Kristine Fjeld 2449m East Greenland 29.05.2004 --1st ascent. Long ridge scrambling. Rotten rock.
126Lille Snefjeld 2507m East Greenland 28.05.2004 --1st ascent. Skiing all the way to the top.
125Ebeth SE peak 2595m East Greenland 28.05.2004 --1st ascent. Unranked. Great views.
124Point 2263 2263m East Greenland 27.05.2004 --Small hill with good views. 2nd ascent.
123Brekruna 2824m East Greenland 26.05.2004 --Nice mountain for skiing. 2nd ascent 
122Peak 3535 3535m East Greenland 23.05.2004 --6th highest on Greenland. 3rd ascent.
121Cone 3669m East Greenland 21.05.2004 --3rd highest on Greenland and in the Arctic
120Dome 3683m East Greenland 20.05.2004 --2nd highest on Greenland and in the Arctic
119Peak 3266 3266m East Greenland 18.05.2004 --Nice skiing in deep powder
118Gunnbjørn Fjeld 3694m East Greenland 17.05.2004 --Highest on Greenland and in the Arctic
117Gottopphesten 1492m Sogn og Fj. 09.05.2004 -3700m45Km ski-trip (over 2 days) from Menes, 
along Meneseggen over Jostefonni glacier
and down to the road over Gaularfjellet.
3730 vertical meters and elements of tricky
and exposed terrain. This trip is a classic 
mountaineering traverse and was arranged by 
Bergen Turlag Fjellsportgruppen. We were
a group of 7 enjoying this wonderful May
weather and fantastic Sogn and Fjordane
116Sunnfjordbjørnen 1615m Sogn og Fj. 09.05.2004 --
115Fremstegretta 1315m Sogn og Fj. 09.05.2004 --
114Grøndalsnipa 1509m Sogn og Fj. 09.05.2004 --
1131446 N of Melsnipa 1446m Sogn og Fj. 08.05.2004 --
112Melsnipa 1547m Sogn og Fj. 08.05.2004 --
111Saueggi 1488m Sogn og Fj. 08.05.2004 --
110Harevollnipa 1406m Sogn og Fj. 08.05.2004 --
 Near Lake Svartav. 500m Bergen 06.05.2004 17:00PM 200mG4 crevasse resque training
109Ulriken Tower (#74) 605m Bergen 05.05.2004 20:45PM400m9 deg. C. Cleared up after rain
108Ulriken Tower (#73) 605m Bergen 03.05.2004 19:50PM400m4 deg. C. Just cleared up after rain and fog
107Blægja 1304m Sunnfjord 01.05.2004 14:40PM1450mWonderful ski-trip on a fascinating ridge
106Ulriken Tower (#72) 605m Bergen 30.04.2004 19:30PM400m8.5 deg. C. Up the Langrinden cliffs. Sunny.
105Ulriken Tower (#71) 605m Bergen 29.04.2004 20:30PM400m8.5 deg. C. Nice evening.
104Ulriken Tower (#70) 605m Bergen 25.04.2004 17:55PM400m6 deg. C. Fog and light rain
103Høgehaugen 301m Samnanger 25.04.2004 15:35PM250mFoggy and rainy forest hike
102Ulriken Tower (#69) 605m Bergen 24.04.2004 18:35PM400m8 deg. C. Cloudy. 
101Nessteinen 663m Mundal 24.04.2004 13:45PM650mTraverse with nice Hardanger views
100Ulriken Tower (#68) 605m Bergen 23.04.2004 19:40PM550m8 deg. C. Ulriksskaret East gully.
99Ulriken Tower (#67) 605m Bergen 22.04.2004 19:40PM400m6 deg. C. OK, but a bit chilly
98Ulriken Tower (#66) 605m Bergen 21.04.2004 19:45PM400m7 deg. C. Back again. Nice evening.
97Ulriken Tower (#65) 605m Bergen 16.04.2004 19:45PM400m2,5 deg. C. Foggy. Between rain showers.
96Ulriken Tower (#64) 605m Bergen 15.04.2004 19:40PM400m5 deg. C. Not according to doctor's orders.
95Ulriken Tower (#63) 605m Bergen 07.04.2004 16:25PM400m4 deg. C. Sunny Easter afternoon.
94S. Gullfjellstoppen
(south cairn)
953m Bergen 06.04.2004 18:45PM850mGreat afternoon hike w/Torbjørn. 
Up Hausdalgullbotn, NW ridge and down S ridge
93Ulriken Tower (#62) 605m Bergen 04.04.2004 20:00PM400m2 deg. C. Rain all day.
92Bogafjellet 444m Fusa 03.04.2004 16:25PM400mWet forest hike with a surprising crux.
91Ulriken Tower (#61) 605m Bergen 02.04.2004 20:10PM400m4 deg. C.  Troll a bit tired now, after two mountains. 
90Lyderhorn 396m Bergen 02.04.2004 18:45PM300mTwo western routes I hadn't done before
89Toro 733m Bergen 01.04.2004 19:00PM600mFun hike up a couloir with class 4 crux
88Ulriken Tower (#60) 605m Bergen 31.03.2004 20:05PM400m8 deg. C. Hum hum.. summer in the city.
87Ulriken Tower (#59) 605m Bergen 31.03.2004 18:10PM500m9 deg. C. Exciting climb up Heimsteristene
86Ulriken Tower (#58) 605m Bergen 30.03.2004 18:50PM400m3 deg. C. Erosion is a challenge for the dog!
85Lysehornet 405m Bergen 29.03.2004 17:30PM350mNice evening hike in Fana with good views
84S. Gullfjellstoppen 962m Bergen 28.03.2004 13:45PM1000mTraverse. Up Purkedalsgjelet, down south ridge.
83Klefjellnipa 706m Masfjorden 27.03.2004 15:45PM1150mUnranked summit south of Storevasseggene
82Blådalsnipa 682m Masfjorden 27.03.2004 15:00PM-A difficult climb
81Storevasseggene 707m Masfjorden 27.03.2004 13:50PM-Easy summit via excellent cairn trail
80Ulriken Tower (#57) 605m Bergen 25.03.2004 18:50PM400m-1 deg. C. 1 hour hailshower in bright sunshine!!!!
79(near) Blåmanen 554m Bergen 24.03.2004 17:55PM500mSteep ridge route from Svartediket via S. Midtfjell
78Ulriken Tower (#56) 605m Bergen 23.03.2004 19:05PM400m0 deg. C. Lovely evening. 
77Søre Midtfjellet 450m Bergen 23.03.2004 17:45PM400mSteep ridge route from Svartediket
76Ulriken Tower (#55) 605m Bergen 21.03.2004 17:45PM400m-2 deg. C. Heavy snowfall on top. 
75Ulriken HPT (#54) 642m Bergen 21.03.2004 12:45PM600m-0,5 deg. C. Up ULRIKSSKARET, down Ulrikseggen
74Ulriken Tower (#53) 605m Bergen 20.02.2004 18:30PM400m-1,5 deg. C. Weather cleared up. Starry sky.
73Revurdfjellet 519m Søre Fusa 20.02.2004 13:00PM500mRain, Hail, Snow. And fog. Just great.
72Ulriken Tower (#52) 605m Bergen 19.03.2004 18:10PM500m0 deg. C. Rain. Up Ulrikseggen, down Bjørndalen.
-Helldalsåta 240m Bergen 18.03.2004 18:50PM100m1st visit. Cool ridge in Sedalen.
71Ulriken Tower (#51) 605m Bergen 18.03.2004 18:00PM400m1 deg. C. Big snowmelt. Trail is snow-free.
70Ulriken Tower (#50) 605m Bergen 14.03.2004 14:40PM400m0 deg. C. Cold, strong winds.
69Ulriken Tower (#49) 605m Bergen 13.03.2004 16:30PM400m-2 deg. C. Cold, strong winds.
68Gullfjellstoppen 987m Bergen 13.03.2004 13:10PM750mUp Glamrafjelet. Storm winds on the mountain.
67Ulriken Tower (#48) 605m Bergen 11.03.2004 18:20PM400m-1 deg. C. Windy - worse weather coming.
66Livarden 683m Bergen 10.03.2004 17:35PM400mGreat Ski-trip with Jan Frode & two happy dogs.
65Haugavarden (#47) 673m Bergen 09.03.2004 17:25PM600mFrom Haukeland (Indre Arna side). New route for me.
64Ulriken Tower (#46) 605m Bergen 08.03.2004 19:10PM400m-1 deg. C. And then came the dark..
63Sletteggi 744m Bergen 08.03.2004 17:15PM450mNice evening ski-trip on frozen snow.
62Ulriken Tower (#45) 605m Bergen 07.03.2004 16:30PM400mLicking sunshine with Troll on my lap
61Gullfjellstoppen 987m Bergen 07.03.2004 13:30PM750m4th visit. Equipment testing. Top weather!
60Ulriken Tower (#44) 605m Bergen 06.03.2004 13:30PM400m-3 deg. C. Light snow and wind
59Austrerinden 808m Bergen 06.03.2004 11:30AM500mBad conditions for skiing.
58Ulriken Tower (#43) 605m Bergen 04.03.2004 18:15PM400m-4 deg. C. Same weather as yesterday.
57Ulriken Tower (#42) 605m Bergen 03.03.2004 20:10PM400m-3 deg. C. Full moon. Cold winds. Icy.
56Ulriken Tower (#41) 605m Bergen 02.03.2004 20:10PM400m-2 deg. C. Swell weather. Snow melting.
55Ulriken Tower (#40) 605m Bergen 29.02.2004 14:05PM400m-5 deg. C. Cold. Strong winds. Front moving in.
54Livarden 683m Bergen 29.02.2004 12:00PM400mQuick ski-trip. Bad weather moving in.
53Ulriken Tower (#39) 605m Bergen 28.02.2004 17:35PM400m-6.5 deg. C. This one's for the dog.
52Gullfjellstoppen 987m Bergen 28.02.2004 15:25PM550m3rd visit in 2004. Crowded, as expected.
51Austrerinden 808m Bergen 28.02.2004 13:45PM500mBlue sky, white snow, no wind, cold. Just great.
-Jamnasåta (FAILED) 636m Vaksdal 28.02.2004 11:30AM300mToo much snow. Target was Gløvret/Storafjell.
50Ulriken Tower (#38) 605m Bergen 27.02.2004 17:35PM400m-6 deg. C Hard work for the dog
49Ulriken Tower (#37) 605m Bergen 26.02.2004 21:15PM400m-6 deg. C. Wonderful evening. Deep snow.
48Ulriken Tower (#36) 605m Bergen 24.02.2004 20:00PM400m-5 deg. C. Snowstorm. Big snowfall.
47Ulriken Tower (#35) 605m Bergen 22.02.2004 16:15PM400m-6 deg. C. Cold and wonderful. Pics here.
46Møsnuken 639m Os 22.02.2004 13:15PM750mCold and rough traverse.
45Ulriken Tower (#34) 605m Bergen 19.02.2004 20:20PM400m-2 deg. C. Icy summit. Starry and cloudy.
44Ulriken Tower (#33) 605m Bergen 18.02.2004 20:20PM400m0 deg. C. Fine evening. Spring-ish.
43Ulriken Tower (#32) 605m Bergen 17.02.2004 20:10PM400m-2 deg. C. Snow & rain. 
42Ulriken Tower (#31) 605m Bergen 15.02.2004 19:50PM400m3 deg. C. Still starry and dark.
41Budalshovden 1140m Stølsheimen 15.02.2004 13:30PM900mOnce more an unforgettable ski-trip
40Ulriken Tower (#30) 605m Bergen 14.02.2004 20:00PM400m1 deg. C. Starry night. Very dark.
39Snerta 682m Mundheim 14.02.2004 13:30PM600mFantastic viewpoint. Deep snow hike.
38Ulriken Tower (#29) 605m Bergen 12.02.2004 20:00PM400m2 deg. C. Soaking wet trail. Snow's fading.
37Ulriken Tower (#28) 605m Bergen 10.02.2004 20:20PM400m-4 deg. C. Clear sky, stars, just great.
36Ulriken Tower (#27) 605m Bergen 08.02.2004 19:45PM400m-6 deg. C. Clear sky, snow inferno, clear sky.
35Liatårnet 341m Sotra 08.02.2004 14:30PM360mTotally windy, but a nice hike.
34Ulriken Tower (#26) 605m Bergen 07.02.2004 19:00PM400m-3 deg. C. Another snowfall. 
33Husafjellet 372m* Straume 07.02.2004 13:35PM320mAnother low cool forest hill.
32Ulriken Tower (#25) 605m Bergen 04.02.2004 20:20PM400m+1 deg. C. Rain and thick fog.
31Ulriken Tower (#24) 605m Bergen 03.02.2004 21:00PM400m+4 deg. C. Incredible snowmelt. Foggy.
30Ulriken Tower (#23) 605m Bergen 01.02.2004 15:40PM400mTroll also needs exercise. Me tired.
29Gullfjellstoppen 987m Bergen 01.02.2004 12:40PM550mTraversing Gullfjellet, down Kinndalen.
It was one of those unforgettable ski-trips.
28Austrerinden 808m Bergen 01.02.2004 11:30AM500mOn skis. Weather amazingly good.
27Ulriken Tower (#22) 605m Bergen 31.01.2004 20:50PM600m-5 deg. C. + some skiing on Landåsfjellet
26Ulriken Tower (#21) 605m Bergen 30.01.2004 23:55PM400m-5 deg. C. Rough >500m. More snowfall.
25Ulriken Tower (#20) 605m Bergen 29.01.2004 20:15PM400m-10 deg. C. Wonderful evening. Happy dog.
24Ulriken Tower (#19) 605m Bergen 28.01.2004 20:00PM400m-13 deg. C. More snow. Colder. Stars. No dog.
23Ulriken Tower (#18) 605m Bergen 27.01.2004 20:25PM400m-10 deg. C. Major snowfall. Plowed trail.
The dog was constantly below the snow.
22Gråhorgi 1070m Bergsdalen 25.01.2004 13:30PM1030mGood ski-trip. Flat light. Hard to see.
21Ulriken Tower (#17) 605m Bergen 24.01.2004 15:35PM400m-1 deg. C. Big snowmelt after rain
20Ulriken Tower (#16) 605m Bergen 22.01.2004 19:45PM400m-2 deg. C. Rain and gale. Just great...
19Ulriken Tower (#15) 605m Bergen 20.01.2004 19:40PM400m-7 deg. C. Norwegian winter at its best
18Ulriken Tower (#14) 605m Bergen 19.01.2004 19:45PM400m-6 deg. C. Troll's adventure in deep powder snow
17Ulriken Tower (#13) 605m Bergen 18.01.2004 20:30PM400m-3 deg. C. Still snowing. Rough >500m
16Ulriken Tower (#12) 605m Bergen 18.01.2004 13:30PM400m-3 deg. C. Snowfall.
15Ulriken Tower (#11) 605m Bergen 17.01.2004 17:55PM410m-5 deg. C. Still starry and beautiful.
14Bjørgafjell 354m Nordhordland 17.01.2004 14:00PM400mGood roundtrip in great weather
13Ulriken Tower (#10) 605m Bergen 16.01.2004 19:50PM400m-5 deg. C. Starry night and snow. Just great.
12Ulriken Tower (#9) 605m Bergen 15.01.2004 19:40PM400m-3 deg. C. 26min from car (Sollien) to summit,
on ice, in snow and in darkness. 14min. down.
11Ulriken Tower (#8) 605m Bergen 14.01.2004 20:10PM400m-3 deg. C. See cool pics here.
10Ulriken Tower (#7) 605m Bergen 13.01.2004 18:05PM400mStars, icy, snow >500m. -3 deg. C
9Gullfjellstoppen 987m Bergen 11.01.2004 13:40PM700mGood workout if difficult conditions
8Jonahornet  420m Jondal 10.01.2004 12:35PM400mLong drive for a low, but very cool hill.
7Ulriken Tower (#6) 605m Bergen 09.01.2004 20:20PM400mNoticed Sunnhordlandsbrua for the 1st time
6Ulriken Tower (#5) 605m Bergen 07.01.2004 21:15PM400mFull moon, windy and icy. -1 deg C
5Ulriken Tower (#4) 605m Bergen 05.01.2004 19:15PM400mStorm!! -3 deg C.
4Skrott 1320m Øystese 04.01.2004 14:30PM1300m8h hike/ski-trip, 22Km. Great winter's day.
3Ulriken HPT (#3) 642m Bergen 03.01.2004 13:15PM450mSnowstorm. -6 deg C. Very unpleasant
2Ulriken HPT (#2) 642m Bergen 02.01.2004 18:25PM450mDark, icy, brisque. -6 deg C. Then came snow
1 Haugavarden (#1) 673m Bergen 01.01.2004 14:45PM550mByfjellene high point. Extremely windy and cold

Statistics 2004
# of New mountains   100
# of Byfjellene/Ulriken hikes   151
# of other mountains   52
TOTAL   303
Vertical meters   146350m