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This is my 2003 activity list.
Goal: At least 100 new peaks, at least 100 Ulriken hikes, and at least 100,000 (true) vertical meters
Mountains I've done before appear in italic style.

See also the hikes I did in 2002, 2001, 2000 and 1999.

Mountain Height Region Done Comments
Ulriken (#140)605m Bergen31.12.200314:15PM Windy and a bit cold. (-6 deg.C)
Geitanuken305mÅsane31.12.2003Sunshine and great views
Ulriken (#139)605m Bergen30.12.200317:00PM Top #300 in 2003. Magnificent hike in darkness and snow. (-6 deg.C)
Ulriken (#138)605m Bergen29.12.200315:45PM Very, very icy. (-7deg.C)
Kuftofjell926mGullfjellet, Bergen28.12.2003Wonderful ridge hike
Gråsida661mRomarheimsdalen27.12.2003Winter hike. Strong winds
Ulriken (#137)605m Bergen26.12.200314:15PM Quite windy, but not too much rain (-1 deg.C)
Ulriken (#136)605m Bergen25.12.200313:15PM Rain and not an inch of snow left (1 deg.C)
Stussfjellet684mRomarheimsdalen21.12.2003Winter hike. Good views
Lukefjellet767mSøre Fusa20.12.2003Våganipen's neighbour
Ulriken (#135)605m Bergen14.12.200311:25AM Hit ugly weather on top (-3 deg.C)
Ulriken (#134)605m Bergen11.12.200320:40PM 1st snow covering the mountain (-4 deg.C)
Ulriken (#133)605m Bergen09.12.200321:30PM Still windy, wet and cloudy (0 deg.C)
Ulriken (#132)605m Bergen08.12.200320:35PM A bit wet. Mucho cloudy. No more ice. (0 deg.C)
Hananipa711mTrengereid07.11.2003Rainy and windy
Ulriken (#131)605m Bergen06.12.200318:30PM Partly icy trail. Dangerous. (-5 deg.C)
Skorane1045mVoss06.11.2003Excellent winter hike
Ulriken (#130)605m Bergen05.12.200319:45PM Hail, full moon, passing clouds, winds, darkness. Wow! (-2 deg.C)
Ulriken (#129)605m Bergen04.12.200320:45PM Dark and windy (1 deg.C)
Kvernhatten590mVelfjord, Nordland29.11.20032nd visit in 2003
Eineråsen335mSamnangerfjord16.11.2003A race against darkness
Våkefjellet806mHålandsdalen16.11.2003Great hike in great weather
Øygardsåsen396mFusa15.11.2003Forest hill above Markhus
Steinen439mFusa15.11.2003A very big hump...
Ulriken (#128)605m Bergen10.11.200317:00PM Need to bring headlights soon (4 deg.C)
Våganipen819mFusa09.11.20032nd visit. This time on a new route
Røvhaug653mFolgefonnhalvøya08.11.20035m from being a mountain..
Grimsnuten1233mFolgefonnhalvøya08.11.2003Incredible snow melt
Kattnakken724mStord01.11.2003Great views from the cat's neck
Budalsfjellet526mStord01.11.2003No name on the map
Klovfjellet518mStord01.11.2003Boring name, good views
Steingilhøgda529mStord01.11.2003Small hump, good views
Ulriken (#127)605m Bergen31.10.200316:25PM Soaked by a passing rainshower (1 deg.C)
Ulriken (#126)605m Bergen28.10.200317:25PM Stupid DST. I want my daylight after work (2 deg.C)
Haugafjellet541mFusa26.10.2003Big hill/small mountain with great views
Kvamshesten1209mSunnfjord25.10.2003Magnificient peak. Icy conditions and extensive view
Ulriken (#125)605m Bergen23.10.200318:05PM Minus 4. And counting ... (-4 deg.C)
Ulriken (#124)605m Bergen22.10.200317:55PM The hill ain't that crowdy anymore (-3 deg.C)
Ulriken (#123)605m Bergen20.10.200318:25PM Not t-shirt season anymore (-3 deg.C)
Eldhusfjellet1206mStølsheimen19.10.2003Awesome weather. Deep snow >1000m. Fantastic hike.
Beitelen417mDale18.10.2003A hill from hell
Ulriken (#122)605m Bergen16.10.200318:45PM Another wonderful day in Bergen (3,5 deg.C)
Ulriken (#121)605m Bergen15.10.200318:30PM Great weather. Of course it is mid-week (3 deg.C)
Ulriken (#120)605m Bergen14.10.200318:10PM The high pressure is holding up (4 deg.C)
Ulriken (#119)605m Bergen13.10.200318:55PM Gorgeous weather. Full moon. Dark early. (4 deg.C)
Tofjellet836mStraume12.10.2003Steep mountain
Rotten438mOsterøy11.10.2003Good Nordhordland views
Skolmen528mOsterøy11.10.2003Nice hill with good views
Ulriken (#118)605m Bergen09.10.200318:30PM Strong winds and rain (2 deg.C)
Ulriken (#117)605m Bergen07.10.200318:15PM Finally a wholesome sunny day (5 deg.C)
Storenipa414mStraume05.10.2003Substitute for Tofjellet
Tofjellet836mStraume05.10.2003**Aborted**. Difficult conditions. Steep mountain.
Hemningsfjellet652mLindås04.10.2003Hailstorm on top
Ulriken (#116)605m Bergen01.10.200319:10PM Nice walk. Rain set in when we entered the car (5 deg.C)
Ulriken (#115)605m Bergen29.09.200317:30PM Chilly. Rainshowers. Troll's back. (4 deg.C)
Tvillingan N.945mSyv Søstre, Nordland27.09.2003A tricky sister
Tvillingan S.980mSyv Søstre, Nordland27.09.2003A sharp sister
Skjerdingen1037mSyv Søstre, Nordland27.09.2003A slick sister
Grytfoten1019mSyv Søstre, Nordland27.09.2003A modest sister
Botnkrona1072mSyv Søstre, Nordland27.09.2003A prominent sister
Blåfjellet1293mSvenningdal, Nordland26.09.2003Very large mountain and very bad weather.
Heilhornet1058mBindal, Nordland25.09.2003Mighty peak. Scrambling on top.
Gullfjellstoppen987mBergen14.09.2003A truly wet and unpleasant hike in shitty weather
Sørkletten341mOsterøy13.09.2003Only two more Osterøy hill tops to go..
Myrbærstøfjellet318mOsterøy13.09.20032nd visit to the Tysso area in two weeks
Ulriken (#114)605m Bergen12.09.200318:10PM Autumn seems to be the Ulriken bikers' season (10 deg.C)
Ulriken (#113)605m Bergen11.09.200318:45PM Cloudy, but the hike was hot (13 deg.C)
Ulriken (#112)605m Bergen10.09.200320:25PM Dark in the forest by 20:45PM (9 deg.C)
Klubben352mOsterøy07.09.2003A soaking wet walk in the forest
Ulriken (#111)605m Bergen06.09.200312:25PM Strong winds and warm weather (14 deg.C)
Skipadalsnuten1496mRaundalen05.09.2003My 2nd visit to this peak
Seldalsnuten1548mRaundalen05.09.2003Raundalsegga now completed.
Brattenuten1209mEspeland/Ulvik31.08.2003Unranked top 0,6Km from the saddle
Nordbotnnuten1471mEspeland/Ulvik31.08.2003Route exploration project in dramatic landscape
Ulriken (#110)605m Bergen30.08.200317:30PM The perfect end to a good day in the mountains (12 deg.C)
Høganipa1039mStølsheimen30.08.20032nd highest peak in Masfjorden Kommune
Tverrfjellet1010mStølsheimen30.08.2003Unranked, but a fun scramble
Torrisskarfjellet1001mStølsheimen30.08.2003Fun route to Torrisskardet
Vellevasseggi980mStølsheimen30.08.2003A cool hill with cliffs
Ulriken (#109)605m Bergen27.08.200320:00PM No front came. Lovely evening (9 deg.C)
Ulriken (#108)605m Bergen26.08.200319:25PM Very windy. Nice weather, but a front is moving in (5 deg.C)
Vassfjøra1633mUlvik24.08.2003A great traverse (Miningane/Jonstøl) across the giant
Reinskardnuten1416mUlvik24.08.2003Bonus peak on the way to Vassfjøra
Ulriken (#107)605m Bergen23.08.200319:20PM .. or perhaps not. Nice evening. (12 deg.C)
Ulriken (#106)605m Bergen21.08.200319:45PM Summer's over. (9 deg.C)
Bjørndalsnuten1230mRosendal17.08.2003(unranked) Exciting high ridge walk above Bjørndal
Juklavasskruna1455m*Rosendal17.08.2003A big, flat plateau with an intense west pillar
Rosendal17.08.2003Most likely the most difficult mountain in Hordaland, on the easy route
Andersfjellet1211mRosendal17.08.2003(Unranked) Offers a quick route to Bjørndalstindane
Ulriken (#105)605m Bergen16.08.200318:20PM Just another nice evening walk
Ulriken (#104)605m Bergen15.08.200318:00PM Rainy, windy, cloudy. Good to be back (10 deg.C)
Tete de la Tronche2584mCourmayeur, Italy08.08.2003Easy hike on the Mt. Blanc Trail (TMB)
Mt. Blanc4810mChamonix, France06.08.2003Wonderful adventure with scary moments (stonefall)
Storehorn1482mHemsedal02.08.2003Great peak. Short hike.
Ulriken (#103)605m Bergen30.07.200320:30PM Passed 100,000 vertical meters (15 deg.C)
Ulriken (#102)605m Bergen29.07.200318:45PM Ulriken without my dog. Like bread without butter (16 deg.C)
Rismålstinden1030mTosbotn, Nordland26.07.2003Lomsdalen is seen in the distant
"Kromtinden"1013mTosbotn, Nordland26.07.2003Nothing but mountains up here
Ulriken (#101)605m Bergen23.07.200319:50PM Cloudy, but no rain just then (15 deg.C)
Skorafjellet1583mUlvik20.07.2003A giant with awesome views
Kyrelvfjellet1404mOsa19.07.2003Onen's smaller neighbour
Austdølnuten1329mOsa19.07.2003A cute peak and a landmark
Ulriken (#100)605m Bergen17.07.200320:30PM Heatwave. But 100 is in the bag. Rest is bonus (21 deg.C)
Ulriken (#99)605m Bergen15.07.200320:15PM Not a cloud in the horizon (21 deg.C)
Vatnasetenuten1314mHardangervidda13.07.2003Smaller neighbour of Storeflåtten
Storeflåtten1616mHardangervidda13.07.2003The best views in Hordaland, so far
Øyefjellet (Varden)600mVaraldsøyna12.07.2003Island in Hardangerfjorden
Ulriken (#98)605m Bergen10.07.200321:30PM Cold, cold wind and rain. Headband in July!
Såta489mSamnanger09.07.2003New forest adventure with Ketil
Ulriken (#97)605m Bergen08.07.200321:35PM Cloudy and rainy, but a refreshing hike (9 degC)
Verjesteinsnuten1650mHardangervidda06.07.200311th highest on Hardangervidda
Store Nup1661mHardangervidda06.07.20039th highest on Hardangervidda
Nupsfonn1691mHardangervidda06.07.20032nd highest on Hardangervidda
Sandfloegga1721mHardangervidda05.07.2003Highest on Hardangervidda
Ulriken (#96)605m Bergen03.07.200323:05PM Nice sunset on top of Bergen. (18 degC)
Totlandsfjellet540mSamnanger03.07.2003Quick, nice hike with Ketil Vevle
Ulriken (#95)605m Bergen02.07.200320:10PM Lovely evening. One light shower. (15 degC)
Ulriken (#94)605m Bergen01.07.200320:15PM Warm afternoon. Cloudy. Rain on the way (15,5 degC)
Solfjellet908mDimmelsvik29.06.2003Magnificient descent route
Tverrfjellet932mDimmelsvik29.06.2003The Ulvanosa views are 2nd to none
Englafjell1200mUskedalen28.06.2003Now on my list of recommendations
Mannen1013mUskedalen28.06.2003Hottest hike of the year
Ulriken (#93)605m Bergen27.06.200318:45PM Beautiful afternoon (18 degC)
Grønahorgi1166mVoss26.06.2003Large PF. Nice afternoon hike
Ulriken (#92)605m Bergen25.06.200319:00PM High pressure just came in. Nice hike (9 degC)
Høgahorgi1133mGranvin22.06.2003Large PF. Great views
Ulriken (#91)605m Bergen21.06.200318:45PM Stretching out after Hikletten
Hikletten494mOsterøy21.06.2003A steep, little hump
Ulriken (#90)605m Bergen20.06.200321:30PM Rain, and more rain
Ulriken (#89)605m Bergen17.06.200319:45PM Evening hike with Kristian Styrvoll and Tore Larsen
Ulriken H.P (#88)643m Bergen16.06.200320:45PM Gorgeous weather. Crystal clear horizon.
Ulriken (#87)605m Bergen15.06.200321:45PM Finally cracked a class 4(US) point on Langrinden.
Brekkenipa1203mOppheimsdalen15.06.2003Great views towards Fresvigbreen
Larsfonnfjellet1308mOppheimsdalen15.06.2003Large primary factor
Ulriken (#86)605m Bergen14.06.200321:30PM The class 3(US) route up Langrinden
Torhaugen834mMasfjorden14.06.2003Ådneburen's neighbour
Ulriken (#85)605m Bergen13.06.200318:30PM Troll is very happy to be back here.
Tronden (Tron)1665mAlvdal09.06.2003Traverse in disappointing weather
S. Sølen1688mRendalen08.06.2003A steep descent ends the traverse
M. Sølen1755mRendalen08.06.2003A fun scramble, and a great peak
N. Sølen1699mRendalen08.06.2003A big lump
Veslsølnkletten1454mAlvdal Vestfjell07.06.2003A great looking peak with a too high neighbour
Storsølnkletten1827mAlvdal Vestfjell07.06.2003Among Norway's finest peaks
1690 NW of Storsølnkletten1690mAlvdal Vestfjell07.06.2003A sub-peak of Storsølnkletten
Ulriken (#84)605m Bergen04.06.200319:15PM A very hot day. Troll dragging his tongue all the way.
Brøknipa822mOsterøy02.06.2003A new route. This is a great peak.
Stemmefjellet771mEikelandsosen01.06.2003Completes a great roundtrip
Grytefjellet805mEikelandsosen01.06.2003A great viewpoint
Engelifjellet798mEikelandsosen01.06.2003Hard work up the cliffband
Tverrfjellet1118mMyrkdalen/Vinje31.05.2003A slightly higher neihbour of Svolefjell
Svolefjellet1094mMyrkdalen/Vinje31.05.2003Carrying the dog for 5,5 hours!
Brøknipa822mOsterøy30.05.2003Two new routes. Great hike.
Ulriken (#83)605m Bergen29.05.200322:50PM Rain all day long. Troll very unhappy. (1 degC)
Ulriken (#82)605m Bergen28.05.200319:30PM OK weather, but something nasty is on the way (10 degC)
Ulriken (#81)605m Bergen26.05.200319:35PM Nice, but cloudy on top (6 degC)
Ulriken (#80)605m Bergen25.05.200318:05PM Meeting a wave of 7-fjellstur hikers
Kvernhatten590mVelfjord, Nordland24.05.2003The area where I spent 25+ summers
Ulriken (#79)605m Bergen23.05.200321:45PM 33min from/to the car (after rain)
Ulriken (#78)605m Bergen22.05.200321:15PM Inspecting a class 4 move on Langrinden
Ulriken (#77)605m Bergen19.05.200321:40PM Up via Langrinden scrambling routes (6 degC)
Onen1621mUlvik18.05.2003A hard ski-trip in really bad weather
Yndesdalsnakken679mMasfjorden17.05.2003Bonus summit (ranked)
Skarpefjellsnakken778mMasfjorden17.05.2003Nice and easy walk from Kalhovda
Ulriken (#76)605m Bergen16.05.200321:30PM Up via Langrinden scrambling routes
Gullfjellstoppen987mBergen15.05.2003Sunshine! Snow from 880m
Vikanuten1075mJondal11.05.2003Great traverse in steep terrain
S. Gullfjellstoppen962mBergen10.05.20032 new routes
Ulriken (#75)605m Bergen09.05.200319:20PM Lovely evening. Promise of a great week-end? (4 degC)
Ulriken (#74)605m Bergen08.05.200321:00PM Wet and windy. Just as we like it. Not. (3 degC)
Ulriken (#73)605m Bergen04.05.200320:25PM Cleared up after 12 hours of rain. (4 degC)
(failed at 500m)
782mStanghelle03.05.2003Failed high in Nonagjelet colouir
Skamdalshorgi1029mGranvin03.05.2003Short hike in disappointing weather
Ulriken (#72)605m Bergen01.05.200320:00PM Up Hardbakkadalen and across Vidden (0 degC)
1st attempt on "Dødsdalen". Need to go back with a rope.
Ulriken (#71)605m Bergen30.04.200318:20PM 34 mins from/to the car (3,5 degC)
1670mNordfjord27.04.2003From Hope via Gjegnabu. *Wild* nature
Tysnessåta753mTysnes24.04.2003From Såta to Såta in 2h:15m!
Mehammarsåta749mStord24.04.2003Back again. Last hike was 24.04.2000!
Ulriken (#70)605m Bergen23.04.200320:25PM Nice evening stroll. (12 degC)
Ulriken (#69)605m Bergen22.04.200320:55PM Via Langrinden class 3 scramble route. (11 degC)
Kallvikanipa484mOsterøy21.04.2003Completes a 7h hike on Osterøy
Pina485mOsterøy21.04.2003Looking hard for a route up
Kvamsfjellet694mOsterøy21.04.2003Ascent with a nerve
Snjonipa669mOsterøy21.04.2003Nice peak on Osterøy N.
Livarden683mBergen20.03.2003Late evening hike up north ridge
Brøknipa822mOsterøy19.04.2003One of Hordaland's finest peaks!
Tvarafjellet1293mStølsheimen18.04.2003On route home from Volafjellet
Volafjellet1327mStølsheimen18.04.2003Wonderful ski-trip in Vossafjella
Hovlandsskuten779mEtne17.04.2003Bonus top after Håfjellet
Håfjellet937mEtne17.04.2003Long drive. Nice hike
Ulriken (#68)605m Bergen16.04.200322:15PM Nice evening hike with buddy Morten.
Folgefonna S.1662mFolgefonna15.04.20038.5h, 1700 vert. meters.
Gråfjellet978mVaksdal/Samnanger14.04.2003Great easter hike
Sgor Gaoith1118mScotland11.04.200336th highest in Britain
Cairn Lochan1155mScotland10.04.2003Prominent top
Derry Cairngorm1155mScotland10.04.200320th highest in Britain
Ben Macdui1309mScotland10.04.20032nd highest in Britain
Bynack More1090mScotland08.04.200354th highest in Britain
Beinn Mheadhoin1182mScotland08.04.200313th highest in Britain
Cairn Gorm1245mScotland08.04.20036th highest in Britain
The Devil's Point1004mScotland07.04.2003Munro #130 in Scotland
Cairn Toul1291mScotland07.04.20034th highest in Britain
Sgor an Lochan Uaine1258mScotland07.04.20035th highest in Britain
Braeriach1296mScotland07.04.20033rd highest in Britain
Creag an Leth-choin1053mScotland06.04.2003Prominent top
Ben Macdui1309mScotland06.04.20032nd highest in Britain
Cairn Lochan1215mScotland06.04.2003Prominent top with a great north face
Cairn Gorm1245mScotland06.04.20036th highest in Britain
Ulriken (#67)605m Bergen04.04.200319:30PM Truly, last hike before Scotland (0 degC)
Ulriken (#66)605m Bergen03.04.200318:50PM Last hike before Scotland (0 degC)
Ulriken (#65)605m Bergen02.04.200320:30PM Cold winds. Icy > 500m. (-4 degC)
Austrerinden808mGullfjellet31.03.2003Two routes I hadn't done before. Snow.
Ulriken (#64)605m Bergen30.03.200321:10PM Busy day: Bergen-Oslo-Trondheim-Br.Sund-Trondheim-Bergen. Snow (-2 degC)
Ulriken (#63)605m Bergen29.03.200317:15PM Disgusting weather. Soaking wet. (1 degC)
Løvstakken477mBergen29.03.2003A new route (for me) in fog and rain
Ulriken (#62)605m Bergen27.03.200319:30PM Everything <550m in fog. Amazing view (-1 degC)
Ulriken (#61)605m Bergen25.03.200318:30PM Windy, but nice (4 degC)
Vasslifjellet (#60)650mBergen24.03.2003SE of Ulriken. 2h Roundtrip from Helgeseter
Høgafjellet868mOsterøy23.03.20037h roundtrip over Osterøy's highest peak. Rainy and foggy.
Ulriken (#59)605m Bergen22.03.200321:05PM Haze hiding a full moon (0 degC)
Stemmeseggi572mOsterøy22.03.20032nd visit, but on a new route
Erstadfjellet466mOsterøy22.03.2003Misty weather
Hånipa346mOsterøy22.03.2003Not ranked, but amazing view
Ulriken H.PT (#58)643m Bergen20.03.200318:00PM 7Km hike from/to Helgeseter.
Ulriken (#57)605m Bergen18.03.200321:05PM Haze hiding a full moon (0 degC)
Ulriken (#56)605m Bergen16.03.200317:25PM Cloudy but nice. (0 degC)
Veten486mBergen16.03.2003Troll's 1st hike in a month!
Fresvikbreen1648mNear Vik i Sogn15.03.2003A story about pain
Ulriken (#55)605m Bergen13.03.200320:20PM Class 3 scrambling up & down hump #2. Clear sky. (0 degC)
Livarden683mBergen12.03.2003North ridge access with a dangerous variation
Ulriken (#54)605m Bergen11.03.200321:20PM Very nice. Down just before the rain. (0.5 degC)
Ulriken (#53)605m Bergen09.03.200320:20PM Fog, winds and whipping rain. Sweet... (1 degC)
Bergdropen515mMasfjorden09.03.2003Wet hike in wild landscape
Ulriken (#52)605m Bergen08.03.200321:05PM For the most part OK. (-1,5 degC)
Orratuva303mOsterøy08.03.2003Steep, quick hike
Iseggene374mOsterøy08.03.2003Very nice roundtrip hike
Burkelandsfjellet365mOsterøy08.03.2003Short hike in light rain
Ulriken (#51)605m Bergen07.03.200320:05PM Wind and hail. Phew ... (-0,5 degC)
Ulriken (#50)605m Bergen06.03.200321:30PM Thick fog >300m. Headlights impossible. (-2 degC)
Ulriken (#49)605m Bergen04.03.200320:00PM Storm building up. (-2 degC)
Ulriken (#48)605m Bergen02.03.200315:25PM Nice, but windy and crowded. (2 degC)
S. Gullfjellstoppen962mBergen02.03.2003This is heaven!
Hausdalshorgi784mBergen01.03.2003Strenuous traverse
Skåldalsnipa603mBergen28.02.2003Strenuous experience in wonderful weather
Hæddena460mOsterøy27.02.2003A quick great hike in great weather
Ulriken (#47)605m Bergen26.02.200316:25PM Sunny, sunny. Clear horizon. (4 degC)
Ulriken (#46)605m Bergen25.02.200319:40PM Seriously slippery. Clear sky. (1 degC)
Ulriken (#45)605m Bergen24.02.200319:45PM Rain. Why am I alone up here? (0 degC)
Ulriken (#44)605m Bergen23.02.200315:30PM Still wonderful and even more crowded. (1 degC)
Vedafjellet661mOsterøy23.02.2003The wonderful weather still holds
Ulriken (#43)605m Bergen22.02.200321:30PM 600m high wall of mist hitting the mountain. Clear sky above. Wow! (-3 degC)
Ulriken (#42)605m Bergen22.02.200316:00PM Great. Just great. Crowded. (-1 degC)
Gullfjellstoppen987mBergen22.02.20033 hour quick traverse in gorgeous weather
Ulriken H.PT. (#41)643m Bergen20.02.200320:05PM Clear sky, perfect conditions. (5 degC)
Austlirinden808mBergen19.02.200320:20PM 2h, 7.3Km snowhike with Tore Larsen. Clear sky, bright stars and pitch dark!
Ulriken (#40)605m Bergen18.02.200320:05PM Full moon. Clear sky. No wind. (1 degC)
Ulriken (#39)605m Bergen17.02.200320:15PM Full moon. Clear sky. No wind. (-2 degC)
Ulriken (#38)605m Bergen16.02.200317:00PM A bit chilly. Cloudy. (-5 degC)
Hagåsen354mTysse/Haga16.02.2003Unscheduled stop after Bergsfjellet
Bergsfjellet521mFusa16.02.2003Another day, another mountain..
Ulriken (#37)605m Bergen15.02.200322:00PM Still nice. (-5 degC)
Ulriken (#36)605m Bergen15.02.200316:30PM Sunshine!!! (-3 degC)
Vardafjellet552mOsterøy15.02.2003Sunny, short hike and great views
Ulriken (#35)605m Bergen13.02.200319:50PM Thick fog and dangerously icy! (-3 degC)
Ulriken (#34)605m Bergen12.02.200321:10PM OK, but foggy (-2 degC)
Ulriken (#33)605m Bergen09.02.200320:05PM Rainy and windy evening hike with Petter (0 degC)
Ulriken (#32)605m Bergen09.02.200313:50PM With these winds, 600m is high enough! (1 degC)
Ulriken (#31)605m Bergen08.02.200314:00PM Strong winds, but OK (1 degC)
Ulriken (#30)605m Bergen07.02.200320:00PM Can it really get this wet?? (0 degC)
Ulriken (#29)605m Bergen05.02.200317:00PM Cloudy but nice! -6 degC. Happy dog!
Ulriken (#28)605m Bergen04.02.200319:55PM Cold and clear. Simply great!
Ulriken (#27)605m Bergen03.02.200318:55PM Deep snow hike. Furious wind. Poor dog
Ulriken (#26)605m Bergen02.02.200318:50PM Snowstorm >400m. Not pleasant. Poor dog
Ulriken (#25)605m Bergen02.02.200313:00PM Nice after big snowfall. A bit windy
Ulriken (#24)605m Bergen31.01.200321:25PM Snowstorm. Tough hike. Icy. -7 degC.
Ulriken (#23)605m Bergen30.01.200321:15PM 2nd time up. Clear sky. Icy. -7 degC.
Ulriken (#22)605m Bergen30.01.200316:50PM Snow clouds on summit. Icy. -7 degC.
Ulriken (#21)605m Bergen29.01.200319:50PM Clear sky. Snow layer. Icy. -6 degC.
Ulriken (#20)605m Bergen28.01.200319:50PM Clear sky. Snow layer. Icy. -3 degC.
Ulriken (#19)605m Bergen27.01.200321:15PM Fog, rain and hail
Ulriken (#18)605m Bergen26.01.200318:40PM Rain & fog. Up & down in 40min.
Ulvenfjellet316mOs26.01.2003Summit search in the fog
Ulriken (#17)605m Bergen25.01.200319:45PM Foggy and wet.
Ulriken (#16)605m Bergen23.01.200316:50PM Exceptionally clear horizon! Icy. -6 degC.
Ulriken (#15)605m Bergen22.01.200321:40PM Apparently, after rain, there is more rain
Ulriken (#14)605m Bergen21.01.200320:20PM Dark+fog+SW wind/rain/snow. Poor visibility
Ulriken (#13)605m Bergen20.01.200320:00PM A brisque evening walk
Ulriken (#12)605m Bergen19.01.200319:45PM Snow and rain showers.
Raudlifjellet396mBergen/Os19.01.2003Soaking wet forest hike
Ulriken (#11)605m Bergen18.01.200320:45PM Full moon and rainshowers
Rundemanen568mBergen18.01.2003Easy 2,5h hike. Troll's on medicine.
Ulriken (#10)605m Bergen17.01.200322:00PM Wind ripped my headlight off
Ulriken (#9)605m Bergen16.01.200321:00PM Thick fog, icy mountain
Ulriken (#8)605m Bergen14.01.2003Rain, snow, wind, darkness
Ulriken (#7)605m Bergen13.01.2003Stormy mountain
Ulriken (#6)605m Bergen12.01.2003Just wet
Ulriken (#5)605m Bergen11.01.2003Incredible snowmelt
Ulriken (#4)605m Bergen09.01.2003Down in 9.30 mins!
Ulriken (#3)605m Bergen07.01.2003Deep snow hike
Trollvasstinden1285mSunnmøre05.01.2003Magnificient ski climb
Bytingstinden1260mSunnmøre05.01.2003Sub-peak of Trollvasstinden
Glitregga1297mNordfjord04.01.2003Ski trip in white-out
Ulriken (#2)605m Bergen02.01.2003Deep snow hike
Ulriken (#1)605m Bergen01.01.2003Stormy mountain

Statistics 2003
# of New mountains 130
# of Ulriken hikes 140
# of other mountains 32
Vertical meters 145450m