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Name Catarina
Email katarzynlukas8@gmail.com
Date 25.07.2010 00:40
Hi, your page is amazing. I found it when i was looking for information about Hordaland Mountains. Thanks for great tips about ways etc. I like it. Your reports are very useful. Now I am enjoying my visit in Norway much more. Best wishes, Katrin
Name Norman Mark Davison
Email nmd@shinternet.ch
Date 18.07.2010 19:44
Hi,I liked your report of the Skitrip up Storhornet. The zoomed view from Stohornet (photo Nr.24)showing the Weat face of Horindalsrokken brought back memories of climbing this face way back in 1968. We climbed the prominent ramp and then direct up to the summit ridge,toping out not far from the summit cairn.Grade IV ground.
Keep up the reports of your wild days in the hills. Best wishes, Mark
Name Christian Henning Brevik
Email christian@brevikpcservice.no
Website www.brevikpcservice.no
Date 09.07.2010 01:00
Very nice page, much good information on the peaks I like it!
Name Frank
Email Amorosofrank@arcor.de
Website www.northern-ways.com
Date 25.06.2010 07:35
Hello there!
I found your homepage while I was looking for details about the Sukkertoppen in the near of Alesund. Your page is really great with fantastic pictures!

Is it possible to get an answer to the following question? I visit Alesund in July and think about hiking at the Sukkertoppen. Is it possible to go there without any equipment? I am not sure because it looks really steep. What about this "normal route" on your picture?

Thank you in advance and please go on by taking this nice pictures!

Best wishes,
Name Matej
Email matej.zerovnik@gmail.com
Website http://www.zunaj.si
Date 20.06.2010 12:17
Hey there... Found your page while searching for a way to summit glacier near Finse. Great page, I will most likely visit it a lot in the next 2-3 month, while I'll be in Norway. Is it possible, you contact me by email, since I have some questions summiting Finse glacier?

Thanks, Matej
Name Raymond
Email gogoplex5@gmail.com
Website google.no
Date 05.06.2010 12:23
Hei. Nesten ingen ser på bloggen min, og jeg lurer på, er du en av de få som fortsatt er inne på bloggen min og sjekker?
Name Raymond
Email gogoplex5@gmail.com
Website google.no
Date 21.05.2010 15:21
hei, jeg har akkurat fått meg et kamera og har begynt å ta bilder av fjellturene mine. her er link


jeg vil bare takke deg for inspirasjonen du gav meg. jeg var foresten på ulriken på mandag seint på kvelden, det var ganske kult å se ulriken lysene selv om det aldri ble helt mørkt lol. jeg tror jeg må ta meg en tur om vinteren på kvelden når det er mørkt og ta noen bilder sånn som du pleide å gjøre.
Name Raymond
Email gogoplex5@gmail.com
Website google.no
Date 13.05.2010 11:19
Når du går på fjellet. Pleier du å gå? eller pleier du å løpe opp fjellet?
Name Ralph
Email ralphndejong@yahoo.com
Date 29.04.2010 09:39
Hey Arnt,

I read your post on Lomo de harinero from 02-01-2010 where you mentioned a flute player. This might very well be one of the remaining traditions of La Gomera. Since the old days people of la Gomera are using a language of whistling sounds to communicate with eachother over vast distances. The sounds are produced (as far as i know) by mouth and hands only and can be very loud almost musical. Therefore a misinterpretation as a flute is easy to make.

Keep up the good work. I hope to visit Norway again soon and once more use your website as an inspiration for my route planning.

The Netherlands

Name Gogoplexiorayo
Email gogoplex5@gmail.com
Website google.no
Date 25.04.2010 12:09
That hike you had to ulriken on december 18, 2005 was great, the picture with troll and his farewell to the city of bergen left a tear in my eye. is Troll still alive? and if he is, is he still going up with you to the mountains?

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