Tveitafjellet, 556m
Åsheimveten, 477m

Mountain area: Osterøy

Fylke/Kommune: Hordaland/Osterøy

Map: 1216-III Stanghelle (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)

Primary Factor: Tveitafjellet: >376m (est.) Stangfjellet

Primary Factor: Åsheimsveten: >57m (est.) Tveitafjellet

Hiked: Oct 2001

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Åsheimsveten and
Tveitafjellet (back)

Turdalen - Tveitafjellet trail

Difficulty: None Click on thumbnail to see map
Risk: Low
Distance: Approx 8,5Km round-trip
Time: 2 - 3.5 hours round-trip
Starting Elevation: Approx. 200m



Drive to the island of Osterøy over the Osterøy bridge, soon after the Arnanipa tunnel outside Indre Arna. Pay toll fee at the toll booth on the other side of the bridge, and continue straight ahead, through the tunnel on highway 556.

When you get to the highway 557 junction, go right towards Hatland. When you get to Hatland, exit towards Fotlandsvåg. When you see a sign towards "Kalleklauv" on your right, go left on a gravel road immediately following (Turdalen). It is more than 17Km from the toll booth by the bridge to this exit, which is unsigned.

Follow the gravel road until the end, approx. 900m. You're now on private property. If someone is at the house, you could ask for parking. Otherwise, find a place further down the road that does not disturb property owners.

The trail:

Follow the gravel road behind the house, which immediately turns into a smaller forest road leading up to a ridge. On top of the ridge, go through the gate. The ridge continues straight ahead in NW direction. Although you don't see a trail, as you are used to see them, the ridge is pretty obvious to follow. Within 10 minutes, when you see some iron poles (remainders of a fence) you see a small, but clear trail. Follow this trail all the way to the top of Tveitafjellet.

From the summit, you are looking down on Åsheimveten further down NW. One obvious ridge seems to lead down into the valley between Tveitafjellet and Åsheimveten, and the trail is marked with red flags on the ground. Do not follow this, as it leads to Åsheim, south of the peak. Instead, locate a trail on a ridge to your right. This trail is unmarked, but easy to follow. The trail takes you straight down into the pass between the two peaks.

In the pass, you see the trail down to Fotlandsvåg. Continue still another 15 minutes up to the top of Åsheimveten. Follow the same trail back to where you started.


GSM coverage most of the way. The view is fantastic. Unobscured views for miles and miles. The ground is very wet and boggy after periods of rain. In a quick pace, it took me 2 hours to Åsheimveten over Tveitafjellet and back, but plan for another hour.

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Tveitafjellet summit, 556m (138KB) Panorama view from Tveitafjellet. Hogafjellet, Rispingen and Broknipa (316KB) North view from Tveitafjellet (138KB) Hogafjellet seen from Tveitafjellet (197KB) Ulriken (center in picture) seen from Tveitafjellet (85KB) View from Tveitafjellet. Aasheimsveten and Osterfjord in view (203KB) On the way to Aasheimsveten summit, seen from down in the valley (104KB) A local farmer asked me to look out for his sheep. I found two of them (110KB) Aasheimsveten summit, 477m (61KB) Tveitafjellet seen from Aasheimsveten (131KB) Austlendingen seen from Aasheimsveten summit (113KB)

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