Norwegian Mountains, Troms

Tromsdalstinden, 1238m

Mountain area : Troms
Fylke/Kommune : Troms/Tromsø
Map : 1534-III Tromsø (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50.000)
Primary Factor: 1170m (Bjørnskardtinden)
Hiked : Aug 2002
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Tromsdalstind seen from Tromsdalen

Tromsdalstind seen
from Tromsdalen


Many of the most spectacular peaks in Troms Fylke are located on a large peninsula between Lyngenfjorden and Balsfjorden. This peninsula are often referred to as two peninsulas - Lyngenhalvøya and Stouranjárga. Looking at the roads, Stouranjárga in turn is divided into 4 "logical" mountain regions (or 5 if you consider Ullstinden as a separate region) . Tromsdalstinden is the highest peak in the northern region, as defined by north of highway RV91 and the surrounding fjords.

In terms of the primary factor (independence factor), Tromsdalstinden is one among 85 Norwegian mountains with a primary factor exceeding 1000m. Tromsdalstinden is ranked as #26.

Tromsdalstinden is normally accessed from Tromsdalen valley. This valley offers a number of hiking trails and is a very scenic area. In winter, the area is frequently used by cross-country skiers. Tromsdalstinden is a very popular hike due to the close proximity to the city of Tromsø. And the views towards Lyngen alps, Kvaløya alps, Senja (and more) is simply astounding.

Trail descriptions:

Tromsdalstinden from Tromsdalen - two routes (summer/autumn)

Difficulty : Low, but strenuous
Risk : Low
Distance : Approx. 20Km round-trip
Time : Approx. 4-6 hours round-trip
Starting Elev.: Approx. 60m

Map of the area

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The trail description below describes ascent via the summer route, and descent from the saddle between Tromsdalstind and Rødryggen.


From Tromsø, locate the Ishavskatedral church, and follow the Turistvegen road on the right hand side of the church (view from the bridge) as far as you can drive. The road starts off paved and turns into a gravel road. Find parking at the end of the road (a couple of km from the main highway).


Go through the gate and continue the wide gravel road into Tromsdalen valley. After a couple of kilometers, exit left onto a forest trail. This exit is marked with "Tinden" on a rock. Follow the trail down to the river and cross over on a bridge. The trail continues in a gentle grade up the forest. Eventually you are out of the forest and have a clear view of Tromsdalstinden in front of you. Follow the marked trail in NE direction until you are at the foothills of the Tromsdalstinden north ridge. Hike up the steep 300m knob that takes you to the ridge that leads to the summit. This is a steep, but not dangerous ascent. From the top of the knob, follow the ridge all the way to the summit.

After you have signed the summit register, continue south across the summit, and then SW down the ridge towards Salen (the saddle). From the saddle, follow the marked trail as it descends down to Tromsdalen valley. The trail will take you all the way to the west side of the valley, and you will eventually hit the gravel road you started on. Follow this road back to the car.

Trip report 11 Aug 2002

Our Kebnekaise and Halti project was over, and we had one extra day before heading home. Neither Bjørn and I had been in Tromsø before, and this was the perfect time, being in the area. Tromsdalstinden was a natural choice, very accessible from the city. After getting lost at Tromsdalen camping, we finally found the Turistvegen road and followed this road all the way to road end (by the gunfield - Skytebanen).

We hiked together with a guy we met at the parking. He was out walking the dog, and was also aiming for Tromsdalstinden. We split apart above the forest as the dog went missing. The climb up to the summit was strenuous, as we held a much faster pace than really called for. But I guess we were eager to catch the views from the summit. 2 hours after leaving the car, we arrived the summit. Although the record is 49,20 to the top, we believe 2 hours was quite descent.

The views were breathtaking. Not much more to say really. And still blessed with brilliant weather. We just relaxed on the summit for one hour. I think none of us really wanted to go down, but life must go on. We crossed over the summit, missed an early exit, but decided to continue all the way down to the saddle. The terrain from the saddle down to the valley is steep, but the trail is very good. Soon, we were back on the gravel road, and reached the car two hours after leaving the summit. No rush on the way down, in other words. Our co-hiker from early on had still not come back. I hope he found his dog, eventually.

Pictures from the Aug 11 2002 hike:

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Bjorn on the summit ridge, with good expsure (191KB) View from the summit (195KB) View from the summit (222KB) Panorama of Lyngen alps (197KB) View from the summit (205KB) View from the summit (210KB) Bjorn on Tromsdalstinden (239KB) The innermost of Tromsdalen valley (163KB)

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