Trollskardtinden (Trollskarnuten), 1080m
Lurafjellet, 833m

Mountain area: Bergsdalen

Fylke/Kommune: Hordaland/Samnanger


Primary Factor: Trollskardtinden: 127m

Primary Factor: Lurafjellet: <20m (est.) Trollskardtinden

Hiked: Jun 2001, Aug 2001

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Trollskardtinden seen
from Hjellafjellet

Kvitingen - Trollskardtinden trail

Difficulty: Easy, but steep at first Click on thumbnail to see map
Risk: Low
Time: 3-5 hours round-trip
Starting Elevation:

Primary factor: Trollskardtinden (M711: -, Ø.K: 1079,9m) has a primary factor of 127m towards the higher Bjørnaknausen (1121m). The saddle is found in the Trongasmog pass. Ref. Økonomisk Kartverk (5m contours), you cross the 955m contours on the high route, but not 950m. The saddle height has been interpolated to 953m. Point 1074m is not the highest point.


On highway 7 between Bergen and Norheimsund, exit towards Kvitingen just before the road begins ascending to Kvamskogen (coming from Bergen). Drive approx. 16 Km until the road ends. Parking is available at NOK 30,-.

The trail:

From the parking, continue through the sheep gate. Follow the paved road upwards. At the first junction (a road going off down to your right), go straight ahead. At the next junction, turn right (a gravel road continues straight ahead). Another junction comes up. Go straight ahead. Immediately after the third junction, you pass a house on your right hand side. Look up to your left, and you (barely) will see the roof of a tunnel.

Leave the road and go up to the left. From the tunnel opening you see a gentle meadow that leads up to a small pass between two rocks (Don't try to climb close to the mountain). You have to decide the best choices for you, as there are no trails up to Lurafjellet.

From here on, you have to switchback and scramble up the grassy slopes, heading straight up to Lurafjellet summit.

The Lurafjellet summit is probably the naked rock with some wires bolted into it. From here, you clearly see the ridge that takes you up to Trollskardtinden summit. When you get up, you see another high point 3 minutes away. I'm not sure which is the true summit, so visit both.


While hiking the wide ridge to Trollskardtinden, you can enjoy the view of Fuglafjellet, Iendafjellet, Byrkjefjellet, Røyrfjellet, and Tveitakvitingen on your right hand side. On your left you see the Hjellafjellet ridge, and you see Bergsbukken on the other side of lake nedre Dukavatnet. Down below, on your left is lake Dukabotsvatnet. There are pieces of a trail here and there on the ridge, but ignore it. Just keep a steady route across. Avoid going up on the high rocks, as they are steep on the other side. Go around them.

When you reach the Trollskardtinden summit, additional mountains in the north and northeast appear. Closest are Småbrekkebukken, Storliknausen, Bjørnaknausen and Gråhorgi.

Trip report June 2001:

This was a wonderful afternoon hike. It took me 1,5 hours up and 1 hour down. On the hike up the ridge to Trollskardtinden, I passed numerous small ponds (I have this crush on mountain ponds. Water relaxes me, I guess).

In short, I was enjoying every minute of this hike. On my way down, I was considering going down the steepest grassy slope running down the mountain. This slope would have taken me a little further up than where I left the road. I really wanted to try this route out, but I never got a good overview from up there, and it looked steep up on the ridge. Next time, though....

Plenty chance of water refill from the ridge and up. The sheep go high up here. And there seemed to be cellular coverage on the top. The hike up is approx. 5Km.

Pictures: (move cursor to read notes, and click on the images to see full version)

Lurafjellet, with the two grassy slopes. I climbed the lower left and then up the ridge (175KB) Picture taken while scrambling the ridge up to Lurafjellet (176KB) On the way up to Lurafjellet, Hjellafjellet rises on your left (222KB) From Lurafjellet summit, you have a good view of Trollskardtinden and Dukabotnen valley (269KB) View of Dukabotn lakes and Bergsbukken as you hike the ridge up to Trollskardtinden (200KB) Interesting terrain while approaching Trollskardtinden (162KB) Iendafjellet, Byrkjefjellet and Tveitakvitingen seen from Trollskardtinden (187KB) Fuglafjellet and Iendafjellet seen from Lurafjellet (268KB) Fuglafjellet seen from Trollskardtinden (268KB) Bergsbukken, Liabukken, Smaabrekkebukken and Storliknausen seen from Trollskardtinden (381KB) Smaabrekkebukken, Storliknausen, Bjornaknausen and Graahorgi seen from Trollskardtinden (569KB) Trollskardtinden contains a lot of small ponds like this one. Makes nice resting places (124KB) From Trollskardtinden, looking back at the ridge I came up (171KB) The Trollskardtinden summit lake (125KB) High elevation friends (I) (147KB) High elevation friends (II) (249KB) A possible, alternative way down from Lurafjellet. I wasn't tempted this time.. (254KB)

Pictures from other hikes:

Southern view from Graavatnknausen. Trollskardtinden (1074m) is seen in the background (325KB) Hjellafjellet, Trollskardtind and Lurafjellet from Hjellafjellet hike. You climb up the ridge you see (324KB)

Trip report August 2001:

This hike was done with my friends Gro & Dag. I had promised to take them up to Bergsdalen, and this mountain was perfect for the occasion - a short drive (1 hour), the mountain being close to the parking, allowing an afternoon hike, and view of the most interesting mountains in Bergsdalen.

Troll was energized, and worked his way eagerly up the grassy slopes. Crawling, climbing, jumping, whatever it took. We were all impressed by his strength. The surprise of the day was the frantic escape of a dozen grouses, just above our heads, as we climbed up a small pass. They relieved themselves of everything as they took off, and by a miracle, we didn't turn into shitheads. On the top of Lurafjellet, a large goose had to give up his/her/its private pond, as strangers entered the territory.

After a short break on Lurafjellet, we decided to take the other grassy slope down (the steep one I mentioned in the previous trip report). But first, we headed for Trollskardtinden. Not knowing if the others found the hike up to Lurafjellet a bit steep, they seemed glad to be on the ridge.

The break at the summit was nice. As I knew all the mountains around, I willingly gave them a first class introduction to Bergsdalen geography. They nodded politely, while chewing their sandwiches. On the way down, they didn't remember the name of the mountain we had hiked, and I was in agony.

Back at Lurafjellet, we headed for the steep slope down, only to find that a little to steep. The terrain was more gentle on the right hand side, so we took us safely down there (we aimed for a stone building in the middle of the slope).

Trip summary: Departure Bergen 15:30PM, arrival Kvitingen 16:30PM, began hike 16:45PM, arrived Lurafjellet 17:45, departed Lurafjellet 18:00, arrived Trollskardtinden 18:45. Back at the car at 20:45.

Pictures from the hike:

Lake Kvitingen seen from Lurafjellet (145KB) Fuglafjellet seen from Lurafjellet (183KB) Late lunch at Lurafjellet (189KB) Small ponds at the foothills of Trollskardtinden (97KB) A little evening meal on Trollskardtinden. Troll wants his share (143KB) Something has got his attention.. (189KB) Trollskardtinden summit (146K) Bergsbukken seen from Trollskardtinden (217KB) North/Northeast view from Trollskardtinden (361KB) A small part of Folgefonna glacier seen from Trollskardtinden (77KB) Fuglafjellet, Iendafjelellet and Tveitakvitingen seen from Trollskardtinden (196KB)

Pictures from other hikes:

1. Storafjellet summit views (733KB) 2. Bergsdalen

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