Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Storskjerdingen from Nakkedalen, Sep 13 2006

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Trip report, Sep 13 2006

After two days of rest since the highly memorable trip to Austerdalsberget in Sogn og Fjordane, it was time to pay a visit to the local mountains. The plan was to visit Storskjerdingen and Tverrfjellet on this afternoon hike, but fog made me skip Tverrfjellet. Not that I couldn't visit the top in fog, but I wanted pictures and good weather at least from one of these tops.

The dog ("Troll") and I left the trailhead in Nakkedalen 17:15PM, followed the forest road for a little while and then headed up the forest path. Troll seemed eager to be "on the road again" and didn't annoy me with his usual sit-down act. He walked all the way to the Tverrfjellet - Storskjerdingen saddle, where I put him in the backpack and left the path. I'm not even sure if the path continued. Visibility was low.

On the way to Storskjerdingen, I made an effort in remembering details along the way. The "game" was to always have two distinct features in view at the same time. And remember them. Half-way up the hill, I let Troll out of the backpack, and we reached the top 18:05PM.

We waited around for a while, hoping the fog would lift. I had blue sky above, but didn't seen anything. After a few minutes, I got Melen and Blåskjerdingen in view, but only for a few minutes. When the fog closed in again, we left the summit. I was able to follow my "distinct features" for a while, but the fog was now thicker. I couldn't see the same distance as upon ascent. Not lost, but out of "features", I followed my instincts, and traversed until I noticed a familiar rock. From there on, I was able to follow my ascent route down to the path. A fun exercise. I had my GPS, of course, but didn't have to use it.

Troll got the exercise I hoped he would, walking almost all the way up, and all the way down. We were back at the trailhead 18:50PM, and witnessed a beautiful beginning of sunset on the way back to Ålesund.

Pictures from the Sep 13 2006 hike

To Storskjerdingen

1. On the forest road (243KB) 2. On the forest path (306KB) 3. Fog (94KB) 4. Troll, and his challenges (404KB) 5. Navigating in fog (100KB) 6. Storskjerdingen summit (204KB) 7. Melen (74KB) 8. Blåskjerdingen (65KB) 9. Autumn red (179KB)

Sunset in progress

10. Sunset in progress (43KB) 11. Sunset in progress (49KB)

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